Car Radiator Hose Full of Pressure PLEASE HELP?

i am quite a radiator expert! The heater on your automobile is fed from the radiator below the bonnet (or hood in case you are American). Does the radiator get warm each and each of how down and for the time of? If no longer, it quite is probable blocked and could choose changing or recoring (you may no longer clean a blocked automobile radiator); the heater matrix could additionally be blocked and could itself be in choose of substitute or recore. The pump could nt artwork, or the heater fan may well be defective. There ought to be air interior the device. a suited mechanic could desire to have the potential to diagnose, or take the radiator and heater matrix to a radiator fix expert who can attempt them for you. wish this facilitates

1. car radiator?

The coolant tubes are what dispenses the heat of the fluid into the fins witch causes the coolant to cool. The transmission oil Collier is basically the same as it cools the trans oil so it stays thick enough to keep the parts from wearing and gets rid of the heat from friction

2. Where can I buy a car radiator?

ebay auto zone advance auto or junkyard

3. my car radiator fan stays on after the ignition switch is off?

10 seconds? Ca not hurt. Assists in the cooling process

4. How long should the antifreeze in a car radiator last?

you have a leak for sure it does not evaporate that fast, it would take months.. get a flashlight and run motor warm and check it out all over. if it is a new car or whatever read your manual for what to use it may be dexcool, 50/50, or reg antifreeze. it will tell you usually on the shock panel in the engine compartment or on the cap. and in the manual as well. dexcool is good for 100k-150k miles if use the right make product. stay cool!

5. Car radiator Fan works even its cool?

Check the radiator fan switch and fan relay

6. Can I add a water sprinkler infront of the car radiator to cool down the coolant temperature when I'm making a long climb up the hill?

Well, you could.But then you'd have to carry along a reservoir of water somewhere in your car along with the plumbing and electrically driven water pump to make it work.And that all adds weight ...8.34 pounds to be exact ...for each gallon of water you carry. So 10 gallons of water would add about 83lbs of dead weight plus the added plumbing, wiring and water pump you're easily looking at well over 100lbs to carry around with you. All the time. Whether your going up hills or not. The better way?Get your cooling system in order.Like when was the last time you had the cooling system in your car flushed and refilled with new coolant ...if you even know what I'm talking about? If you've neglected the cooling system then the radiator is probably clogged with all manner of crud and mung which case it's time for a new radiator well as an effctive flush of the entire cooling system of the engine. If your car has electric radiator fans then make sure they both work. Typically one fan runs based on coolant temperature and the other comes on when the AC is turned on and, possibly, when the coolant exceeds a certain temperature. If your cooling system is up to snuff then your engine should not be overheating when you run up long grades. And, it will only get worse.Bring the car in and have the cooling system evaluated; by your own question you know it's not working right don't be an osterich and simply stick your head in the ground 'cause that won't make it go away or fix the ever worsening problem. Can I add a water sprinkler infront of the car radiator to cool down the coolant temperature when I am making a long climb up the hill?

7. frozen solid car radiator, what can i do?

Shouldnt you be putting anti freeze in it? lol anyways, you could always just pour hot water on it til the ice melts....take the cap off as pressure could build up on the inside, I wouldnt be suprised if the radiator is cracked now anyways....only one way to find out

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