Can You Live in a Tent in Canada in Winter?

It's possible for people with winter camping experience

1. Is it safe to camp in the desert without a tent?

I would call it a reasonable risk to camp in the desert without a tent (but with a tarp available if it was to rain!). I've "cowboy" camped 40 or 50 nights in the desert and never had any company try to join me in my sleeping bag :) That being said, I would heartily recommend shaking out your clothes and shoes before putting them on in the morning.In the desert setting, just be careful where you setup camp - anthills can make your campsite miserable, as can popping your inflatable mat on dried spiky things strewn about canyon floors.

2. Will the GOP ever be a big tent party ever again?

They just nominated a centrist as their presidential candidate. What the heck do you want? I think you are watching too much MSNBC

3. What options do I have for heating a tent?

oil burning heater? just get some sleeping bags rated for the temp its gonna be, and bring a few blankets

4. Sex in a tent VS. sex in a car?

How about sex with me? ;)

5. How do I clean my small tent?

just let it air out you should be fine... just hang it out to dry before you put it away

6. How to set up a tent in deep snow

Last weekend after a snow storm in Quebec I camped in the conditions you describe. Around 1 meter of snow, -12C/10F during the day -24C/-11F during the night. Make a layer of spruce branches 15 cm/6 inch or more. Also, use a closed-cell foam pad plus an inflatable pad. I slept in US Army bivy sack, US Army cold-weather sleeping bag. This set-up will keep you reasonably warm. To keep you comfortably warm, sleep dressed in many layers, wear balaclava and a lot of socks, otherwise your feet will get really cold. Exercise before going to bed. You might want to put some heat packs in your socks.Use a snow shovel to dig a hole for your fire about 2. 5 meters/8 feet in diameter, plus a place to sit and sleep. Otherwise your fire will melt a hole and all the warmth will radiate up. Bring a pee bottle. It's not fun to go in the dark cold forest and then try to get back to a cold bed. Do not underestimate the amount of wood you will need and time it takes to gather it. Chop a couple of big dead trees and split a few logs to make a nice fire. Bring an axe and a foldable saw. Put a bright lanyard on every piece of equipment. Also use large snow shoes, you will have to carry a lot of weight, if you do not , you will not get far. Do not go alone. Bring some medical supplies to treat small wounds. If you bring alcohol, do not bother with beer, bring something stronger. Otherwise bring some hot chocolate, it is easer to clean then tea.Winter camping is easy and fun once you find the way to do it

7. How is to sleep in a tent?

Join the Cub Scouts

8. What is the biggest camping tent available?

20 Person Camping Tent

9. Will an animal with rabies try to get into a tent if people are sleeping in it?

wow. how old are you, 5?

10. Ian designed a child's tent in the shape of a cube. The volume of the tent in cubic feet can be modeled by the?

cube of the length of one of the sides

11. how much does a big white tent cost?

Hi. It really depends on where you live. All rental companies set their own prices. I live in Michigan and I rented a 20 x 40 tent and paid $160

12. Why does my tent have two grommets?

Where are the grommets located on the tent? It could be to add a vestibule. Which tent do you have? There are multiple Alps Mountaineering 2 tents. Whats the model name? 2.0 just means 2 person tent

13. What's an ez up pop up tent?

it's just a type of tent

14. How can I sleep outside without a tent?

When I was a kid we used to sleep outside in the yard all the time and we never used a tent. Dad would throw down a tarp to keep the sleeping bags from being right on the ground. It was great! I remember falling asleep looking up at the stars. Good times!.

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Yep, make it a little pup tent. If you prefer, you can invert a baking pan over it instead. Leave a little space for the air to circulate, and it should be fine1. Should the GOP be a 'big tent' party and move to the center?I agree, but according to Fox News, the reason McCain lost is that he was not conservative enough. The Republican party members are totally oblivious to the truth2. A nearby church is hosting a tent city..?I think it's a little bit prejudiced to be a little concerned. You are making assumptions about these homeless people and their behavior, when you do not know them at all. In the blink of an eye, many people could be homeless. Many families are living "close to the edge" financially, with very little cushion to fall back upon if they should lose even one job in a two-earner household, or someone became catastropically (and expensively) ill. Would you be just as concerned or uneasy if suddenly your next door neighbor had to go live in that tent city? BTW, it's WANDERING, not wondering...3. Help! Our wedding tent is going to look like a circus tent!?Embrace the red! Go with red/champange/pink color sceme. It's so pretty and would go perfectly with the tent. If you were to use a color other than red or coordinating colors, the tent may be a bit more noticable, but if you go with it, everybody will think it's planned. As far as his army uniform goes, that will be fine. Our men and women in uniform get married in their uniforms all the time, no matter what the formal colors of the wedding are. Enjoy your big day!4. Good 2 Man Dome Tent Under £100?If you are going backpacking, then you should plan to spend more money. If you are simply car-camping, then any cheap tent will be adequate until it leaks and you pay to sleep in a motel. Big Agnes Lynx Pass, 1-person, 1.8 kilogram, 170.5. My father lives in a tent in the woods! What to do?that really sucks. i would not let a drug addict live with me. instead of giving him money, give him food. he has to hit his rock bottom or he will just be out doing drugs again. i know this is painful, but you can not allow a drug addict to live with you. offer him plain tickets every now and then, and when he comes to see you, give him a bit of food and soap. in the end, he has to make his own choices. never give cash though.6. Poll: Peaches and cream or living in a tent?it would be my dream to eat a tent while in peaches and cream, but yeah, yours does sound extreme7. Tent camping in southern california?attempt Fantasyland Campground. tell them Walt sent you. Sorry, however the days of unfastened tent tenting are long long previous. everywhere you elect to camp now, you will desire to pay. There are Yellow submit Campgrounds up interior the hills above enormous undergo, yet there remains a fee to apply them. No chains required now, yet which will substitute while it snows. be conscious to Chad: those human beings "tent tenting" are called "homeless". it is an unlawful use of the RR remarkable-of-way, and you may get robbed or rousted by community law enforcement officers for staying there.8. Would this be a good tent design?Good idea....but what happened to good ol' bonfires and marshmallows? Come on a good ol' Pagan and light that fire9. So are fiberglass tent poles inferior to aluminum or steel tent poles?i have a tent with fiberglass poles they take the abuse i like the shock cords easy to take your tent down10. Do you having any tent sex tips?how close are you to other people? i would say that plays a huge (noise) factor in the.. movement. are you on an air mattress? id probably suggest no movement on that haha. but basically i also dont know how big the tent is, i am guessing you can not stand so keep that in mind too for positions.
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