Can I "live" in a Tent???????????????/?

Yeah I guess, Haha. Sounds pretty cool to me! Just..Wouldnt it get like..MESSED UP, in bad weather? Maybe you should put one of those, canopy things (with the legs?) to set up over it, maybe the ones where it has a net around it, that zips open & stuff, & your tent could be in that(:

1. How much bigger or smaller does a footprint for your tent need to be than the bottom of the tent?

you do not need to cut the tarp, just fold the tarp to the dimensions of the tent and either peg or tie it down with rocks

2. Anyone here ever had to live in a tent?

I have never had to, but most of my vacations consist of living in a tent for 1 - 2 weeks. Gear is key - I have had -20 degree nights for a week straight in my tent while ice fishing. A good sleeping bag is very expensive but well worth the $. Layers with synthetic material being closest to your skin will help immensely. Keep a layer or 2 under your sleeping bag - the ground and air are cold, but fabric or foam will warm up. Wool socks help - and a fishing pole could keep you alive for a long time. Keep working - gather and cut wood, build alternative shelters, etc - this will keep you very warm. Good luck

3. Does the Democrat Party really have a Big Tent?

I think if you believe the Republicans are not doing the same thing for big business and oil companies you are naive.....they are all crooked

4. Boyfriend in tent on airforce base?

Unless he's something crazy like a super Ranger airborne sniper SEAL, he's embellishing, more than just a little. Since he's about to leave to come back, moving to a tent is probably true. But obviously he can still communicate with you, since he's told you this.

5. Good Tent Less Than $130.00?

Check out - they may have some for that price in the special deal section

6. What is the most economical way to heat a tent?

Electric space heater! If you have power it's the safest,most economical. A 500 watt heater will heat a truck camper nicely,unless it's below freezing

7. I got sentenced to six months in tent city (AZ). What exactly is tent city?

You will like it air conditioning, pink underwear for the men.. Pink underwear and bedtime stories Inmates follow strict fashion and lifestyle guidelines. They are forced to wear old-fashioned prison stripes and pink underwear. Prohibited items include cigarettes, adult magazines, hot lunches and television -- except for his bedtime story reading, a self-styled literacy program broadcast nightly to the inmates.

8. trying to make a homemade wood stove for my tent?

a small barrel? cut out in the center, add grates and hinges to the cutout, then vent with stove vent. TeePees work best, then the venting can be done the old fashioned way with the smoke going up to the top. Fire in fire ring in the center. Take care that the stove pipe is very well insulated where it touches the tent.

9. help with weather proofing my tent please?

I just bring a couple tarps with me if it looks like rain I slap'em on top. If it does not rain and its real hot makes great Shade

10. How do you get kids to sleep in a tent?

At the family reunion you wo not be using the tent indoors will you? My idea of camping is using a tent outdoors. The kids could practice that ahead of time by pitching the tent in your backyard. And then they get to run and play close by the tent till they are tired, and then crawl into their sleeping bags inside the tent while Mom or Dad reads them a story with a flashlight. They should just fall asleep by that time

11. What is the largest tent?

Large camping tents have their own disadvantages like weight and setup. These are obviously heavier than backpacking or 1-4 persons tent, and at the same time need more hands and time to for tent set up. Let's review the best large multi-room camping tents on Amazon and see what's the best choice for you!With the light-weight technology now available in market, it is easy to find a reliable tent with a reasonable weight and protection against bad weather so you don't have to worry about carrying a bulk load of weight for your large tent. 15 Best Large Multi Room TentsTimber Ridge 8 Person 2 Room Family Camping TentTOMOUNT 8 Person 2.5 Room TentCore 9 Person 2 Room Instant Cabin TentOzark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Family Cabin TentOzark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Tent with shade AwningOzark Trail 11 Person 3 Room Cabin TentOzark Trail 12 Person 2 Room Cabin Tent with Screen PorchTahoe Gear Gateway 10 to 12 Person 3 Room Camping TentOzark Trail 12 Person 3 Room Cabin TentOzark Trail 12 Person 3 Room Dark Rest Instant Cabin TentOzark Trail 12 Person 3 Room Instant Cabin TentFortunershop 14 Person 4 Room Family Cabin TentOzark Trail Hazel Creek 16 Person 3 Room Cabin TentOzark Trail Flat Creek 16 Person 3 Room Cabin TentOzark Trail 20 Person 4 Room TentSource Link: 15 Best Large Multi Room Tents (Buyer's Guide 2020) BananaReview.comWhat is the largest tent?

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Yep, make it a little pup tent. If you prefer, you can invert a baking pan over it instead. Leave a little space for the air to circulate, and it should be fine1. Should the GOP be a 'big tent' party and move to the center?I agree, but according to Fox News, the reason McCain lost is that he was not conservative enough. The Republican party members are totally oblivious to the truth2. A nearby church is hosting a tent city..?I think it's a little bit prejudiced to be a little concerned. You are making assumptions about these homeless people and their behavior, when you do not know them at all. In the blink of an eye, many people could be homeless. Many families are living "close to the edge" financially, with very little cushion to fall back upon if they should lose even one job in a two-earner household, or someone became catastropically (and expensively) ill. Would you be just as concerned or uneasy if suddenly your next door neighbor had to go live in that tent city? BTW, it's WANDERING, not wondering...3. Help! Our wedding tent is going to look like a circus tent!?Embrace the red! Go with red/champange/pink color sceme. It's so pretty and would go perfectly with the tent. If you were to use a color other than red or coordinating colors, the tent may be a bit more noticable, but if you go with it, everybody will think it's planned. As far as his army uniform goes, that will be fine. Our men and women in uniform get married in their uniforms all the time, no matter what the formal colors of the wedding are. Enjoy your big day!4. Good 2 Man Dome Tent Under £100?If you are going backpacking, then you should plan to spend more money. If you are simply car-camping, then any cheap tent will be adequate until it leaks and you pay to sleep in a motel. Big Agnes Lynx Pass, 1-person, 1.8 kilogram, 170.5. My father lives in a tent in the woods! What to do?that really sucks. i would not let a drug addict live with me. instead of giving him money, give him food. he has to hit his rock bottom or he will just be out doing drugs again. i know this is painful, but you can not allow a drug addict to live with you. offer him plain tickets every now and then, and when he comes to see you, give him a bit of food and soap. in the end, he has to make his own choices. never give cash though.6. Poll: Peaches and cream or living in a tent?it would be my dream to eat a tent while in peaches and cream, but yeah, yours does sound extreme7. Tent camping in southern california?attempt Fantasyland Campground. tell them Walt sent you. Sorry, however the days of unfastened tent tenting are long long previous. everywhere you elect to camp now, you will desire to pay. There are Yellow submit Campgrounds up interior the hills above enormous undergo, yet there remains a fee to apply them. No chains required now, yet which will substitute while it snows. be conscious to Chad: those human beings "tent tenting" are called "homeless". it is an unlawful use of the RR remarkable-of-way, and you may get robbed or rousted by community law enforcement officers for staying there.8. Would this be a good tent design?Good idea....but what happened to good ol' bonfires and marshmallows? Come on a good ol' Pagan and light that fire9. So are fiberglass tent poles inferior to aluminum or steel tent poles?i have a tent with fiberglass poles they take the abuse i like the shock cords easy to take your tent down10. Do you having any tent sex tips?how close are you to other people? i would say that plays a huge (noise) factor in the.. movement. are you on an air mattress? id probably suggest no movement on that haha. but basically i also dont know how big the tent is, i am guessing you can not stand so keep that in mind too for positions.
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