Can I Wear Indoor Soccer Shoes for Playing on Grass?

I mean you can go with either. You will have no traction and will probably fall either way, especially if the grass is wet

1. Which pair of soccer shoes should I get?

the elite ones are nicer. and if you are going to get expensive cleats i reccomend getting kangaroo leather. Flywire technology(what they use to make vapors) is very uncomfortable. but thats up to you

2. where can you find nike soccer shoes with metal studs? has a huge selection of soccer gear

3. Where I can buy soccer shoes?

if you live in usa/canada, consider the adidas store, sport chek, champs or foot locker, you should find in any of these

4. What's size difference between soccer shoes and regular shoes?

As far as I know, normally nothing. But being a sport shoe, and ex-soccer player some 20 yrs ago. I would guess the kids shoe is either soft cleats or has fewer cleats than the mans shoe

5. where can you get soccer shoes?

i agree with the guys who said because you can get anything from captain bands to cleats to soccer goals for sale and if you join goal club you can get a pretty good deal

6. Is it legal to use indoor soccer shoes on the outdoor turf field for a league match?

no you can not Ita my thinking

7. Should I get these soccer shoes?

If its $400.00 its probably worth it

8. Which soccer shoes is better? Absolute predator or T90?

I think that you should get the Absolute Predator. The Absolute Predators are good for speed which midfielders need. They are good forshooting too

9. Need help finding toddler soccer shoes?

Big 5 and Sports Authority normally have them, but she really does not need them at that age. A pair of regular running type shoes are fine

10. Which soccer shoes should I buy?

ye buy them adidas are the best

11. what indoor soccer shoes should i get?

Nikes are greatest shoes ever

12. which soccer shoes should i buy?

You should get the new blue predators or the f5o adizero prime depends on what kind of game you want to play. I find those blue predators an all rounder

13. really good guy soccer shoes,?

Hmmmm.....Depends on the shade of purple, it will be okay if it's a really dark purple. For me I do not like to see a guy to wear purple, purple is one of my favorite colors and I wear it a lot, but on a guy....I am really into it. I hate pink, so when I see a guy wearing pink I am like "NO!" In my head "Wearing pink does not make you a real man!" Kinda feel the same way when I see a guy wear purple(even though I love purple). But purple is more okay than wearing pink with a guy. If you can pull it off than your okay.(I geuss that what matters look wise, not trying to be shallow here, not that kind of person) P.S. They are only soccer shoes, are not they used for playing soccer. Do you play soccer? Are you on a team?.

14. whats the difference between different soccer shoes? ones for firm ground and hard ground? why does it matter

first of all there is firm ground and soft ground not firm and hard, firm is for when the ground is normal not wet or anything, and soft is for when it is raining or just did rain. This matters so that you can have the best possible grip on the playing surface. Good shoes for you that are durable and SUPER LIGHT are the Nike Vapors some people love them (like me) some people hate them you should try them on before buying online because they fit tight. they are normally 100-200 dollars but they might be on sale you may also want to try out addidas t-units, and addidas copa mundials

15. Should i get indoor soccer shoes?

If you do not want to spend so much money and a 12 week session, try to see if some second-hand stores have any good indoor shoes. Second-hand shoes are usually thoroughly cleaned before being sold, reads EXTREMELY comfortable and are less than $30 most of the time

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How to Get Rid of Smell in Soccer Cleats
Foot odor is often an issue with athletic shoes since moisture from perspiration and body heat create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. At, we carry a full range of soccer cleats from top brands, and we are experts at keeping them smelling like new. Here are some tips:Odor-causing bacteria needs at least a little moisture to stay active. Make sure to dry out your boots after you wear them. It can help to stuff them with dry newspaper or paper towels and place them outdoors, though not in direct sunlight. Tea bags or fabric softener sheets may help eliminate odors when placed inside your cleats overnight.At most sporting goods or shoe stores, you can find specially formulated deodorizing spray. If your cleats are still stinky after completely drying out, you might want to give deodorizing spray a shot. Standard household air freshener may even do the trick.If All Else Fails, Give Them a Deep CleanIf soccer cleat odor persists, it's time for a deep clean. Soak your boots in a mix of warm water and mild detergent for a half hour or so. Use an old, soft toothbrush to brush away any grime along the outside. Spray bleach on to a paper towel, wrap it in newspaper, and stuff that into your cleats. Let them dry for 24 hours, and hopefully, the stench will be gone.If that does not work, just buy a new pair! Ok, that's not really a solution, and there's always a way to deodorize cleats, even if it takes several attempts. BUT, if you are in the market for new boots, is the place to look. We carry the latest Nike soccer cleats, adidas soccer cleats, and elite soccer shoes from other leading manufacturers.Help me decide about these soccer shoes... pls!?Nike Total90 Strike II FG Cleats (Swan/Black/Orion Blue) Is The Best,It's Also Helps In All Of Your Position's Also Helps When Your Shooting A Corner-Kick. Hope I Helped :)What should i look for in a soccer shoe? how do i test for a good shoe?i always preferred 100% leather uppers, about a half size to a full size too small. when you first buy them put on two pairs of socks, lace up your boots, and get them soaking wet. i always stuck my feet in a bucket of water. then wear them around for a couple of hours. they will stretch and mold to fit your feet perfectly. after you take them off, stuff them with wadded newspaper to absorb the water and keep the shoes from shrinking. i've worn copa's for about 20 years now. they are my favorite shoe. that's just me thoughWhat is the best futsal@indoor soccer shoes?Soccer CleetsWhich type of soccer shoe is best for me?A good player can even peering.wt a lousy shoeWhat do i do with the tongue on the adidas samba indoor soccer shoe?This Site Might Help You. RE: What do i do with the tongue on the adidas samba indoor soccer shoe? I bought the adidas samba shoe and it has that really long tongue. What do i do with it? Am i supposed to fold it or something?Are nike mercurial vapor super fly good soccer shoe to buy and will they last?The nike mercurial vapor super fly V's are very good soccer shoes if you are a player who tends to be fast. If you take care of them and used them wisely, it should last. However, if you do not considered yourself as a "speed" player, you should try some other boots because I have heard that it out-sole of the boots can rip. If I were you, I would look at the adidas predator X or tunitsWhat indoor soccer shoe should i get? 10pts?When it comes to cleats, I am pretty picky and go all out for good quality boots, but I do not think its necessary to splurge on indoor shoes. As long as they feel ok and are in no way clunky or thick on your feet, they will be fine. If by running you mean the typical running that comes with the game, then indoor shoes are obviously fine, but if you plan on training and running in them then its a poor idea. I thought my indoors could double as running shoes last season and ended up with shin splints. I was only doing 5K runs but indoor soccer shoes do not provide enough support
Pain From Soccer Shoes ?
Hey go with those if you want but I have find nike astros to be better preformance. Something in the nike 5 range for example1. nike vapor indoor soccer shoes?You are going to have to buy them off the internet. That's the only place I can find them. Here are the websites...2. can you substitute indoor soccer shoes for volleyball shoes?HECK NO!!!!!! u will probably kill yourself!!!3. is it weird to wear indoor soccer shoes in school?Definitely not. I have a pair of awesme size 13 Addidas Samba Indoor Soccer shoes and I love them. I mean my foot size makes me look goofy in any shoe but I do not care because I have found that indoor soccer shoes are incredibly comfortable and have great ankle support and I am a very clumsy child so I always am spraining or twisting my ankles so this is very convenient4. Is it easier to juggle with soccer shoes ?when i started wearing football boots, i found it harder to juggle, but now i find it easier to juggle with them on rather than wearing something else. i would reccomend running shoes to start juggeling because they are broad and give you more space to hit the ball. then when you can do atleast 10-20, move on to soccer shoes. Juggleing takes LOADS of practice. so do not be dissappointed if you can only manage a few in the beggining5. Do the Adidas Samba soccer shoes have good grip?Yes, they are excellent6. which football(soccer) shoes should i get?[EASY POINTS]?i think that the adidas shoes are the best because their just legendary7. what are the best soccer shoes for indoor soccer, and where is the best place to get them?Nike have a good lock, it look way better than Adidas but Adidas has a better quality. now it's up to you you want you shoes look good than I propose you to buy a nike shoe if you are looking for quality than I propose you to buy adidas shoes. I am sorry but I can help you wit the place IF you lived down in persia than I propose you to go to Olympic center they have the best football kits and football (indoor and outdoor) shoes. but if you does not live in persia go and buy it in the internet shopping centers. hop I helped : )8. What soccer shoes to buy?Puma King is also good. The Puma King's upper is made from very thin Pittards leather that serve to make them both very lightweight and extremely comfortable right out of the box. The Puma King's DuoFlex sole is designed to bend only where the foot should naturally flex to prevent stress injury to the foot. The Puma King is generally considered to be relatively narrow in fit the lacing system remains a straight front lacing one.9. How can I get in shape for soccer in 2 weeks?Next week to play with friends and good kick no technology behind.Very now buy a pair of soccer shoes, so these days are online have seen a lot of football boots website, you feel good which soccershoes007 soccer shoes website, Nike, Adidas and other brand shoes.Just do not know how quality, because I think the price is fairly cheap. Therefore, it is to buy that football shoes.There is no one bought there, Geigejianyi10. Are there any futsal/indoor/street soccer shoes that can be worn on street ground and artificial turf?After 300-400 miles or so, running shoes lose their cushioning and are essentially 'broken down'. You will get diminished performance from them during races or workouts and this usually manifests itself as minor new pain while running. For example you ran a marathon a month ago in your trainers with no problem, but on your last 2 short tempo runs your right knee started to give you trouble, that's the time to turn your running shoes into everyday shoes and get a new pair from running. Walking in brand new running shoes puts mileage on them as well. I would say about 1/2 as much as running. The best thing to do is use a are tired' pair for school or just walking around and keep your new shoes for running only.
Where to Find Street Soccer Shoes in Singapore? Shops That Have Lots of Varieties to Choose From.?
queensway shopping centre,sure can get1. What should i get my 2 sisters and my 1 brother for there birthdays ? mrch 14 and mrch 16th?These are just ideas. I do not know if any of them would work for your siblings. For any one: Money (they are too young for jobs, so they might like to have their own money to spend and pick out some thing they would really like)...along those same lines, you could actually open them a savings account at a local bank and make their first deposit for them Clothes Art or Crafts Supplies Athletic Equipment (softball glove, basket ball, soccer shoes or favorite team jersey) Movies Cd's Prepaid cell phone Hard back classic books like Anne of Green Gables or Peter Pan Bath and Body Supplies (even boys like this stuff...if you get scents that boys are into like the axe collection) Sisters: Purse Good Shampoo and other hair care products Personalized Journal Jewelry Box Brother: Building set such as Legos or Kinex (although these can be very expensive..not sure what your budget is) "Treasure Chest", wooden box with a lock on it (my son has one and puts things in there that he does not want his friends to steal..haha...and I always know where the key is so he can not hide stuff from me) Carrying case for his ds..they used to have really neat ones that looked like metal lunch boxes Do not know if he's into pokemon...?2. Is it easier to juggle with soccer shoes ?when i started wearing football boots, i found it harder to juggle, but now i find it easier to juggle with them on rather than wearing something else. i would reccomend running shoes to start juggeling because they are broad and give you more space to hit the ball. then when you can do atleast 10-20, move on to soccer shoes. Juggleing takes LOADS of practice. so do not be dissappointed if you can only manage a few in the beggining3. soccer shoes: addibas, pumas, or nike's?first of all it's called adidas. and i play on a competitve (top level) girls soccer team and it dependes on their type of foot. if their foot is skinny i would go with either nike or puma. i personaly like adidas because my foot is not that skinny but it gives me a lot of power to kick the ball far.4. What are some good indoor soccer shoes?sims sports or rebel sport5. Pain from soccer shoes ?if they hurt, then they are not for you. you would be better off buying new and comfortable shoes than saving money putting up with those shoes and end up playing bad and maybe even injuring yourself.6. Turf soccer shoes where online?buy nike touch 2 indoor soccer shoesturf online7. What was the name of my old school soccer shoes?is it Lotto Boots ? they have the Italian Flag thing on the tongue8. Which are the best indoor soccer shoes?Indoor soccer is better known as Futsal I hope you are referring to this if not better get informed. Any ways the really best Indoor soccer boots are not the lightweight ones nor the Flexible ones not at all if you actually played Futsal before you should have notice the soccer ball used is heavy and harder then normal outdoor soccer this means you get actually lose a foot nail with this soccer balls you know... so the infortant aspect of indoor footwear is the front part of the boot which good boots have a wide rubber surface to kick the ball really hard with toes without actually harming yourself since in Futsal you use alot the toe shots. By explaining the above I learn the best Futsal/indoor shoes are from MUNICH shoes Barcelona futsal brand which are not cheap at all ($100 and above) but you get a pro level boot. Some cheaper more affordable good performing indoor shoes are from Joma. Joma Top Flex ($75 to $50) Believe me when I say forget about nike, adidas (unless you get the Sambas), Puma and all those big brands they just wont provide the basic specs needed in indoor/futsal.
What Is the Difference Between Nike T90 Lasers and Nike T90 Shoot Soccer Shoes?
the TOTAL 90S lasers have better qualities1. Which indoor soccer shoes would you recommend (and why)?the sambas are the best way to go, i played in mine for a few years and even skateboarded in them quite a bit and they are still holding up2. What are some really good outdoor soccer shoes?nike vapors, adidas f50's, adidas predators :)3. My soccer shoes are a little too big?yeah just stuff sumtin up the top like a sock or sumtin4. Would it be weird if i wear soccer shoes but have never actually played the sport?Not as weird as me wearing volleyball shots, and never actually played the sport. Who cares what people think? If you like them, get them and rock them5. Are Nike Vapor IV comfortable? I need a new soccer shoes and want to no if they give blisters or are uncommfy?Try the mercurial vapor Vs, they sound pretty good and I have a nike mercurial veloci fg, I've never had that problem though.. How about trying half a size or so up? If they are big, you can always wear more socks ;]6. Best Soccer Shoes for a Defender?Why do people insist on thinking that there is a boot for a defender, a boot for a midfielder, a boot for a striker etc? Just get a boot that is comfortable for you. The skill is not in the football boot, it's in the foot wearing it.7. soccer shoes: addibas, pumas, or nike's?pumas they are the best i love them!8. Can I wear these turf soccer shoes around college?Yes, you could wear those, but unless you are a soccer star, you are going to look like a poseur9. What soccer shoes should i buy???the best i rate on my lists are (in order of how comfortable while playing and training) 3) Adidas Predator 2) Lotto Stadio 1) Adidas Coppa (timeless) Some like the nikes, but i think they are crap. Try them out it might be different for you.10. where can i get size 17 soccer shoes?the best way is to buy it off the internet no other way11. Should i get indoor soccer shoes the same size as my cleats?You can if you like your shoes a little looser rather than a snug fit12. What are some good indoor soccer shoes?Puma stores often have indoor soccer shoes. I think the price may go over 70 though :(13. What soccer shoes should i get?I tend to lean toward Nike shoes as overall the years I have gotten the best performance out of them. The perfect shoes for accuracy and aim would be the Total 90 Laser II, the newest version of the series. These shoes focus on aim and accuracy, as they have a target in the center showing the "sweet spot" on the ball to get the maximum accuracy. In my opinion, these are deadly shoes to have. After a quick search, the world soccer shop sells some colors for $100 but you should always check ebay for better deals. However, if you want to get a speedy shoe... get a Mercurial by Nike. These shoes were designed for speed. If you are serious about soccer, I recommend getting the mercurial vapors IV or if you want to take it up another level, get the mercurial vapor sl. (sl means super lite). The sl's have a carbon-fibre sole that is superlight, strong, and flexible. Their newest shoes, the Mercurial Superflys weigh a measly 180g!! The lightest soccer shoes on the market! This are the type of shoes I am planning buy. They also come in many different colorways. Hope this helped out. If you have any more questions be sure to ask!14. What are those boys soccer shoes called?cleats??15. Can I wear indoor soccer shoes as normal shoes?If you would want to wear them inside and get a long lasting relationship with them, I would suggest not. Because the more asphalt time they receive, the shorter the lifespan becomes. Not to mention the dirt that can get caked in the grooves the grip the surface. If you plan on wearing them for competition other than outside, do not ruin them
Soccer Shoes Can You Give Me a List of the Top 10 Newset Soccer Shoes Out ?
i can give you the top 4? adidas predators, nike vapors, nike lazers(they are sick), umbro x boots. those are my personal favs1. What are some good wide indoor soccer shoes?This Site Might Help You. RE: What are some good wide indoor soccer shoes? Does anybody know of any wide indoor soccer shoes? I have a really wide foot and I'm really tired of wearing narrow indoor shoes that hurt my feet. Thank you2. i need soccer shoes for next season?buy the ones that cost the most if it cost more its better3. Which soccer shoes can i get that support my foot arch?I had that problem. Buy some pumas they are really comfortable and great arch support. Witch ones to get dependes on your price range. For 65-200 dollars i would say get (outdoor)Puma v1. 08 i fg (indoor)PUMA v1. 08 Sala cheaper than that are(indoor) PUMA v5.08 IT (outdoor)PUMA v-Kat II GCi FG I hope this helps. =]4. What soccer shoes to buy?Adidas F50i Tunit5. who makes better soccer shoes adidas or nike?Nike, for cleats I would go with Mercurials6. What soccer shoes should i buy???the best i rate on my lists are (in order of how comfortable while playing and training) 3) Adidas Predator 2) Lotto Stadio 1) Adidas Coppa (timeless) Some like the nikes, but i think they are crap. Try them out it might be different for you.7. What are good regular FG soccer shoes for turf (both adidas and nike)?nike vapors are good if you have a narrow foot they are my favorite cleats really light adidas predators are pretty comfortable but i do not really like them8. is it okay to wear indoor soccer shoes for a 3 mile run?If you do not make a habit of it, yes. Those shoes are meant for grass, so if you could find a place to run on grass, that would be better for your feet. Running on grass is good for your feet anyway...builds strength because of the give of the grass. Shin splints usually happen over time, because of the constant pounding of many many miles. You would be fine for a 3 miler.9. Should I get these soccer shoes?PERSONALLY. I like those, however i am more of an Adidas man - Pred's. But yeah, I like them.10. What football (soccer) shoes to get?Get some adidas. They are a classic and that's what I have. Not very expensive if you get the black one with white stripes. Hope this helped11. can women wear mens soccer shoes?is there a difference between men and women's feet?12. Where to buy soccer shoes?ebay I got $160 cleats Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho 10r kangaroo leather for $60 on ebay :P Damn can not wait till they get here13. Where can i buy women's soccer shoes?adidas ???!!! & u can buy it online14. which pair of soccer shoes should I be using?I have both mercurials (Victory) and F50s. In my opinion theres no such thing as good all around because each shoes has its goods and bads i thinks f50s should be for more midfield type people and Mercurials for Forwards (strikers) They are both light weight but Mercurials are more formfitting to your foot so when you shoot you get a more precise shot, and i also get better touches with them. F50s there are pretty good for running but not for acceleration (what forwards often do) and thats because of the cleat shape like how they cylinders it digs you to deep in the ground and does not allow for quick movements but good for constant running. The only problem with Mercurials is if you dont tie them tight enough they will slip easily due to the material but overall if you had to choose between the two get Mercurials15. Can Anyone help me?I ordered a pair of soccer shoes online at, thats the date the product was shipped from the first time the post office shipped ur product. usually takes about four to eight days after that. usually u will get a link that will take u to the ups website that will give u an update and the location of ur package.
What Soccer Shoes Should I Get?
i think you should get total 90, or good luck1. Soccer players, would you think I was a poser for wearing indoor soccer shoes if I didn't play?No, stop worrying about how other's could judge you for clothing. It's just clothing and in your case, shoes. You are not wearing a thong and bra in public but even then I would not care, unless you are attractive then I would care haha ;). Most people have seen other people naked2. What are those boys soccer shoes called?soccer sneaker for playing in hard surfaces. they are classic soccer turfs for hard surfaces from Adidas's model Samba they come in black and white. :)3. where to get Soccer Shoes?nike i.d. is alittle pricey but totally worth it trust me4. Which soccer shoes are should i buy? VAPORS or T90 LASERS?the only problem with vapors is that they give you blisters... if you dont care about blisters then get the vapors they have great touch5. Which soccer shoes should I get?I might purchase "indoor" footwear, ie Adidas Gazelle, Copas normally indoor is played on a health club ground---or some sorta indoor gymnasium. Turfs are higher for....Tah-dah .... Turf. I would keep away from Adidas Samba6. What are the best indoor soccer shoes?sambas. i agree7. is it okay to wear indoor soccer shoes for a 3 mile run?Dunno but remember to warm up a little, then stretch everything. Then do a cool down jog and stretch again to reduce injuries. Also remember that running on hard ground is training for running in races while on softer grounds is generally for "easier" running where rate of injuries are drastically reduced while still keeping a cardiovascular workout to continue training. What our coach makes us do is run 5 times a week on hard then 2 times on soft and an extra for uphills and downhills. Pretty good i havent gotten alot of shin splits, but it's just me.8. is it weird to wear indoor soccer shoes in school?Definitely not. I have a pair of awesme size 13 Addidas Samba Indoor Soccer shoes and I love them. I mean my foot size makes me look goofy in any shoe but I do not care because I have found that indoor soccer shoes are incredibly comfortable and have great ankle support and I am a very clumsy child so I always am spraining or twisting my ankles so this is very convenient9. In soccer, do you think that the cleats (soccer shoes) depend on how a curb is done, why or why not?Okay, What the heck is a curb? hahah 'cleats'.... And there called football boots Yeah. i call it football because im english heehee10. What indoor soccer shoes should i get?Well since I do not know your style and all, They have a lot that may interest you, also the prices are reasonable depending on the shoe and the quality. For looks and feel, look at some nikes indoor, good luck!.11. What are good soccer shoes for a 12 year old who plays forward/mid-field?any type of adidas are good12. what are some good indoor soccer shoes for guys?adidas.they are softer leather and comfortable. otherwise your next best bet would be pumas13. Where can i buy women's soccer shoes?when you get to the web site it should say "Eurosport"14. Can I wear indoor soccer shoes for playing on grass?F50 Indoor Soccer Shoes15. What is the best orthotic for soccer shoes?I find Dr. Scholl's to be the best...Not only are they comfortable but they will give you that boost you need16. Indoor Soccer Shoes: Adidas Samba vs F-50s?dosent matter, whatever feels comfortable to you, the shoe wont make you play any better. the "gimmicks" that they say "oh it will make you curve the ball better" or "will make you run faster" its a lie, if you cant curve a ball, then buying those shoes wont magically make you curve the ball, or if you are slow, you wont grow a third leg and run faster. go with the shoe that feels the best on you.17. which football(soccer) shoes should i get?[EASY POINTS]?For football shoes just get any that look flash...haha i know everyone says u shouldnt get flashy ones but seriously football boots are basically all the same just dont get very heavy ones. For running shoes just use any trainers that are reasonably light. If you want to run on the track i reccomend spiked shoes they are increidbly good and you will feel a dramatic difference.
In Nike Soccer Shoes, What Size Should I Get If Your Regular Shoe Size Is 11?
GO TO THE LAST PARAGRAPH FOR THE QUICK ANSWER: It really depends on the style of shoe. Mercurials tend to run a bit thinner at the middle, and is for a more narrow foot. T-90's on the other hand, are for a wider foot, and the toe has a more "block" and "square" shape to it at the front. If you are looking to order cleats online, and you have not already worn that shoe ( and know you just need a size up) you should definitely head to a soccer retail store near yourself. They will fit you for shoes. If you are still growing, you will want to buy a size or a half-size up. The amount of room that you want to leave at your toe at the most is 1cm. This will allow some room for your foot to grow and then after, the boot itself will have some "give" to stretch. There is really so many things about shoes and I can not give you a straight answer without being inaccurate to a certain degree of measurement. Next time ask the question with a bit more specificity. For example, list the type of shoe your wearing now, list the style of nike shoe that you want to get, and if you want share a past experience about some shoe you've worn, that you liked or did not like. That being said, nike soccer cleats tend to run pretty closely to your actual shoe size. Most higher level soccer players like to wear their shoes with no room at the toe, because that way you have better control of their touch. Check out shoes at they have a great selection.1. Should I buy turf or indoor soccer shoes?Really, turf shoes do not work all that great as casual shoes so I would go with indoor shoes. You will have a degree of less traction on an outdoor turf field with indoors but they are certainly more versatile than an indoor shoe. At any rate, there's some pretty cool indoor shoes I've found out there. Link below.2. Sexy soccer player halloween costume?Sounds fun. You will have to make it yourself, which wo not be hard. I would suggest you buy very short, running shorts. OR cut the shorts or rip them to be even shorter to show your butt area slightly. Try to have colors that look soccer like. Such as white or yellow T-shirt and black shorts with black shoes. Then have a very tight T-shirt and put a number on it or buy a tight (or smaller) shirt with a number already on it. Go to a craft store to buy a product to put a number on the shirt. Then buy soccer socks or long black socks that go to your knee in height. Then wear soccer shoes or Adidas brand sneakers. Or just the socks alone is fine. Then put your hair into 2 pigtails to look cute. Maybe wear a whistle around your neck3. fg soccer shoes with tf-like sole?adidas all the way. the F50 tunit is the best cleats i have ever had. they come with 3 sets of spikes and they are light4. are nike soccer shoes better than adidas?They are both good. Kaka and Messi use Adidas and Ronaldo uses Nike5. what is the difference in soccer shoes with cleats than with spikes?Spikes are for soft ground cleats are for hard ground. With spikes it is easier to kick up mud without the delay6. what are some good indoor soccer shoes for guys?You definantly cant go wrong with Adidas Sambas.. They've been my favorite indoor shoes for years.. heck, I even wear them on a daily basis7. What soccer shoes are better?It all depends on if you have a favorite brand. I personally like Nikes better. Because I have the Nike mercurial Vapor, and there light and skin tight, but that's how I like my cleats. If your judging based on looks, I would go for the f50 adizero, or nike super fly. Also whatever shoe feels the best is the one you should get. Because they all have different feels. And you would not want one that fits uncomfortably. hope that helped! (:
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