Can I Put Acrylic on Water Colour?

Of course you can, they are both water soluble and once the water color base is dry then the acryllic will go right over top. But be warned, if the acrylic is really thin and wet then it may begin to pick up some of the black water color. Though if you do not want that then spray the water color with workable fixative or matte-finishing. These are both clear coats that will allow the water color to stay in tact and neither of them will interfere with the acrylic

1. Can i use water colour for face paint?

Actually I have a friend who has done very nice face painting with watercolor. Her trick was to keep it very delicate, like fine lines instead of solid areas of paint. I use acrylic paint and it works well and is not too bad to clean up, it tends to peel off with water. Some people can have a slight allergic reaction to acrylic. The makeup type paint wo not dry and it will rub off on everything all day long

2. How come water colour paper comes in different thicknesses?

Watercolor paper is sold by weight of a ream (500 pounds). Student grade watercolor paper 90lb. is thinner and has more of a tendency to buckle while painting. The advantage of 90 lb. paper is it is cheap $2 a sheet. You can make lots of mistakes and chalk it up to experience. Professional grade paper 300 lb. paper is thicker and less likely to buckle. It is more absorbent as previously mentioned. The disadvantage is it can be very expensive $20-$30 /sheet. You get what you pay for.

3. i am a ameture painter and want sell my water colour paintings without any service charge. can any help me?

Package you drawings as note cards and sell them to travelers in your area. Some people like original art as a memento of their visit

4. water colour, are you interested in ? share your experiences or art works?

AAARGH! I hate working in watercolors! On the other hand, I have a great respect for painters who have mastered the technique. There is some amazing work being done. But, here's my problem. I have no shame in admitting that I am a lazy artist. When I am ready to create, I expect results. ... IMMEDIATE results. I am a good sketch artist. I am one of those who can put pen or pencil to paper and produce the exact image I expect to see. I can actually visualize the image on the blank medium. All I have to do is "trace" over what my mind has already put there. So, here is my problem with watercolors (and oils, and acrylics and any other wet medium. First, it takes special set up time and clean up. It's true, that it is not as much in watercolors as it does the other wet stuff, but still, there it is. When the creativity bug hits me, or when I finally visualize the graphic solution I am looking for, I want to sit down and get it done. I can do this very well, thank you, with my chosen medium, which is marking pens. Whether it is a simple Sharpie black marker, or one of the HUNDREDS of Pantone or Design color tints and tones available, all it takes is for me to pop the cap off, and, when I am done, pop it back on. What could be easier. I can take a small case of markers to the beach, the desert, the park, or my living room and draw and paint to my heart's utter content. If the muse leaves me, temorarily, then "click" the cap is back on and I can pop a beer. It's really that simple. I love the results. I can even get some nice "watercolor-like" effects, because these markers can be layered and blended with an astounding level of control. As a commercial artist, this last bit is CRITICAL. I need to get work done fast, and, very often, get it right the first time. That is also why I consider my computer an essential tool. Once an image is done, it will have to be scanned at some point, so, I do that myself, and send it to clients in that form. They LOVE it, because they would have had to pay someone to scan it, themselves. PLUS, if some part of the image needs to be reworked, I do THAT in the computer. We digital artists have a term for it. I am a Photoshop Power User. I WISH I could do real watercolor work, and sell it as original "fine art," But, I was destined to follow a different artistic path. If it's not uniquly my own path, it is still, my own.

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