Can I Plug My Air Conditioner in on the Same Outlet As My Stove?

if you mean a electric stove, bad and very unsafe idea, different entirely. a power strip with its own built- in circut interrupter will work if sized to the specs you stated, house hold wiring should be sized for minimum of 15 amps, remember when not sure of your ability ask a talented friend for assistance

1. please help--window air conditioner problem with neighbor--water dropping on mine driving me insane!?

Well, I do not know diddly squat about air conditioners. But a lazy idea would be to stick a normal kitchen sponge right where it's leaking on your AC unit and change it at least once a week. That would be something to do while waiting for your upstairs neighbor to fix the problem.

2. Need to convert a wall unit air conditioner into a working portable?

I appreciate your spirit, but think that ultimately, you are trying to tackle something that would be more trouble than it's worth. Two options: Buy a portable unit, as powerful as you can afford, or go ahead and install a window for your garage so you have a place for a window unit. Be aware though, that portable units, as a rule, generally do not cool as well as window units.

3. My air conditioner cools, but my heat is not working.?

I do not where you are but in hotter-n-hell Texas, heat mode will not even engage because the temps are warmer that the highest thermostat setting

4. my air conditioner dont work but in the add it said it had central heat and air is that false advertisement?

If the landlord wo not fix it the next tenant will have to reckon with them too. I would ask for your deposit back, if he collected one from you. Probably little to no chance you will get it if he's not even making a good faith effort to maintain the property. If there was a lease agreement in place the landlord would be obligated under contract to have the a/c fixed, if not you really should not even be obligated to give notice that you are moving out. Even without a lease he's obligated as the property owner to maintain it, it's just poor business and lousy stewardship on his part.

5. What if I buy a window air-conditioner but keep it in my room?

it will put more hot air in the room cause the condensor is where the heat comes from and it needs to be out side

6. How can I service my Suzuki Alto VXR 2007 Air Conditioner?

Depends what is wrong with it and what facilities you have locally - and no one here knows what is local to you. Most likely just needs the refrigerant gas topping up. Most workshops in the developed world now have a gizmo that will top up the gas and check the system is not leaking at the same time.

7. what is the ideal tonnage of an air conditioner for a window type, split type?

you would need to supply more info... what is the total square cubed footage of the room? height, width, lenght in order to get a good idea of what you really need. bf

8. How necessary is the third prong on a air conditioner plug?

A problem could occur in the air conditioner as a short and cause the cabinet to be HOT if it is metal and a circuit breaker wo not throw. Do like the other guy says and ground the 3rd prong.

9. Why do coils freeze on a window air conditioner?

Could be low on freon, or the fan is giving out

10. Why won't my air conditioner cool below 80 degrees late in the day?

It may need an Anti-Freeze change

11. air conditioner fan still on but blows hot air?

Turning off the power will not effect the gas-lit pilot light. If it is a newer furnace with a ignitor, it wo not light until it calls for heat. Make sure t-stat has the fan mode on "auto". there should be a disconnect box and inside this disconnect there should be 2 fuses that can shut down the condenser. Check them. If they are blown (or one) it will allow the furnace to blow hot air, while the condenser is not operating. Next, check the breaker (usually a #30 on the handel, meaning 30 amps, on a double space breaker, meaning 240 volt. Single wide breakers are usually 120 volt). This could also be a #40 or #50 on the handel, depending on the size of your unit. Look for one marked "AC". Then, if it was not a fuse or breaker, go to the furnace and turn off the service switch. Remove the front panel and check to see if the coils are frozen over (common to happen in humid area's). Allow to thaw before re-starting. If it is neither of these, call a service tech. F.Y.I. First thing he will do are these outlined simple steps. Check these before you call the service tech.

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