Central Air Conditioners: the Good and the Bad

The best thing about central air conditioners is that they can keep your whole house cool, unlike single room conditioners that only provide selective relief. People who live in homes that have experienced more comfortable temperatures throughout every room rather than just in one or two rooms.

Central air works by using a condenser, fan, coil and various ducts. The condenser is usually situated outside or in the attic to keep it out of the way. Air is brought into the fan and coil system, properly cooled and then redistributed into the house at a pleasing temperature via the duct systems.

Because central brings cooler temperatures to the entire house, a duct system in good condition is essential. Usually central air conditioners use the ductwork that is already set up for the furnace. In cases where there is no existing ductwork, a brand new system has to be installed for central air to be effective.

Though useful in many situations, the main downside of it is that initial installation can be costly. When an existing house is upgraded to central air conditioning, the condenser and other air conditioning is often put in the attic since a specific place for it wasn't originally built into the house.

The new ductwork that is required if you don't already have furnace ducts is where you are liable to run into high price tags. The ductwork has to be installed brand new because it wasn't part of the original house plan. Since most often ducts go through the floor, this installation can create quite a mess throughout the house and cost a pretty penny, too.

If this is what your house needs to increase your comfort, there are plenty of upsides to this more expensive but higher quality cooling system. For instance, once installed a central air unit doesn't need any maintenance! Plus, no maintenance means you won't run into upkeep costs down the road.

This can be programmed to meet your specific temperature desire. This customization can help you save big bucks on your utility bill. In fact, in some situations, central air conditioning can actually save you money, even including the cost of installation.

Before you decide whether or not to install this, it is a good idea to check with a contractor. He or she will be able to create a heating plan based on the specifics of your home. This will give you the information you need to decide whether it is your best choice.

Central air conditioners are used in both residential and commercial buildings to provide a building wide relief to hot summer weather. They make it easy to keep your electricity bill low and your living space cool.

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