Can Slowing Down Someone's Heart Help Them Survive a Stab Wound? [closed]

Not really. Reducing their heart rate would drop their blood pressure which would initiate hypoxia (low oxygen) and tissue damage/cell death. Your intent, to reduce the loss of blood through the laceration, would be undermined by the loss of blood pressure. You would basically be expediting the low blood pressure state that leads to death. One reason our heart rate increases when injured (or in a fight in general) is to overcome the reduction in blood supply due to blood loss. As it leaks out, an increased heart rate (along with increased vascular muscle tone) can help sustain a blood pressure sufficient for us to finish the fight or get away to safety prior to collapse.Penetrating chest trauma can do several things. It can lacerate or sever a major blood vessel, which is basically a death sentence, it can puncture a lung which can lead to collapse or a tension pneumothorax (which wo not be mitigated by a low heart rate), or it can cause oozing internal bleeding from lesser vessels that eventually fill up the space around a lung and compress it, again not something a low heart rate will really prevent.Hibernation or some sort of low heart rate comatose state would only really work if the person could be hyperoxygenated PRIOR to being placed into that state, which seems unlikely if they just got stabbed. Plus there would need to be a mechanism for slowing cellular activity to reduce oxygen use/waste production lest tissue become acidic and start to become ischemic. A low heart rate/low blood pressure state is useful when you are sewing a torn vessel closed (if it can not be clamped off), but otherwise it wo not do much for you. An edge case where it MAY be useful is if the heart wall itself is pierced and blood starts to fill the pericardial sac, leading to cardiac compression, aka cardiac tamponade. In this case, slowing the heart rate may slow filling of the sac, allowing the heart to continue beating, albeit at a lower rate, until the blood in the sac can be drained (usually by needle decompression) and ultimately opened and repaired. Obviously if you are utilizing magic that allows you to ignore cellular damage then just lowering the heart rate to reduce blood pressure could slow blood loss until the person could receive some other kind of magical or mundane healing to repair the injury

1. 130/90 is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure normally fluctuates like that. If readings are consistently over 140/90, your doctor will probably put you on meds

2. Are apples and bananas good for lowering blood pressure?

Bananas are rich in potassium, garlic pills are good for lowering blood pressure so I would say the real thing would also be good, just do not kiss your girl Friend after you've eaten the garlic, they get offended

3. blood pressure of 118/62 at 25 weeks, should I be taking blood pressure medications?

that's a real normal BP. if it were like mine, 159/97, than yeah I would say you have issues. I've had yo-yo'ing BP since I started my pregnancy, now I've got pre-eclampsia. You are BP is in the normal range. I honestly think either your doc is screwed in the head and you need a new one or you are BS'ing us.

4. Is there a quick way to temporarily lower blood pressure?

well you do not want to lower it too quickly. Those are the only ways of taking something, but change your diet and NO salt for 4 days. That includes already prepared foods as well like soups or frozen meals, etc.

5. My dog has a fever, facial parlysis, weak vet not sure what it is?

Before I start, please know that I am not trained in veterinary medicine in any way. I would suspect something like septicemia (a widespread infection in the blood). This can cause loss of appetite, weakness, and a drop in blood pressure. This can also cause her to clot, and if she threw a clot in her brain, she would have stroke symptoms (further weakness and one-sided paralysis or drooping). It's possible that the antibiotic is making her nauseaus, since really all of them do. But it might be necessary if she is fighting a major infection. Did the vet do any blood cultures? Your dog is not doing well and time may be of the essence. I suggest going to a new vet right away.

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