Can the President Change the 4th Amendment?

No president can change any amendment.The only thing he could change was how it was enforced, but only in a very limited way, or he would open to be impeached.Congress can't change any amendment, but can control the finances of any laws it makes about any law it makes about a amendment.The Supreme court can't change a amendment in way other than by changing what the amendment actually means at all. But even if they do that, they can't enforce anyone to act on their changed meaning of the Amendment!

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Which Star Trek film is most like an extended TV episode?

Wrath of Kahn was like what a TV episode would be if it were suddenly given a much bigger budget.Star Trek V: The Final Frontier also felt like an extended TV episode. In a lot of ways it was one of the most humorous Star Trek movies.

But the movie that felt most like an extended TV episode to me was Generations. We were all used to seeing the Next Gen crew on TV, and to suddenly see them on the big screen just felt wrong. They also had the original Enterprise-D to deal with, whose bridge set was built for pre-HD resolution TV screens.


Is BTS famous in Korea?

I am Melodies (BTOB fans in case you are wondering)I admit they are not as popular as BTS or EXO who debut around the same time as them (20112013) but they have a pretty stable fanbase because K-Melodies without fail will come to their comeback stage, their fansigning and other events.I hope we international fans can do the same justice to them when they are here at our countries Their album sales (physical and digital) are not so bad.. Plus they havent let go of their rookies attitudes (work hard until success).


If 3 LEDs are in series, each with a forward voltage of 2V connected to a 5V power supply, is it not enough to drive them? Will the voltage after them be 0?

You need to make the current flow to make the LED glow If the current is not flowing no work is done!To make the current flowing you need enough potential difference (voltage) that can initiate the flow!You only have 5 volts which is not even enough to go over the forward voltages of the 3 diodesSo what else can you expect???You may try just putting two LEDs in series to test your circuit you said your diodes only need 2 volts. current may flow but may not be enough that glow may just very dim??Continue your learning experimentsGood luck!


What caused the decline of Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia is a geographic region in which many reigns existed. If we check these reigns history we can find 2 main events:the fall os Akkad (about 2000 .C.)the fall of Babylon and Assyria (VI century b.


)Some geological analyses in 2000 seem to have established the cause of the fall of Akkad in an abrupt climatic change caused by a high deposit of burnt dust coming from the western side of Mesopotamia / Arabian peninsula.Babylon fell because of the Achaemenid Empire in 539 b.C., and Assyria fell because of Persiand, Medes, and Chaldeans between 612 and 609 b.



What is MGTOW and/or the red pill?

They are groups of toxic men who feel that women are less than men on one way or another.

Insecure, weak and overcompensating these men have no ability to have a healthy relationship with women and as a result they take it out on the women because they have decided that it is the womens fault they fail with women. Red Pill idiots call themselves alphasbecause it makes them feel superior.MGTOW have separated themselves from women in society because they feel that women are toxic.In all honesty, they are absolutely ridiculous movements.


What has changed in Delhi since the Supreme Court's decision on LG versus Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi Government came out in favor of the AAP Govt?

My post here is based on news paper reports we keep getting. To my understanding the nadir of anti state govt was over that day. LG started behaving a bit better and the AAP govt could push many schemes.

At the same time its clear that the position of CM of Delhi is weak and he must understand that to perform he cant take anti Central Govt stand all the time.The painful aspect is that due to the conflict for every proposal of the Delhi govt there is a court case and thus indefinite delay.Hope for better times


What does China's economy have that the US economy doesn't?

US is insolvent. CHINA is solvent, US GDP grow is funded by debts n printing dollars.US economy depend on consumption, more than 60%, manufacturing is less than 20%, the rest services.China has 1.4 billion population, huge number of displined, productive, well trained workforce, China produce more than 10 times engineers, scientists n other graduates than US every year.

China will be world high tech manufacturing hub, biggest trading nation of the world, Shenzhen will be more dynamic, innovative n progressive than Silicon Valley.China will be next only economic n technological superpower when dollar system collapse


How long were the Hebrews in Egypt?

The biblical answer is that the Hebrews were in Egypt for 400 years. However, to solve a chronological problem with that duration*, a midrash of the Common Era shortened the duration to just 210 years.The historical answer, based on extensive research and the conclusions of most modern historians, is that the Hebrew people were never in Egypt. The stories of the sojourn in Egypt and the subsequent Exodus from Egypt are now acknowledged to form part of a national foundation myth.Jewish scholars became aware that a literal reading of the Bible would mean that Moses was already dead before the Exodus began


What does quantum mechanics teach?

Originally written in response to n nThat the physics that you know intuitively is the physics of systems with many degrees of freedom. And the physics of systems with only a few degrees of freedom (e.g., an elementary particle, a quantum condensate) is very different from the physics of your intuition. And that the physics of systems with only a few degrees of freedom may be more fundamental than the physics of systems with many degrees of freedom; so perhaps the real question is not so much, "why is the quantum world so weird?" but "why is the classical world so normal?"


Will the GOP led Senate's abandonment of the filibuster for judicial nominations haunt them in 2020 or 2022?

Not really. You see, with this change, by 2020 President Trump will have installed a very large number of federal judges. When he took office, 14.3 percent of the positions on these life-tenured courts were vacant. Should he fill all these, the courts will have a conservative slant for many, many years. Should another Supreme Court position/positions come up, there will be a significant change in the entire judicial system in the country.These positions are significant for the conservative movement. As we are currently seeing, federal judges have the ability to significantly impact the ability of the President and the Congress to make changes in the country.


What evidence led to the assumption that SARS-Cov-2 is a new virus?

The evidence is that no-one was immune to it. This means it is new in the living human population. It does not mean no-one in history ever had it, or that it is not quite common in some species we don't know about. Now that we know more about it, its molecular information allows us to trace its history, where it probably originated and when. All will be known in time - six months is not a long time for us to be studying a new phenomenon. We did not know any virus even existed 120 years ago.


What parts do you believe in the Bible?

Here are five core concepts:God is real.Jesus is Historical and real.Jesus is divine. The resurrection is real and His miracles were real.God is divine. He created the World and in fact is the best explanation of those facts.The core principles are correct. Love, kindness, compassion, honesty, service, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness are better than their alternatives.

I invite you to investigate the best evidence from Dr. Gary Habermas and other Christian experts and historians on the question of the Historical Jesus. Thats probably the best way to approach this question.


What makes quantum mechanics so interesting?

Whats wrong with QM? We are interested in so many things, why pick on QM? Because it doesnt make sense to you? Whats not to make sense? Everything is composed of energy in one form or another, energy oscillates, oscillations are waves, waves come in integers. We cant have half a wave, thats not a wave. A wave is a complete cycle, a peak and a trough, so when we slice and dice reality to that fine a degree of granularity, we find waves that act like integers. Its normal, how could it be otherwise.


Why does religion often support the right-wing?

I think it's because Ronald Reagan reached out to them at a grass roots level and appealed to some of their core issues. It was a deliberate calculated strategy that helped propel him to power. Since then, many within the religious community have climbed the ladder of power within the Republican party (Democratic too though). It is strange to think that you likely couldn't run a successful campaign as an atheist in the US even if you had every issue bang on with the majority other than your faith. Barry Goldwater certainly had no desire to pander to religion.


Will the Trump National Convention work to position Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump as the next Trumps to lead the nation?

No. This is not a monarchy. No other trump will ever be in a position to drop the ball as has Donnie Demento.The very presence of Ivanka in the White House is the worst act of nepotism ever. And the same goes for her Pencil Neck husband.

Donnie Butthole Jr. Only gave a speech infested with falsehoods. He read what was put before him.I honestly thought she was going to be the aide in charge of Cadet Bone Spurs psychosis meds. But it is painfully obvious nobody is handling that critical task.


Why is "#Azaan" trending on Twitter?

Just because of below tweet and issue created by this girl.But as per my view this issue is created purposely.As I checked her Tweeter account, she open her account in June 2020 and this is her first tweet.

So it's clearly showing that she is doing just for hindu-muslim fight and for popularity.Don't know what problem such people having with Muslim community and and their religion.I don't know anyone Muslims who opposed for loud Aarti or bell in temple.

We want peace not riots.

Please don't spread hate.

Don't be a Hindu- Muslim, be a human and indian first.Thanks


How do I believe in God and the Bible?

How do I believe in God and the Bible?If you want to believe, the best way to do it is to hang out with other people who believe and, whatever you do, avoid reading the Bible.Reading the Bible with an open mind is a good path to non-belief. It features a God who endorses slavery (Bible Gateway passage: Leviticus 25:39-46 - New International Version) and rules that include killing everybody in town if people there worship other gods (Bible Gateway passage: Deuteronomy 13 - New International Version) and killing someone for picking up sticks on Saturday (Bible Gateway passage: Numbers 15:32-36 - New International Version).


Why did Serbia attack Kosovo in 1996?

I dont understand your question.Kosovo was and still is just a region in Serbia, as for example Siberia is region in Russia.What happened on Kosovo was that Shiptar terrorists begun armed attacks on all population and Serbia reacted with police as any other country would. But, due to foreign power interests, Shiptar terrorists were removed from terrorist organisation list, and begun receiving enormous help in armament and training abroad. Not to mention harsh diplomacy in the same light towards Serbia and in the end NATO aggression on Serbia in 1999.You should do much more research on the subject


What do you think of the idea that County Donegal joins Northern Ireland and becomes British?

Donegal is part of Ulster, as are Monaghan and Cavan, also in the Republic. But there is no chance of them becoming a part of the UK in a month of sundays. When the partition happened in 1922 there was a greater number of Protestants (traditionally, but not always, unionist-leaning) in Donegal than there is today, so if it didnt happen then theres no way it would now.

A more likely answer the whole of Ireland is part of a scandinavian-style union, trading bloc etc., but retaining its independence, with the UK and maybe the other anglophone countries

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