Christians - Why Is It Bad to Do Yoga ?

Because in their eyes, new age = evil. Also, some people think that it opens your body for demons to get in. Dafuq

1. give me answers! How do i loose weight say in the stomach area?

Eat Healthy, and try yoga or Pilate's!

2. What is the function of a yoga mat?

You can, but you could damage your YOGA mat. The purpose of performing YOGA on a non-stick mat is so your hands and feet wo not slide when you are holding a position in place

3. Good cream for eye wrinkles..?

Yoga is natural treatment n permanent.Besides this better do Eye exercise ie., close your eyes with pressure/force n open (do this 10 to 15 times daily.)

4. What to wear with yoga pants?

Wear a tee or tank/cami; or go for a sweatshirt. I go for a relaxed look when I wear my yoga pants

5. Stressed/Exhausted from Semester 1 of grade 12, Need help to release the stress!?

Alot of people fin escargots like yoga or going for a run a great way to relieve stress, I personally take "me" days I sleep in take a nice long shower maybe give myself a facial watch a movie read a book or a magazine, cook myself an amazing meal clean up and go tto bed. Others let go of stress by relieving there sexual tension . Or getting a massage or simply going for a nice long drive. Hope this helps :)

6. how to stop worrying ?

I would talk to a pyschotherapist, preferably one that does not immediately want to prescribe drugs to you (holistic marriage and family therapist or something of the sort). The last thing you want is for this worry to start taking over your life or have it turn into a more serious form of anxiety. You do not have to be 'crazy' to go see a therapist, they are there to listen to you and help you. Sometimes just talking to someone helps sort out the things you can and can not control to give you some relief. Sounds like you have been thrust into a position of primary caregiver for your parents which is not necessarily fair. You need to have the freedom to build/create your own life. Other things to do would be to take time for yourself to relax. Write some things down that you feel relax you, and make a habit of doing those things at least once a day. Get a massage, take a walk, go to the gym, take up yoga, whatever makes you most happy and most relaxed.

7. My daughter and Yoga pants?

Daughter In Yoga Pants

8. Should I wear 'yoga pants'?

wear them! people seem to think that only girls with big butts should wear them, so you already fit into that category. I have zero butt but i just do not care. they are so comfy! usually they are kind of a lazy thing, so i would wear just a plainish t shirt. the hardest part is finding one that does not cover up the cute saying on the back! you could either wear your hair in a pony tail or just leave it down. does not matter!

9. wanting a little info on yoga?

yoga--- is one of the rare excercise that fuses ur brain with ur physical body,,,, so thats why do keep a watch on ur breathing while doing it, Always remember to empty your mind before u start the yoga,,,,,and yeah never ever be in haste in doing it,,, do it as slowly and gradually,,, with a pause at special postures that will give u much added results for sure,,, I had a liver problem from quite a long time,,,which has almost gone quite much due to regular yoga.......nways good luck

10. What religion is Yoga or practiced with Yoga?

Islamic prayer is similar to yoga at some point but it's still a prayer not a sport

11. is there a certain age for yoga?? grandpa is well over 70 and his favorite yoga posture is pretending to be a bow,

12. Can you pls help me to come out of this ?

I suggest courses in Tai Chi, yoga & self defence, because of the skills and techniques you will acquire, and the people you will meet, then perhaps art, creative writing, or ceramics classes. Have you considered cosmetic surgery; for many women it can work wonders with their confidence? Keep putting yourself out there, and you will meet people of all kinds, some of whom you may have a future with. You could also try chat rooms and dating sites, but be cautious!.

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