Can You Run a Car on Water?

It actually uses more power (electricity) than it provides. I have a bridge for sale if you are interested.

1. why does car water level runs out quickly?

it sounds like a head gasket that is leaking water into the cylinders and it is burning it and blowing it right out the exhaust

2. about my car water resorvoir?

engine is overheating too? have a pressure check done check cap next might be further problem head or head gasket could be more of a problem try to check the easy stuff first

3. When i turn on the airconditioner in my car water drips out of the vent, why?

Sounds like you may have a seal leak or it may just be condensation on the unit itself. Or it could be that your freeon it going bad. Have a mechanic check it out just to make sure it is not a serious problem, that could damage your engine.

4. when i run my air conditioner in my car, the water from it pours down my foot?

Under the hood on the right side at the firewall it has a little rubber drain hose that gets plugged up. It is easily seen while the car is on a lift and can be unclogged very easily

5. run your car on water?

If you are looking to run you car exclusively on HHO gas, then no, not yet. There are people, like myself hard at work on this exclusive fuel system right now and they are coming up with good promising data. It realy depends on how far you would be willing to go, like Stanley Meyer, he replaced his entire fuel system 100% and ran HHO in a VW dune buggy. He est. California to NewYork on 22 gallons of water. Was he a credible inventor ? He redesigned the jet engine for the airforce and he helped stop a nuclear reactor from melt down. He did it back in 96 or so, and was confronted by the Arabs with $1billion dollars in cash to sit on his idea and do nothing with it. He's dead now, he was poisoned, 2 days after getting a $50 million dollar contract. I am not sure doing what exactly, but I know he wanted to manufacture kits to replace the entire fuel system on any car, to run it on water, and would cost around $1,500. You can suppliment your fuel use with HHO gas electrolyzed from water but the best number are in the 50% better efficiency range. But that's doubling your milage ! To go 100% you would need stainless steel pistons/valves and cylinder head. There's nothing like that made out there, YET ! It not only can be done, it is being done, and with great success. It will be a while before you will see any true 100% SAFE kits out there for any specific model car. No body want to be sitting on a hydrogen bomb. And it can be realy dangerous. Running HHO gas through water does not have a re-blending back into water effect on the hydrogen and oxygen molecules, so things can get out of hand real fast. As far as the chemistry goes, gasoline has a BTU factor of around 40,000 to 50,000 and HHO 70,000 to 80,000, so it will be a hotter fuel to run. Timing is at TDC or even later, and volume to the engine of this unique gas will be metered by the amount of production, hense the old style carburator/injectors are not used. No air volume limiting throttle flap of any kind is used. Only the increase of gas to the engine is what increases the speed/power. You will loose vacuum assist on any hard ware that used to use vacuum, like brakes, unless you get a vacuum generator pump that can keep up with the demand effectively. The system will also be climate sensative too, but there are very effective ways around that too. I say give the little man around 2 years and there will be cars out there running on HHO 100%. How high could gaoline possibly get? And how fast would it become a thing of the past - so totally - that it will definately bring a great big world change. Are you ready? Who can stop it?

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