Can You Use Other Brands of Lighter Fluid to Fill a Zippo Lighter?

Use any brand that's meant for lighters. It does not matter if it's Zippo or not

1. What are things you buy with a zippo lighter?

Flints should be enough. Ask for them when you get the lighter

2. Problem with new zippo lighter?

That's normal when filling.....let if burn off

3. Need info' about new Lighter?

The tiny hole is to refill it with butane , the and - signs are the flame height adjustment. If it uses a flint there should be access to replace it. It may have a flintless igniter that does not use any replaceable parts.

4. Is it legal for a minor to posses a zippo lighter?

idk but i found a normal lighter and kept it

5. Make Ubuntu 18.04 lighter?

As said in comment you would probably have to choose a lighter desktop environment. But you can try some tweaks, i have done this and get some improvement Disable Search and disable windows animations

6. Help with my zippo lighter?

bad fuel

7. should i go for darker or lighter hair?

ya light brown to medium brown really makes blue eyes pop

8. Skin is lighter due to face wash?

Stop using it else you might not get the colour back and your face will not match your body! I would sue

9. Should I use matches or a lighter?

using two sticks would be more effective and it shows you have culture

10. The Lighter Side of Hockey?

Great stuff, Bob! LMAO!

11. How to make hair naturally lighter.?

you can use lemon juice and sit in the sun, but if you have any redness in your natural hair color, it may make it more of a light red to orange color

12. I need a lighter guitar?

17402 Epiphone 1958 Korina Flying V antique natural Applause, Art & Lutherie, Charvel, Epiphone, ESP, EVH, Fender, Godin, Gretchen, Ibanez, Jackson, LaPatrie, Ovation, PRS, Seagull, Squire, Takamine, Taylor, and Washburn, Takamine is my fav, 30 I've owned one 12 box... but there great.... Ibanez has a think .neck though and wider frets??? All can be had under $1000.00 in the right model#,,,,,,

13. How can I get 'Lighter' skin?

Well how can you be trying to prove it to him if your cheating by using products for lighter skin... You could try fake tan that is a few tones lighter than your skin colour. Or Just keep browing the internet.. sorry i cant be more help. (N) goodLuck.

14. Make your hair lighter?

I've heard that putting lemon juice in your hair and then sitting in the sun will help lighten it...have not tried it, and I imaging you would want to try to keep if off your scalp

15. Can i use any kind of lighter fluid with my Zippo lighter?

no I do not think so, my hubby always uses Ronsonol Lighter Fuel It does not smell as strong as the fluid that you would use to light you grill. But, I am not really sure.

16. Using a lighter as a weapon?

it would probably do more damage throwing it lol

17. is this a REAL zippo lighter?

You can buy real Zippos many places. Just make shure they are in a zippo box and there will be the zippo logo on the bottom of the lighter with model #'s. Lifetime guarantee is good for me. Hope this helps.

18. Is there a way for me to become a lighter sleeper?

Yes...borrow one of my cats, Spartacus. He wakes me up constantly at night, even when I sleep with earplugs! Or get a pet of your own. They always want attention in the wee hours of the morning...really irritating, I do not understand why you would want to be a light sleeper.

19. Why is lighter skin prettier?

To be honest, some white people are excruciatingly hideous. Black women can be pretty too

20. Heavier objects fall slower then lighter objects?

Since Galileo the answer would have been that they fall at the same speed. But recently we find that their speed can be changed depending upon the positive or negative charge on the objects. Science is slowly coming to the understanding that Gravity only starts to show up in large objects like moons and larger. Mostly due to the highly positive Ions that their cores are made up of. It is the attraction between the positive Ions below the surface and the electrons of the neutral atoms at the surface that accounts for most of the force of gravity. The larger the object the larger and the more positive are the ions that make up the interior of the moons, planets, stars and galactic cores of the universe. Gravity increases considerably with increases of size.

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Questions About Minor Purchasing Lighter? ? ?
i seriously doubt they wont sell it to you...i would....and about carrying it long as you are not causing trouble with it i do not think there is a way you could get in trouble...just be safe :)1. Whats a good lighter fluid replacment for a zippo?NOT MOONSHINE it rewined 3 of my zippos2. better: zippo lighter or ronson lighter?Ronson Zippo3. should i go for darker or lighter hair?Light would make you look FAB :)4. HOW TO MAKE LIPS LIGHTER?You can not really take your lips' pigment out, but if you want a makeup fix, start off with a little bit of vaseline just enough to moisturize your lips and then put a little bit of liquid foundation on them. Blend evenly. Take a thin ply tissue or kleenex, put it on top of your lips and dab some loose powder to set the foundation. Once set, top with lip balm or vaseline. Voila! Nice nude lips!5. home remedies to get lighter skin?Well Lemon is a natural bleach ... as i heard ... So to apply it well on your knees u will have to take half of a lemon , make it a juice and apply with a cotton wool. I guess that is how it works. Honey helped me to lighten my scar on my nose ( which is nearly invisible now ) so i guess it works ... just rub some honey on the part you want and let it be for half an hour a day... :-)6. Why is Beyonce getting "lighter"?Hmmmmmm...yes I have noticed that also!7. Should I go darker or lighter?u sould go darker!!!!!!!!!!!! but not to dark8. car ciggerette lighter wont work?It may be a defective charger for your navigation system. Try using the navigation system in another car and see if you have the same problem. It could also be not the fuse, but the circuit. I had the same problem on my 2001 Ford Focus, and it was the circuit, not the fuse9. People bleaching their skin to make it lighter?I am glad Tyra discussed the issue of skin bleaching on her show, but it would have been nice to show 1) that this is not a uniquely black phenomenon (as she admitted, many Asian societies endorse the "lighter is better" concept); 2) that there are plenty of darker-skinned beauties who prefer their skin tone and would never consider bleaching their skin; and 3) women of all races go through tons of aesthetic adjustments to reach whatever "ideal" is placed before them (going tanning/plastic surgery/bleaching, etc.) and that they all need to accept how beautiful they truly are without all the procedures. Both this Tyra episode and the other one about "colorism" in the black community both reinforce a message that society's "lighter is better" concept is real and always negatively affects all people of darker skin tones. However, I completely disagree. Yes, there are some ignorant people out there who are so obsessed with skin tone that they cannot see past it, but beauty is not determined by your skin tone. I have travelled the world quite a bit and have seen stunning women of every race and color. To be completely honest, I am disappointed in the media for not showing more darker women of color who are considered gorgeous - Tyra does a good job of showing them off on Top Model, but seems to reinforce this idea that being darker somehow is a negative thing on the Tyra Banks Show. I understand that she is trying to reach out to girls who are dealing with skin tone issues, but she not only needs to connect with them - she needs to show them that yes - despite what "society" says, they are truly beautiful. Tyra needs to seriously reinforce this point - rather than talk about society's "ideal" and the unfortunate percentage of women affected by it10. which Cigarette Lighter to choose?Get the first one, because it will fit in a pack of smokes after you've smoked one & It will save space in your pocket and you will have less to carry around11. How to polish boots without lighteR?Kiwi is only going to get you so far. Drill Sergeants and other NCO's and officers will all tell you that they only use Kiwi and a lot of elbow grease which is false. Point being you will need a little extra help for that added shine. Water is kind of pointless considering kiwi is not very water soluble so it just mostly runs off the boot. Using a lighter only helps a little. I have seen more guys dry out the leather on their boots and damage them from using lighters than doing anything else. Plus the lighter does not force the kiwi into the boot, it only creates a candy-like coating on the boot which is why you see some guys with the toes of their boots looking like they have spider-cracks running all through them!!! Then they have to "strip" the boot using some sort of alcohol and start all over. If you go to the PX or clothing and sales, look into getting one of those little boot sponges (I cant remember what they are called but they should have a little red handle on top). After you shine your boots with kiwi rub the sponge over the top. It has a little bit of liquid shine in the sponge that makes the kiwi shine a lot more and it lasts for a while too. Lastly, Mop & Glow is a big deal. After shining with Kiwi, put a little MG on a cotton ball and rub that on the toe and heel and you will have a super shine. Just a little bit though, too much and you will end up with streaks you will have to wash off with water and reapply the M&G. I do not know what branch of the Military you are in b/c the Army has switched to desert boots but rarely will someone ***** about using something other than Kiwi unless you are in Basic Training. We used to pull out all the stops for ceremonies and other stuff. Good Luck and shine on!!
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