Can You Unplug a Car's Heater Core ? I Heard That Some Repair Shops Use Cascade Dishwashing Detergen

Sounds like you have a stuck thermostat, instead. Also,Ventures (or any other GM cars with that engine) are known to have cooling system problems. You can probably remove the heater core hoses and flush through it with high pressure hose at car wash. Also, be sure that the space between your radiator and A/C condenser is clean and free of debris. Eventually, do yourself a favor and flush out all old coolant and install genuine Mercedes Benz coolant. It is far gentler than OEM and will protect your cooling system longer and better. Make sure your intake manifold gasket is not leaking internally. If it is, use a Fel-Pro gasket to reseal it. Good Luck!!!

1. heater core, replaced on my car, but now my side windows fog up, does anyone know why?

there are 2 issues which will reason that too ensue ,one is a leaking heater center,and the different is condensation geared up up interior the heater field,or there's a leak interior the automobile someplace,the heater field has a drain on it,that runs to the outdoors,interior the direction of the firewall,and this is wiped clean out,that would desire to probable be it,exceedingly and it being an older automobile in many circumstances there is debris geared up up interior the field and it wont enable the condensation to empty off,and which will fog the abode windows up additionally,you my might desire to envision the automobile for leaks,any moisture interior the automobile will reason a similar concern to ensue to it,solid success with it

2. can you use your air conditioner with a bad heater core?

If your heater core is bad you would have heating issues. Such as car over heating or smell of coolant or leaking coolant or simply just not have heat. Bad A/C system... Having to put freon on in constantly, means leaking a/c system. On the rare instance you your not leaking A/C, you may just need a recharge. If you can not get heat or A/C through your vents... Last option... Blender door Actuator is not working or you have something jammed inside the heater core to stop the blender door from moving. hopes this helps!

3. can i possibly just get away with stop leak for my heater core? '98 GMC Sonoma 4 cyl?

if the floorboard is,nt wet then it,s not the heater core. check the heater hoses. maybe 1 of the clamps is loose. if it was leaking then your anti-freeze would be going down also

4. I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota and very little heat. Heater core is fine, thermostat fine,and AC works - ideas?

What temperature thermostat do you have? For best results use a 195 degree thermostat. Change the thermostate if its a 160 deg because they dont give out enough heat for comfortable operation of the heater. I know because this is what happened to me with my 1996 dodge ram. The heater just would not blow hot air. The fan, water pump and switches were all working fine

5. 1999 GMC Jimmy SLE heater core replacement problem. Please Help?

I got it all figured out. I had to current. A service hole in the box containing my blower motor and there was a bolt holding it down in there. Now I've just got to button it all up put the dash back in make sure everything works install a new thermostat and burp the radiator

6. how do you replace a 2002 ford explorer heater core?

This is not a small job. Do it right and get yourself a Ford repair manual. A Chilton or a Hayes is usually pretty decent as well.

7. Can i drive my car with a bad heater core?

If it leak inside the car you need to tow it

8. Heater Core on a '93 Chevy Cavalier...?

Buy the Haynes or Chilton manual for this car. It has step by step instructions and diagrams and pictures too

9. 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Just got a new heater core now there is no air at all?

I do not have a good answer.... but I just talked to a guy today who said he had the heater core replaced in his daughters Cherokee & said it did the same thing. He said the shop that did it found out that the heater core has to be replaced with a genuine jeep replacement core. the other ones are different & do not work right. My GF's '02 had the same codes come up, but I forget what it meant. Go on a Cherokee forum & look up info on that. It told you exactly what the codes mean & what to do about it. Search for "Cherokee blend door problem" they all have it & it has something to do with the doors in the HVAC system breaking. you can get an aftermarket repair for it. Look up: "JGC or for more info.

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