Can I Wear Soccer Running Shoes Causually Or Will It Hurt My Feet?

Soccer shoes is made specifically for only soccer. It would not either but rather make your run worse since those are for in the grass so that you do not slip. When your running, preferably tennis shoes are the way to go (despite of the name) since they are both comfortable and is more open to more of the environment while the soccer shoes are more limited in where you wear it.

1. Do running shoes actually effect how fast you run?

yes high top shoes prevent you from working your ankles and achilles' during running but running shoes (LOW TOPS) make you use your ankles while running which makes you perform better. But very very little speed maybe 0.000000000000001 of a KM which is not even a milasecond

2. Running shoes for distance runner?

Go to an athletic store. Ask for an experienced runner sale person. They will guide you to the proper running shoes. Not all runenrs' have the same running form or needs. Some shoes are specific to problems. I love Nike shoes, They have just enough cushion for running, and not too much that it hinders my sprinting. Decide if you like a lot of cushio, some or very little. When you try on the shoes, test run them in the store. Running on your toes, flat footed and heel to toe.

3. Best running shoes for an over-pronator?

Try the Asics Gel-Evolution 6! They have great support for flat feet. 2nd Choice would be Gel-Kayano 18 They are for overpronators :)

4. what are some good light and comfortable running shoes?

i completely agree with Tim T and i3. Those are my absolute 2 favorite kinds of shoes of all time

5. Is this not one of the UGLIEST women's running shoes you have ever seen in ur life?

I am thinking it's just a crappy colour... Quinn

6. What are some good black running shoes?

Try the Brooks Adrenaline GTS

7. Are Adidas Ultraboosts running shoes?

In paper, yes.Ultra Boosts are the ones that started this whole mdalos foam thing. Before that, elite running shoes were firm, low-stack and light.But Adidas presented a TPU compound designed by BASF that consists of plastic pellets extruded in a mold, this provides energy return as the pellets take their shape back after impact. I have recommended using UB to new runners with great results. Just make sure you find them confortable and the fit is right

8. What good running shoes you can recommend for concrete roads like in my village?

I prefer using shoes with aerosoles because they help your stamina and they give you a smooth-soft feel when you touch the ground(instead of a hard feel which hurts your feet). Brands do not really matter, i've found really good shoes in some unknown brands but that does not always work for me. I recommend you buy mostly from brands like Nike and Adidas but you might always find something good in other brands too :).

9. Is it really more beneficial to use the Vibram style shoes over normal running shoes?

I am not a fan of barefoot running, and everyone I work with knows this. I will put it to you this way, I've met many people who are 70 who run marathons but never one who's been running in barefoot since his 20's

10. i need new running shoes?

New Balance shoes are good for long distance. I am not sure what shoes you should use for sprinting, though

11. Are trail running shoes worth it?

Yes, it is worth the quality and the warranty which we are giving for the|2 yrs warrantyAre trail running shoes worth it?.

12. need new running shoes for long distance?

The best way to buy running shoes, is to go to a running shop. They will assess your feet, whether you overpronate or have high arches. They will have the best running shoe to fit your foot. It's important to buy a decent pair, as you will be continously pounding on pavements which could damage your knees/shins. Asics are the best running shoe brand in the world, so look for a pair of asics! They are expensive, but worth every penny, honestly!

13. what are really good running shoes less than $100?

you should go to a good running store and have them look at your feet. every foot is different; you can not just buy any shoe. you can get serious injuries like that. it all depends on your arch. so ask someone in a store to pick out shoes that would fit your arch, and they will probably bring you different pairs for you to try out. it's hard to just recommend a shoe because different shoes work for different people. you can probably find a pair for like $80.00. they do not come cheap.

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