Can I Use a Portable Air Conditioning Unit in a Pop Up Tent Trailer?

Never heard of such a thing. However, Fry's Electronics has units that use electricity and have one or two 4" hoses that must reach outside air somehow. I do know that a unit MUST have a rating of more than 5,000 BTU. 5K BTU just wont cool anything. 7.5 and more , prefer 10,000 BTU. It can always shut off once in a while. If you are dealing with two computers driving you out of a bedroom/office the problem is different. My central A/C just blows across the ceiling of the room and circulates the cold air back to the hall and re-circuates it. The heat does not leave the room! I bought, for about five bucks, a recreational vehicle sewer hose from Wal-Mart, for about five bucks. I super glued the hose to the hot air outlet at the back of the computer. I piped the air out of the room, right through the wall to outside air. I used a one - way flapper valve that is made to exhaust clothes dryer air out of a exterior wall. It worked like a charm. Before this we had to cool the whole house to about 68 degrees so that the computer room was cool enough. Saved about two hundred dollars a month in this Sacramento area

1. If I am replacing my central heat and air conditioning unit, is it cheaper to stay with the same brand...?

Maybe, maybe not. Get at least three quotes

2. What would cause a Contactor to burn in a 14 month old Goodman Air Conditioning unit?


3. why would My central air conditioning unit blow cold air out of some vents and not others?

Could also be loose duct work. There could also be holes in the duct work caused by rodents or animals depending on where your duct work is located. The only way to know is to physically inspect it. That means either a trip to the attic or the crawl space under your home. Good luck.

4. Is it worth paying an extra $349.00 to go from a 5 yr. waranty on a new central air conditioning unit to a 10?

Instead of buying an extended warranty for anything, open an account at local bank and anything you would buy and extended warranty for place 50% of the warranty price in the bank each month. Say Automobile $50 a month warranty $25 into bank. You should come out with a fair amount of money after 10 years.

5. Can I put a window air conditioning unit into a garage with no windows somehow?

no i dont think so. if you are hot, than just use a portable fan thing. sorry if that didnt help. good luck!!!

6. My central Air conditioning unit freezes where the filter is located and turns off...?

low on Freon. Probably leaking somewhere. have to call a repair man. Hopefully small leak can be patched and refilled with freon

7. My outside air conditioning unit fan will not come on anymore. What all options do I have?

human beings giving a cost to you to alter a condenser motor for one hundred.00 are doing all and sundry a disservice. a ordinary value for the main inexpensive motor on my own is greater effective than that and it could take a stable deal of time in simple terms getting the previous prop off. So take those lowball rates with a grain of salt thinking no person know what motor you have and if the prop is additionally stored. you have heard the compressor humming and the condensor fan not working. that must be an much less costly capacitor. If the guy comes out and starts asserting the unit is shot or the compressor is undesirable it extremely is the place that's recommended to get yet another opinion till you have have faith interior the guy. interior the tip detect a guy which you would be able to have faith and ignore value procuring and sale gimmicks. stick to him if he's ordinary and be grateful you discovered one like him.

8. Why is my air conditioning unit making a very loud buzzing sound?

Get the AC fan properly greased. If the ball bearings of the fan have been damaged by wrong tilted placement of the AC, the ball bearings or bush (in case it has been used in the fan in place of ball bearings), may be needed to be changed. The expenditure in greasing may not be much, but in replacement of ball bearings some extra expenditure may have to be made up to the cost of the ball beaings or bush, as the case may be

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mildew probable. Or would be a mechanical subject. If it smells in any respect like some thing burning, close it off. Or it might desire to be pulling undesirable smells from an exterior source. examine exterior the unit to work out in case you will scent the subject.1. Is it illegal to not have an air conditioning unit in a gymnasium?I grew up in western Pennsylvania, and my house was never air conditioned, and my high school gym was not air conditioned. and PA summers and falls were hot when I was practicing for volleyball!! My whole school did not have A/C, in fact. It's a luxury, not a right. That's what fans and water are for.2. Air conditioning condenser fan won't turn on...?Ac Condenser Fan Motor3. If i use the air conditioning in my car will it use some of the gas or will it use the battery power?The ac unit is driven by belts and compressors. There is some toll taking on fuel economy because your engine works a little harder to turn the compressor. Its really boils down to what comfort level you can live with. Since your altenator recharges the electrical system there is really no draw on the battery.... d4. Air conditioning Outside Unit wires cut?You will have to find a small fuse inside of the air handler ....if it does not have one than your looking at replacing the transformer, but just about every unit has a small fuse in it...and thats what you will have to change5. Trouble With my cars air conditioning?Brownie66, on some vehicles it goes from the top of the expansion valve into, rather onto, the high side hose. Other models simply do not have it6. Air conditioning: Like it or hate it?love it. I live in Hong Kong, which is EXTREMELY HOT and HUMID. I can not stand the heat cuz i got eczema. Whenever i got sweat, it makes my eczema worse, so i am not a fan of hot weather7. How do you fix poor home air conditioning circulation?Close the vent in the basement to have more air pushed to the other parts of the home8. How much should air conditioning repair cost?You got off very cheap. As far as a 400% mark up on a capacitor, you did not pay for the capacitor, you paid for the techs knowledge and the fact that he was able to diagnose the problem. You paid for the fuel and wear on his van, the workmans comp, his medical insurance, his tools, his on going education, his 401-K, liability insurance, his uniforms and about 22 other items I will not bore you with. Think about it this way, if I am sick, you are the man. When your home comfort system fails, the HVAC tech is the man. Like yourself, he deserves to make a solid living for the knowledge he has.9. Air Conditioning Question..If you open doors and windows & keep 3 airconditioners on, what happens?Of course it will increase the cost. That chilled air is going outside after you paid for it. The A/C already mixes fresh air into the air it chills so it does not need new hot and muggy air from those windows. You will save money if you have an electrician come in and add an on-off switch at easy-to-reach height that the staff could use to shut off the A/Cs if they want to open the windows.10. What to look for when buying a new furnace/air conditioning unit?First off, shop around because you will find a big price difference. The things you need to know is how much will it cost to run. What is the proper size for your home? This is critical. Do not let somebody sell you an undersized one because the price sounds good. Make sure the installer shows you how to do basic maintenance such as the proper way to clean the evaporator and condenser coils. If you have central heating you will have the ducts already. If not it will be quite abit costlier. Get many estimates and compare them on price, Btu estimates (Do not volunteer this to an estimater), you will be able to weed out some contractors by this. You can search air conditioners online to see the different fomulas used to determine Btu's. If the price they give sounds overwhelming, they have portable a/c units you can move from room to room, but you need to exhaust the heat to the outside. Sound is the other thing you need to consider
Tell Me If Anyone Has Heard If This Is True Or Not: Just Got an Entire Air Conditioning Unit Install
i dont see y your system will freeze. you can set it to 60 and it will not drop temperature any faster than is able. what might be happening your fan shuts off after several hours of use leaving condenser running still pumping freon in evaporator coil upstairs making t freeze. they might not be able to figure out wat the problem was so they sold you a condenser. run dat unit to the max so you can see wat happens. if it does give them a call1. Is the air conditioning system (air cooling) related to my heater?You may have Fogging on inside Windshield , If You open the Defrost vent; If that leak is in the Evaporator,The Fan Blows across Heater Coil and Evaporator Of Air-Cond, You will have Fog inside windshield,if You use the Defrost which opens door to allow, Air Flow to Glass;If Refrigerant leak is in Eng.Compartment,You can select any position for Heat,no Problem; There is One other way to not have Moisture,If the Air-Conditioner System is Totally Bled down;2. how important is it to have heating and air conditioning returns?the return is what feeds the system the air it needs to move air. the house i assume was built in the 50's at that time they put a return in the basement and that sucked air down from the house. works OK for heat but no so well for ac. by putting in a return system you will draw the hot air out of the rooms farthest away from the furnace allowing them to cool more efficiently. this will also help to eliminate hot spots in the winter. so yes add a return system in. rule of thumb is one return for every feeder. usually on the opposite side of the room.3. 2001 eclipse air conditioning problem?You have a leak in the system. You should have cold air out of the dash vents at around 40 degrees. Have the system recharged with 134a and have dye added. This will help a mechanic locate the leak next time the AC quits putting out cold air. You may be damaging the AC compressor running it with the warning light flashing. Go to the dealer and have it looked at. An hour labor plus the refrigerant4. Air Conditioning?I have it. Mine has gone out for weeks at a time though. open windows during cool parts of the day to chill your house5. Car air conditioning problem?Two tips: first of all, the air conditioning compressor has an electromagnetic clutch. It may be worn out or have a bad wire link. Check these out. Second, and my guess is that it's more likely to be that, it's a refrigeration problem. Have your refrigerating circuit checked by a specialised car refrigeration technician. There's probably a problem with the discharge valve or maybe the freon pressure inside the system is low6. which side the expansion valve of the split air conditioning located?The cold side includes an expansion valve and the cold coil7. Is it a good idea to bypass a heater core this way for colder air conditioning?Some cars it may help depending on if the temp is controlled by water flow, or by air controll doors in the heating system. if it has doors that are working properly, then disconecting the heater hoses would not help. if the doors were out of adj. for some weird reason, then it would help a little or a lot depending on how far out they were, but with out all the air flowing proprly you would not be getting full use of the a/c core. and it should be fix, but no damage would happen if you did unhook them, but you should plug the open pipe plugs off so nothing gets in there and plugs the heater core. if its is just controlled by water flow only, and the valve is leaking internaly then it may help alot to unhook them.8. What's a cheap way to have air conditioning?Open your windows instead9. Help with central air conditioning unit making a loud noise?there is a capacitor inside the outside unit,one half of the capacitor controls the fan and the other half is for the if your fan motor is going bad it will do the same's probably an old unit.if it's a grunting sound when it comes on then thats usually the compressor. the freon may be turning to liquid when it should be vapor which means the valves in the compressor are going out .now you can try one thing andit's no garrentee and that's to have someone come out and completely evacuate all the freon out of the system and hook up a vacuum pump to pull the system down into a vacuum and put fresh freon in can call an heating /air conditioning co. to give you an estimate on what it will cost to do it of if it's a real old unit get a estimate on replacing it.everything is going to 13 seer and 10 seers are being weeded out,eventually your going to have to go that route because you wo not be able to get r22 anymore,it will be r410a ,just like they did with the r12 years ago.thats about all i can tell you,i know it's not all good news but i hope it will help.
How to Save Money on a Portable Air Conditioning Unit
Before we go into any detail about saving money on a portable air conditioning unit, you need to ask yourself whether you need a portable air conditioner in the first place. If you are not always in your room or office and are always moving around, then a portable air conditioner will be useful to you.If you really need to get a portable air conditioner, then there are many ways to save money on it. Now let us discuss them in more details:1.Choose the right brand. There are many brands offering portable air conditioners. Portable conditioners from premium brands will definitely cost more than the other brands. It is just like buying a Mercedes car. So if you find a lesser known brand which is offering 30% cheaper, do not be discouraged to buy it.2.Do not be influenced by the sales pitch. Once you have done your research and decided on which brand to buy, don't change your mind. Do not be influenced by what the salesman says. Do your research and make sure that you get the right deal.3.Choose the right type of unit. Portable air conditioners have different specifications. A unit with higher specs will cost more than the others. Therefore, it is important to find out what you really need and ignore all the advanced specifications.4.Shop at the right place. This is important as shopping at the right place will prevent you from paying unnecessary fees. Some shops have items that cost a lot more than the others. Larger chain stores sell more expensive items because they need to cover their employment cost, rental and maintenance cost. You can get the same item at a much cheaper rate if you take your time to visit other stores. So do your research to make sure that you know what you are paying for. Internet is a great place to do your research. Visit forums and blogs to read about the best places to buy portable air conditioners.Before you buy from any store, make sure that the store is reputable and is willing to honor returns if the unit is faulty. Most portable units come with a warranty, so remember to check this out with the provider. Also, ask to test the portable unit on the spot so as to ensure that it is working fine before you bring it home.
What Do You Believe Is the Best Value in a 1 Ton Residential Central Air Conditioning Unit?
a unit that cools efficiently and at a lower cost than other units. seriously, air conditioning is one of the largest energy expenses for a house/apartment. it's worth doing some homework to save money for years to come.1. Besides insulation and air conditioning unit, what else is there to check if my A/C isn't keeping me cool?First, I feel your pain. I am in Houston at my girlfriend's place; we live in a single family house, and the A/C is running all day even with the thermostat at 84 degrees. I work from home, so I can not let it go up higher than that. Our outside thermometer recorded 106 degrees today. The things that we've added to the house to help keep cool, besides new insulation and having the A/C unit checked, include a bunch of things. First, a little theory. Your apartment heats up because of the sun heating the building primarily, and secondarily because of infiltration from the outside of warm air. I am going to just assume that your landlord is not willing to replace your windows and doors with low-E dual-paned units. I've done this to my house in Bryan, TX and it literally cut my utility bill in half. The first thing we did with her place, where the landlord is also not willing to rip out a ton of windows and replace them, was to get blinds with reflective shades in all of the windows, and external solar shades or screens where possible. Remember: Black stuff is OK on the outside of the structure, because black absorbs heat (and you do not care about the heat if it's on the outside) -- and white things on the inside of the structure, because you want the heat to not be absorbed and to just be reflected back out. The second thing we did was to get a better thermostat for the house. The old one was a manual one with mercury in it; the new one has a digital timer and a bunch of other features that include breaks for things like the compressor coils to defrost.The third thing we did was start replacing the A/C filter frequently. .. at least once a month. It might help to suggest more if we knew what kind of A/C unit you have (is it one of those high-rise below-window units, or a are al' one with a compressor and air exchanger in a closet or attic?), and what kind of structure (concrete or wood frame) you are in2. What is better, an r22 Air conditioning unit or a r410?when did the r410 come out about what year ??3. How do you fix an old cieling mounted ductless air conditioning unit leaking water?You need to do both, fix the hole in the side, and clean the clogged drain pan. The best way to fix the hole, is to clean up or remove all the rusted metal sides, and try to make it square or round in size. But a small sheet of aluminum, just large enough to cover the hole. Get a sheet of rubber gasket, or use some silicon sealant, around the edges to make it leak tight. You can use self tapping screws or pop rivets to mount the new cover with the gasket or sealant, to attach it to the side of the A/C. Doing both of those, will prevent the leaking. You can check your local hardware store, for nippers, or a small hand held hacksaw, to cut away the rusted material. And also buy the small sheet you need to seal up the hole.4. How do we convince our landlord we need a new air conditioning unit since our OGE bills are sky high?No law requires that any supplied amenity be energy efficient. She is not required to do anything with it unless it is malfunctioning. Even then it is legal to fix it. You cannot make her get a new one. If the AC was included in the lease she is required to maintain it. If it was not then she does not have to fix it at all in most states5. What would make a brand new (3 months old) central Air Conditioning unit freeze up?You should check the circuit breakers first. There are two. One for the air handler (inside unit) and the other for the comdensor (outside unit) . Try flipping them OFF then back to ON. Sounds like you have a leak. You really should get a competant AC contractor to come out and check the system. Freezing up is usually a symptom of not having enough freon in the system. If you lose more freon, the unit will usually detect the condition and shut itself down.
What Is the Ideal SEER Rating for Heating/air Conditioning Unit for a 3,600 Sq.' House?
I actually work for an HVAC company. In the past we would sell a 10 SEER however, most of the companies have gotten rid of the 10 SEER because it is not as energy effeciant. You should get a whole bunch of different estimates and pick the brains of the people who come out to you since this is going to be a huge purchase. Chances are you are going to want a 13 SEER and if you can add an energy saver package on it. Although it may cost you an extra grand over the coarse of the 10 years the unit should last you you will save more than that in your energy bills. Also try to go with a company that offers an 10-20 year warantee from the manufacturer on the compressor and/or heat exchanger. Also remember that this is considered a Capital Improvement on your home. Some companies will charge tax to un-knowing people and pocket that extra cash. You should get a certificate of capital improvement to take off on your taxes next year. Good luck1. Why is it bad to run the air conditioning constantly rather than intermittently for the same amount of time?There is an evaprator in your funace that removes heat from the air and takes it outside (thats what an airconditioner does) If that evaporator stay cold for extended periods of time, the moisture in the air will freeze and cover the evaporator with ice. When this happens, air will not circulate and cool the house, if the house does not cool, the thermostat will keep the AC running, keeping the ice frozen....I am sure you see the cycle. All you need to do is set your thernmostat at a reasonable temp and let it do the work.2. My central air conditioning fan doesnt run?sounds like either the fan died or the relay died3. Is my landlord obligated to install Air Conditioning in NY?I believe there has to be heat provided, but not AC. You are lucky your landlord is willing to put anything towards the cost- he does not have to. Most LL would say you should've done your due diligence and you would be out of luck.4. Where can I find an inexpensive Mercedes air conditioning hose?Talk about giving you a wallet flush, Damn!...if you paid for a repair that did not fix the problem, bring it back and demand they refund the $$$ or fix it. Sounds like they are just guessing... Based on what you to find a reputable repair shop that employs experienced techs instead of parts replacers.5. 1993 Honda Accord Air Conditioning Problem?I have a 93 accord, I changed the mix box last year, worked great for a while, My passenger fan is working my drivers side fan is not, my clutch is working correctly. bit blows warm air. Is it the problem with the one fan not working or is there another problem6. Can a newborn sleep in a room with air conditioning?No just swaddle him r her7. How Much Does a Central Air Conditioning Repair Cost in AZ?Wondering how much it costs to repair a central air conditioner in Arizona? The average cost to repair a central air conditioner in the Phoenix area is $350. But this is one question where the average does not give you an accurate idea of what you will actually pay. Why's that, you ask? Well, there are multiple factors that determine an air conditioner repair cost. These cost factors include... The type of repair you need The type of warranty you have The condition of your AC Let's explore those cost factors in more detail. Cost factor #1: The type of repair you need When you take your car to a mechanic, you know there's a wide range of repairs your car might need, from a simple oil change to a complex transmission fix. It's the same with air conditioners: some repairs are easy to fix and inexpensive; others are complicated and pricey. So you can see why looking at an average cost is not very helpful. There are some repairs that only cost $75-$200 and there are others that exceed $1,000. To give you a better idea of what things cost, we've listed some common air conditioner repairs with their associated expense: Some of these AC repairs are pretty pricey, right? Well, luckily, some of those parts and sometimes labor is covered under your warranty... Cost factor #2: The type of warranty you have A valid warranty will reduce the amount of money you will pay for an AC repair. Most major-brand air conditioners come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty that covers essential parts like: The compressor (one of the most expensive parts on an AC) In addition to manufacturer parts warranties, your a/c contractor probably offers a labor warranty as well. For example, if your AC was installed less than a year ago, there's a good chance that the company that installed it will repair or replace a faulty part at little or no charge. However, warranties need to be valid for you to claim the benefits. What makes an HVAC warranty invalid? They will be able to look up the manufacturer warranty and inspect your system to help you gauge if you are warranty is still valid. They will also be able to inform you if you qualify for a labor warranty. If you are curious about what your manufacturer parts warranty covers, you can visit the manufacturer's website and look up the corresponding warranty to your AC model. Cost factor #3: The condition of your AC How old is your air conditioner? Has it been well-cared for? Ask yourself those questions when you face an AC repair. Here's why: if your air conditioner is 10-12 years old, it's nearing the end of its life. So it may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace it instead of just repairing it. Your HVAC contractor will help you determine whether to replace or repair your AC, so that's why it's important to choose a trustworthy contractor. Who you choose to repair your AC greatly influences what you will end up paying for a repair. First, you should become familiar with how your contractor charges for their services. Here are some terms to be familiar with: Service call charge: This is what you will pay just to have a professional visit your home and inspect your system. Service call charges usually range anywhere from $50-$150 . Most times if you do need a repair, the company will not charge you for a service call charge, if you are purchasing their suggested repair. Flat-rate pricing vs. hourly pricing: Some contractors price their repairs based on the whole project cost (flat-rate); others charge by the hour parts (hourly pricing). Knowing a contractor's pricing method up front can give you a good estimate of what you will pay for the project. Most importantly, you will want to choose a quality contractor. A good AC repair company will do commendable work, which will make your AC last longer and run efficiently. So how can you tell if a contractor is good? Good contractors will satisfy their customers. You can read customer service reviews on websites like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Review Buzz, Facebook, Google and Yelp. Need a trustworthy AC contractor in the Phoenix metro area? We've been serving Arizona residents in the Valley of the Sun since 1955. The Best Time to Install and Buy an Air Conditioner in Phoenix What is the Cost of a New Central Air Conditioner in Arizona?
My Central Air Conditioning Unit Will Not Keep Up During the Day. Could This Be a Freon Problem?
could be leaks in ducts or not enough vetalation in attic or may be coils need to be cleaned if central unit you have to just about stand on your head to see the coils but look inside wher your filters go you will have to get on your back and look up if window unit clean behind filter with tooth brush and coil cleaning fome dont bend the fins as this is what lets breath1. How To Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your HomeDust mites in your home are one of the most common allergy and asthma triggers. Because they are microscopic, it can be tough to identify and figure out how to get rid of dust mites. It's impossible to get rid of dust mites in your home completely, but there are some steps you can take to limit their numbers, which can reduce allergy symptoms and the chance of asthma attacks. Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that live all over your house, including on pillows, toys, furniture, clothes, and more. They are estimated to be only 1/4 to 1/3 millimeters long and are found all over the world, but especially favor countries with hot and humid environments. Despite their small size, they leave lots of droppings around - it's these droppings that can trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions. One of the main reasons dust mites are so prevalent in homes is that they feed on dead skin cells. On average, a person can shed up to 1.6 pounds of dead skin a year, attracting many hungry mites. Dust mites are attracted to household items that collect skin cells, such as bedding, carpet, sofas, clothing, etc. How do you get dust mites? Most apartments and houses are already infected with dust mites, as they have been living with humans for centuries. In particular, dust mites prefer warm, humid, and dusty places. So keeping your house as dust-free as possible is a great way to prevent them from coming into your home. Dust mites also like places that are dark, moist, and have plenty of food. Fiber surfaces where skin cells accumulate are their favorite. The bedroom tends to be the most widely infested room in the house because the sleeping environment is full of fibers that trap dead skin cells and attract dust mites. Though it's impossible to detect dust mites visually, they can have adverse effects on your health, including: And if you have asthma, you may experience the following: A whistling or wheezing sound when breathing out Trouble sleeping caused by shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing Six steps to get rid of dust mites It is not possible to eliminate them from your home completely, but knowing how to kill dust mites is the first step in reducing their numbers, which can reduce allergy symptoms and the chance of asthma attacks. These six steps outline the best ways to get rid of dust mites in your home: One of the best ways to kill dust mites in your home, and especially the bedroom, is to wash your pillowcases, sheets, blankets, and covers regularly. Wash them in hot water that's at least 130 degrees F and then dry them on a hot setting for at least 15 minutes at 130 degrees F. For best results, wash with an allergen-reducing laundry detergent that contains ingredients that remove dust mite allergens. Clean your mattress regularly with a steamer - temperatures above 130 degrees F will kill the majority of dust mites. For non-washable items, freeze them for 24 hours; this can also kill dust mites, but it wo not be as effective at removing the allergens. Protecting your mattress and bedding with a zippered dust mite-proof cover puts a barrier between you and the mites This limits their food supply, and they will begin to die off. They can still creep in through the zipper, but you will have greatly reduced their numbers. You can also put duct tape over the seams for added prevention. Carpets, curtains, and soft furnishings can hold dead skin, a normal part of household dust, as well as dust mite feces. Cleaning your sofa and carpets is a lot more difficult than cleaning bedding; a simple vacuum or even steam cleaner wo not remove the dust mites completely. Toss any machine-washable curtains, rugs, sofa cushions, and sofa coverings in the washing machine as often as possible. If you can not wash them, apply a denaturing agent. Though these agents wo not get rid of mites, they do break down the protein that causes allergic reactions. Make sure you also wash soft toys and pet bedding regularly in hot water as outlined above. Dusting your house regularly with a damp cloth is another way to limit mites' food source. Rinse the cloth throughout the process to avoid spreading dust. It is important to have a damp cloth as a dry cloth will just stir up the allergens and spread dust around the house. Include all furniture, shelves, books, decorations, trinkets, fixtures, and any other items around your home that collect dust. Step 5: Reduce the humidity in your home Mites love high humidity, so one easy way to help get rid of them is with a dehumidifier. They help improve air quality by extracting water in humid environments. You can also do this by opening the windows on dry days, and using fans and vents when cooking, showering, and any other activities that create steam. You can also install a hygrometer to track humidity levels and make sure you keep them below 50%. Step 6: Install a high-efficiency media filter in your furnace, air conditioning unit and vacuum Use certified allergen-capturing filters, such as HEPA filters, in all air conditioning units, vacuums, and furnaces to make sure dust mites and their fecal matter are fully captured. Products and tools you will need to get rid of dust mites Allergen laundry detergent: Wash your bedding, soft toys, and anything else that can be laundered. It contains special ingredients that remove dust mite allergens in a hot wash. Mattress covers: Use allergy-friendly mattress covers to create a barrier between you and the dust mites and to limit the number of dead skin cells settling within your mattress. Allergen bedding: Use allergy-friendly bedding to further cut down on dead skin cells settling onto your pillows and duvets. Hygrometer: Measure and limit the humidity levels within your home. Dehumidifier: Extract water daily from humid environments to help improve the air quality and make your home less attractive for dust mites. Allergen spray: Clean carpets, upholstery, curtains, bedding, and more with an allergen spray that uses an oxidizing compound to destroy dust mites. Steamer: A handheld steamer will help eliminate dust mite allergens from your soft furnishings and upholstery. Do not want to use chemicals? Here's how to get rid of dust mites naturally Certain essential oils, mainly eucalyptus, are effective at killing dust mites. There are a few ways you can use these oils around your home to deter dust mites. Add drops of eucalyptus oil to your washing machine when cleaning your bedding and upholstery, and dilute drops of eucalyptus oil with water and spray it around your house and on your furniture and bedding. Having plants with large leaves in your home can also help collect dust and fight against microbes and mites. Flowers like Boston ferns, chamaedorea (bamboo palm), spider plant, and peace lily are great to help prevent dust allergies. The bottom line on getting rid of dust mites Although dust mites do not bite humans, their widespread presence can lead to uncomfortable allergy symptoms and asthma attacks. While it's impossible to eliminate them, regular cleaning and other preventative measures can significantly reduce their numbers in your home. Are dust mites attracted to specific fabrics or materials? Dust mites prefer areas where it is dark, moist, and there is plenty to eat. Fiber surfaces are their favorite as this is where dead skin cells accumulate most. The bedroom tends to be the most widely infested room in the house because the sleeping environment is full of fibers that trap dead skin cells and attract dust mites. Is steaming my mattress a good method for removing dust mites? Yes. Steaming at temperatures above 130 degrees F will kill the majority of dust mites in your mattress. You can also steam your sofa, carpets, and upholstery. Since steaming alone wo not get rid of them completely, follow up with an allergen spray. Can I use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust mites? Yes, provided it has a HEPA filter. This will ensure that none of the small particles escape the vacuum's filtration system and contaminate the rest of the room. Take care when emptying the vacuum as well to minimize any dust being released back into the air. What is the difference between a dust mite and a bed bug? Bed bugs are larger than dust mites and can be seen with the naked eye. They are sometimes confused with dust mites because they also live in bedding, carpets, and soft furnishing and can cause allergic reactions. The main difference is that bed bugs bite humans and feed off their blood, whereas dust mites only eat the dead skin cells.2. How can I tell if my 60 amp fuses to my outside air conditioning unit are blown?Use a continuity tester after you remove the fuses from the circuit. If this unit has a fuse holder that can be removed by pull the block out of the device carefully inspect the holder and verify that it was not inserted in the OFF position. Many of these units can be reversed and then the power comes in but does not come out.3. My central air conditioning unit has stopped working. The thermostat works but the air blows out luke warm.?The AC was working just fine, there has never been an issue before. The wife and I went to supper and when we returned it was not cooling. the fan is working inside, there is power on the out side, you can hear the the compressor humming. The capacitor was bad and I bought and installed it. The compressor still did not come on so I took the coil down to where I bought the capacitor and he tested it first and said it was just fine. So I re installed it. The little plunger on the coil does click down and then it begins to hum but nothing else happens. Any other suggestions?.
How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Air Conditioning Unit in a 96 Nissan Sentra?
this is definitely a very actual looking fee. The hose on my own is probably around $one hundred retail. upload in diagnostic costs, hard artwork to replace hose, evacuation, refrigerant and recharge and you are at $3 hundred.1. If I am replacing my central heat and air conditioning unit, is it cheaper to stay with the same brand...?Maybe, maybe not. Get at least three quotes2. what does it mean when the lines on the air conditioning unit outside ice up?Yes it's either An air flow issue or low gas or a combination of both but before you do ANYTHING turn off the power3. Why is my air conditioning unit making a very loud buzzing sound?you could try oilling it4. can a drop in voltage from a corroded main circuit breaker cause damage to a 220 volt air conditioning unit?Yes. Your AC unit is designed to run at 220 volts. The lower the voltage the higher the current to produce the same power. The windings in the motors will overheat as a result and ultimately burn out the motors in the compressor and the fan If the electric motors do not have a thermal cutout.5. What would make a brand new (3 months old) central Air Conditioning unit freeze up?It apparently has a leak6. How do I remove rust from a central air conditioning unit that is outside?hose and water7. Outside residentual air conditioning unit has huge block of ice.... in 80 degree weather.?a 3 1/2 ton A/C unit is over sized for a home that is this size. You must have a very old home that is not insulate well. Take the temp of the air going back to the furnace and take the temp of the air at the farthest register from the furnace. if you have a 20 degree difference the A/C is working fine and you need to look at other means of reducing the heat load such a new double pane windows and caucking and re-insulating8. what is the cause of bad smell on home air conditioning unit like split type?The unit probably needs cleaned. The condensate drain pan can get some stuff growin in it and the coil probably needs cleaned. The whole system requires some routine maintenance. For more info, check out the ductless ac page at www. hvac-for-beginners. com.9. What's the clear hose running from my house to my air conditioning unit?How would you like to live in a crate all day?10. what is the ampere rating of circuit breakers for a 3 tonner split type air conditioning unit? and wire size?30 amp double pole breaker w/ 10 wire. it will say on the inside cover of the unit but in past experience, 30 is sufficient. ok, i assumed you were american bc you used a standard american size i.e. ton. i dont know what european ppl use for their sizes of air conditioners. someone gave me a thumbs down for what reason i dont know other to be funny i guess. i m an hvac service tech and i do know how to size a breaker thank you very much. use copper, not stranded aluminum. your unit has a capacitor to help w/ startup surge11. Where can I get help to replace my grandmother's air conditioning unit?God Bless12. Is my landlord in breach of contract if he (she) fails to maintain a central air conditioning unit?Frank, Rags is correct, first check your lease and see if there's a section called Default By Landlord/Owner. Also, have the maintenance staff left you a copy of the work that you requested along with a written response of what they've attempted to do to fix the problem? If not, request copies from the office. Start making notes of dates that you requested the work and what the outcome was. If you are dealing with a large management company, call their home office and speak to someone there regarding the situation. Sometimes, it's not the staff on property that's causing the delay, but the home office telling them what they can and cannot do (think "budget"). Lastly, check your state Landlord/Tenant laws. They usually spell out what you can and cannot do as far as breaking your lease or being reimbursed to have the work done by a contractor of your choosing. Good luck!
Faulty Furnace/air Conditioning Unit: Repair Or Replace?
When you are talking about a unit that is more than 10 years old it is better to replace it with a new model that will be more economic. It might also be a good idea to get a second opinion, check around to see if there is another place that will come out and do a free inspection and see what they have to say. Some heating guys try very hard to talk people into replacement when it's not needed.1. Can Air Conditioning Exhaust be Harmful to Humans?This smell could be a little mold or mildew that has collected on the cooling coils. I recommend getting the coils cleaned at least once a year2. How much does it cost to fix air conditioning on a car?50-$2000 depending on what is wrong3. Most economical way to use central air conditioning ?clean filter! close all blinds on west side of house (keep out the sun ) keep temp at about 10-15 from outside temp! make sure no air leaks under doors. use florescent bulbs, no cooking indoors. DO NOT shut unit off and restart it take about 24-36 hours to take out humidity.4. How does air conditioning work?Air conditioners use refrigerant to absorb heat out of the air as it passes through the indoor unit. The outdoor unit expels the heat into the outside air as it passes the unit that is outside Is it illegal for schools to not provide air conditioning?Ask your local school board to make your education experience more pleasant or you will vote against them when you are 186. What powers a vehicle's air conditioning?i agree with what he said, also if your air is just not getting cold it could be that it needs recharched with freon, i think the recharge is like 20 bucks7. My roommates think leaving the air conditioning ON all day will use up LESS energy than leaving it off all day?Unfortunately there are not really any 'scientific' studies on this. Most of what you will find on the internet are articles with writers opinions. I can understand the argument of letting it run all day will use more energy. Every time the unit turns on it pulls in rush current which is roughly 4 to 5 times as much as the rated full load amperage. This only occurs for a few short seconds when it initailly energizes and is negligable. However I actually agree with the argument to let it run all day based on the build up of heat that occurs if it is off all day. It is not just the house air that is becoming hot and stiff. The interior walls, furniture, cabinets, insulation in the exterior walls, carpet, flooring, etc are all becoming saturated with heat. Pretty much all of those items are made of materials that are some what of an insulator. If you leave the unit off all day once you do get home and turn it on not only is it trying to remove heat form the air, the heat in all of the above stated items has to be removed for it to maintain a normal setpoint. If the unwanted heat was never absorbed into those items in the first place by maintaining a specific set point then it wo not have to run as long overall. It will remove the heat from the air before it has a chance to be absorbed into the materials around the house. One thing that I can get on board with is that you invest in a programable thermostat so that you can set an 'un-occupied' time. Raise this setpoint a few degrees and program it to turn on roughly 30 minutes before anyone gets home. Additionally try to find one with a programable proportional band. What that means is that whatever set point you program you will also set a differential of say 5 degrees. So with a set point of 70' and proportional of 5' it wo not come on until it reaches 75' and it will run until it reaches 70'. This will prevent the short cycling and allow the unit to have longer run times. This will be a benefit to decreasing the number of ON/OFF cycles helping to prolong the life of the equipment and reduce the frequency that unit draws in rush current.
Shares Tips to Spring Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit
As cooler temperatures slowly leave Hampton Roads and make way for warmer weather, April is the perfect time of year to give your air conditioning unit a check-up. Be sure to add your AC unit to your list of indoor and outdoor spring-cleaning projects. There are two huge benefits to conducting a once-over on your air conditioner before warm weather hits. One, a clean well-maintained machine will run more efficiently and last longer - saving you money in monthly utility bills and potential future repair costs. Two, a regular AC check-up before the prime of the summer season can identify any major problems with your system. These problems, if not addressed, may lead to your home being stuck without a cooling unit come the real hot period. Following are 5 steps to ensuring your air conditioning unit is ready for the summer season. The air conditioner condenser is the large square unit located outside of your home. It will typically look like a large metal box with a fan inside. Throughout the year leaves, pine needles, and various debris will collect inside of the condenser. By clearing out this debris, you will reduce the chances of mold and corrosion in your unit. Before you do anything, ensure that the power is in the off position. If you are uncertain, shut-off power to the air conditioning condenser from your main electrical power box. Gently unscrew the top grille and vacuum or hand-remove debris. Once debris is sufficiently removed, tighten any mounting bolts that may be loose, re-attach the top grille, and re-establish power. Coolant lines are pipes that typically run from the evaporator on the air handler (inside of your home) to the condenser unit (outside of your home). These pipes, or sometimes refrigerant tubes, are encased in foam insulation to keep them as energy efficient as possible. Check the coolant lines and inspect the foam covers for frayed areas, or missing foam insulation. Replace the damaged areas with fresh foam insulation sleeves in order to reduce additional damage to the tubing and reduce loss of energy. Drain lines are PVC piping that draw moisture and condensation away from the indoor air handler unit to the outside. These lines are notorious for causing significant water damage to homes if clogged, and harboring mildew and moldy odors. To start cleaning your AC drain line, begin with the condensate or drain pan - typically kept under the interior air handler unit. If there is standing water in the drain pan, this could be an indicator that your drain line is clogged. Using a shop vacuum with wet/dry capabilities, remove water and moisture from the pan. Once the moisture is completely removed from the drain pan, you can clean with soap. To clear the line of a clog, use the suction of the shop vacuum at the exterior base of the pipe. The exterior base of the drain pipe is typically located near your outside condenser. A shop vacuum should be able to dislodge a stubborn clog. Once you have vacuumed the base of the drain pipe and the clog is removed, you may choose to clean and flush the line. Start with the access point on the drain line. The drain line will have a t-shaped vent with a PVC cover. This should be the access point. After removing the cover, you can choose your preferred home cleaning formula. Here are a couple of home cleaning remedy options: distilled vinegar, hot water with a drop of dish liquid, peroxide, or one cup of bleach. Pour your desired cleaner and allow it to set for a half-hour. Follow-up with a water flush in the pipe. Ideally you will have a helper watching outside to ensure that the water is running freely from the out spout. Checking and cleaning your condensate pan and drain line will not only keep your AC unit running smoothly, it will also address possible drain issues before they turn into major water damage to your home. Depending on the type of filter that your home's cooling system uses, it should be replaced as frequently as twice a year up to every 30 days. The proper replacing of the furnace or air-handler filter helps to keep your system running efficiently. If the filter is loaded with dust and dirt, it will restrict the flow of air and cause your home's cooling system to work harder to cool to your liking. Anytime a system is strained and working harder than it should, equates to a higher utility bill for you and increased likelihood for repair work for your system down the road. Especially essential if you have a programmable or smart thermostat, be sure to re-calibrate your home's thermostat settings for spring and summer months. By increasing your home's thermostat setting by 7-10 degrees when the home is unoccupied and during sleeping hours of the night can add up to savings on your monthly utility bill. In fact, claims that you can save as much as 10% a year on cooling costs by raising your thermostat settings between 7-10 degrees for at least eight hours a day from your normal setting in summer months. The spring months are a great time to upgrade your thermostat as well. Whether you are considering upgrading your thermostat from a manual to a programmable or smart thermostat, make sure you manage the settings for optimum energy efficiency. If you follow these maintenance steps and find that your system is not up to par, it may be time for a new cooling system for your home. If your home's air conditioning system is ten years or older, you may be surprised at the increased cost of repair, in part due to the short supply of a necessary coolant known as R-22. Additionally, newer air conditioning systems have improved upon their energy efficiency. While an older cooling unit that is struggling to function properly may be driving your utility bills sky-high in the scorching summers we have in Hampton Roads, a newer energy efficient model can save 20 - 40% on cooling energy costs versus a unit that is 10 years old, according to Whether you are in need of a new air conditioning system, or would like help managing your existing system, Smith & Keene is here to help. Smith & Keene's expert technicians will come to your home and provide you with recommendations for the right system for your home's heating and cooling needs and improve your energy costs. Looking for peace and mind to maintenance your home's air conditioning unit? Consider Smith & Keene's Signature Service Plan. For as little as $12 a month, Smith and Keene's technicians will develop a customized maintenance plan to regularly inspect your home's heating and cooling units. In addition to the service, the Signature Service Plan includes several membership perks such as extended service hours and repair discounts. Serving all of Hampton Roads for over 70 years, Smith & Keene can meet all of your home's heating and cooling needs.1. ventless air conditioning?Not really... Modern air conditioners use a compressor to take electrical energy and compress the gas which turns cold when it expands. You then need to vent the heat from the compressor.2. How should I store my wine if I live in an apartment without air conditioning?Ask a friendI have a cellar (not specifically a wine cellar - it is a general cellar. But it is perfect for wine). Two friends have several cases there. My rent is very reasonable ;) a chance to try some of them...Pay someone. Either a specialist wine store, or just a storage company. I havbe got a number of cases stored by the wine dealer I bought them from. In one case I might want to resell (and that is much easier if they have held them), in anothercase it is convenience / storage space. That is cheap.Wine fridges are expensive. Keep a few bottles for near-term use (they wo not spoil that fast) and have the others "off site storage"How should I store my wine if I live in an apartment without air conditioning?.3. Two issues with 2001 Honda Civic air conditioning?im guessing something's wrong with the thermostat.. or the radiator.. but it sounds like a small problem
Why Is the Central Electric Air Conditioning Unit That Is in My Home Leaking Water When Its On???HEL
I had a similar project at present. i found that my gardener crammed my flower mattress with new soil & lined the %condensation pipe coming from the aircon unit. I got rid of the soil, & the water merely gushed out of the pipe. i have not had a project because1. How much would a central air conditioning unit cost for 2500 sq feet?you blew a pin on your compressor its shot depends on the tonnage you have any were fom 1500to 20002. My central air conditioning unit is blowing warm air. The heater works fine, the blower and thermostat too?The outside unit must be running in order for you system to cool. It could be that the breaker has tripped but there usually is a cause that needs to be corrected for that also. Have a tech come out to diagnose. The call could be anywhere from $60 to $100.00 for the diagnosis and possibly correcting the problem if it's simple.3. Remove Urine from Amana In-Wall Heating/Air-conditioning UnitIf there truly is urine or dried up remains of urine in the heater one way to clean it up is to douse and wipe it up with a product such as "Nature's Miracle" which neutralizes the odor causing organics in urine and its by-products4. If I am replacing my central heat and air conditioning unit, is it cheaper to stay with the same brand...?Also keep in mind when replacing there are many government incentives to go with higher efficieny units. Cheap does not mean better, you get what you pay for. Reasearch the installers, call Better Buisness Bureau. I see too many fly by nighters come and go, crappy installs, future problems with perfectly good equipment because of shoddy workmanship. good luck5. Outside central air conditioning unit fan is sucking air in and fan is working, but not cooling the house, why?If your calling a tech he should fix the problem and not leave until he tests it completely. Call a differant tech than the one you had before because apparently he sucks. Check to make sure your vents are not shut too. Sounds like it might need to be recharged but he would know that if he tested the cooling temp inside your house6. Needing to know the cost of replacing my split Central Air Conditioning unit?ground unit, line sets and condenser should be in the $forty-seven to $5000.00 range excluding the furnace. the line sets should be changed with new 13 seer units7. What happens to an air conditioning unit if you don't change the filter? Can it break it?Every filter has different instructions. Some get changed every month. Others less often. Pick the one you can afford. All furnaces require filters to keep debris out of the furnace. If you do not put one in you are going to cause problems with the furnace8. my home upstairs heating and air conditioning unit will not come on could it be electrical?downstairs working?Is the units operate by itself (separate) upstairs and downstairs? First thing to check is, see if the breakers for upstairs ON. Than, to check the thermostate for upstairs is on. Make sure the transformer have power. 24-28 volts. Take the thermostate out and u see 3- wire. Put them together. If unit work. ...replace the thermostate. The wire should be R-red G- green Y-yellow. Write down the color of wire and note where the wire is going to the screw9. How do I remove rust from a central air conditioning unit that is outside?Rust removal is a tedious and difficult job. You can try the naval jelly, but its messy. The best overall way to remove rust is to use a sandblaster and use sand or glass bead to blast the rust off. Be sure to prime immediately and paint.10. why would My central air conditioning unit blow cold air out of some vents and not others?could be a lack of pressure close the vent in the bathroom and in the kitchen-- maybe this will force more cool air toward the bedroom. You might need to keep your vents near the closed position so that air builds up and is able to travel evenly. Call your local HVAC Co. or repair man hoped this helped
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