Can I Carry a 50" LED TV As Check-inOversize Excess Baggage with Air India From USA to India?

The airlines have recently issued a notice about policy on this subject.It has been changed.

1. What is the difference between Plasma, LCD and LED TV's?

what they said :)

2. Can I carry a 32" led tv to india from malaysia?

If your walking with a tv that far your gonna be f-ing tired dude, on top of that people are gonna think you stole it, better to purchase a small wagon so you can pull it, and then sleep in the wagon when you get tired

3. Westinghouse LED TV usb video file type?

Theres little information on the net. Sometimes these are used as a record function as opposed to playback of films. It might have a DIVX symbol on it thats a good sign. Try it with the two most common AVI and Mp2. If it doesnt play them then it wont play any others

4. How to break my 50" LG LED tv?

Look after the one that you have.if you cheat you will get caught out in the end

5. Should i buy warranty for my LED tv?

I would.. because if you have it for 3 years- and it breaks for instance?.. bummer really is not it that is cheaper then a brand new tv :)

6. Which one a better LCD PLASMA LED TV?

We had one led tv (samsung) and two lcd tvs (sanyo). We bought a 50" panasonic plasma tv and ended up swiitching all tvs to panasonic plasma (42" and 60"). This product is fantastic. Vivid colors, no blur, no lag on gaming and all are internet connectable (wireless). Supposed glare problem either never occured or on one tv was easily correctable. Burn in problem does not exist anymore, non factor. Viera link is great, gives you other nice options. Plasma has found its time again.

7. Can any one sugget me which home theartor will support my panasonic 42 inch led tv and my budget is 10k-12k ?

And this is where somebody should point out... 12,000 Indian rupees = $196 dollars US (And then decrease the net buying power of that by a further 20%, to reflect GST/sales tax in India.)

8. can i watch 3d movies on normal led tv using a 3d blu-ray player?

In a word No. You need the 3D capable tv. Either with active or passive glasses, because the tv has special software and hardware in to create the 3D images.

9. What led TV brands are Reliable?

I would stick to the "Beat-off" brands

10. New LED TV - Need Monster Cable HDMI for $$$ or do regular HDMI work just as well?

Popular Mechanics did a shootout where none of their staff could pick the difference between any of the cables used.Choice, a respected Australian consumer reviews organisation, did an HDMI cable comparison, slamming the expensive ones as rip-offs:Is dearer better?No. Our testing found no statistically significant variations in score either for picture or sound. Although the results were slightly in favour of the more expensive brand for longer lengths, the differences were not enough to conclude any brand delivers a significantly better result.Unless you need a shielded cable (you are running it in your wall cavity near AC power, or for runs of 50 feet) the generic cable will perform identically to an expensive one (emphasis mine):For longer cables over 10 metres, differences in performance may possibly be an issue if there is significant interference between the video source and display, but we did not find any difference until lengths were combined to form lengths more than 33 metres

11. How to stop PS3 Controller Lag for Insignia NS-55E560A11 LED TV?

I bought an insigna 42" plasma a few years back. My PS3 would NOT run through the HDMI, but my laptop would. Insignia's customer service was terrible saying it's sony's fault blah blah blah. I took my PS3 to best buy and hooked it up to a Samsung and a sony and worked perfectly. I put it on the same exact model I bought and it would not run. (says invalid format) Long story short, get a new TV for your PS3. They work great other than the lack of compatibility. Never buying an Insignia again.

12. I want to buy a 32'' led tv but i cant decide whats best. can someone please help me?

First off, you can not see the difference between 720P and 1080P in screen smaller than a 46". The only source for 1080P is the Blu Ray disc movies and some video games. Panasonic and Samsung are the top brand for quality and reliability. Those bargain price tv are not very reliable. If you read yahoo questions all the time, you will notice that 95% of tv problems comes from LCD or LED and 95% of those are the bargain price tv. The lower end models also have problems with the circuit board going out on them after a year or so. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. Hope this will help you out.

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Samsung LED TV (model #: UA46C7000WR).?
I've been comfortable with several Samsung HDTV's.. I did have a 32 inch, however went for the 37 inch later..! A excellent product.. As for reliability, they blow Sony out of the water.1. Connecting 46" samsung LED TV Audio to DVD player of Philips Home Theater system?Connect red & white cables from cable box to Home Theater system if you have one2. How do I install the stand in the 40 inch samsung led TV series 6 ?That should be easily found in the setup guide that came with the TV, and also in the owner's manual. If you do not have the manual, you can probably find it on-line. The link below may help. Or you can Google for other options3. Is the new samsung LED tv the better new generation tv over plasma and LCD?I would say Yes,pictures quality of samsung LED tv are excellent4. Can you help me with this problem with samsung LED tv?The resolution you see displayed on the screen shows the incoming signal, your tv upconverts all signals to it's native 200hz, so that's what you are watching. The modem/router is called a set top box. Call your provider and ask how to set the box to 16:9, 1080i, that will give you the best picture.5. Pixelation around fast-moving objects on new samsung LED TV?I have the same issue, but on an LG 55UH7700, a 55" UHD TV with HDR. I really love the picture, but the halo effect is driving me nuts sometimes. I have tried to reduce sharpness with little result. Any suggestions?.6. Which brand of TV is the best?42 inc and above big screen , Plasma TV prefect in performance and prices. new Plasma with out burn in issue also low power consumption.60,000 hour life time. none of any LCD TV reached Plasma performance. Panasonic is King of Plasma TV. LED TV ( LCD -LED back light ) closed to Plasma quality also much better than LCD TV in colour display / smooth pictures for sports movies - gaming. but cost much more. Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp LED TV are great . those local house brand LED is " cheap " but really not up to real LED TV quality. LCD TV with 3 difference range . you budget master the " best ". 720P 60 HZ refresh rate entry level models. 1080P 60 HZ refresh rate mid end models. 1080 P 120HZ / 240 HZ refresh rate high end models. 1080P models always better display quality than 720 P models even 26 inc small screen . unless below 24 inc 720P okay / enough to our eye. 60 HZ refresh rate not so go for sports movies-gaming , motion blur cause uncomfortable to our eye. 120HZ / 240 HZ make more smooth pictures to fast action moving image . if you watch sports movies, play games you better go for 120 HZ refresh models. Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp / Panasonic / Toshiba LCD TV is quality and reliable. local house brand LCD TV is ' cheap ' , subject to reliable after 1 to 2 year. you paid for what you get. quality and reliability always well balance. you can never paid less for entry level models and get hi end models quality. LED TV cost more but better than LCD . except you paid less for Panasonic Plasma and get excellence Quality and reliable. you paid less for local house brand , at the end paid much more after 2 year. ( keep on repair TV after warranty )7. Samsung LED TV (UN55C6300SF) GHOSTING?This set has a one year warranty. Use it. Ghosting or lines around the scenes usually means the panel is bad. Have Samsung send out a service center with a digital main board and tcon. If that does not fix it, it's the panel. Which it probably is. You have 9 months left on your warranty.8. Which Samsung LED TV should I choose?To be honest, I think the 120Hz on a 40" is absolutely fine. The 240Hz is more for the bigger screens. I think you should take a look at the Samsung UN40EH6000. it is only 120 Hz but it's got a CMR of 240. Samsung state: Clear Motion Rate 240 - Clear Motion Rate (CMR) was developed to accurately measure how well a LCD or LED TV can depict fast-moving images. LED TVs with a CMR of 240 can display action-packed movement with sharp detail and deeper levels of contrast while eliminating image distortion. Amazon always seem to have the best price at just under $700 and Samsung do fantastic displays. You would certainly future proof yourself with this TV. The below link may help you:
How Do I Remove Gouge Mark on Samsung LED Tv Screen?
The damage is permanent1. LED lights doesnt seem to be working in Samsung LED TV?the LED are replaceable if you want to go that route. depending on how many are out it may be cheaper to buy a new TV2. Samsung Led Tv help firmware?Call customer service. Hopefully you can downgrade to older firmware3. How to break my 50" LG LED tv?Look after the one that you have.if you cheat you will get caught out in the end4. How to avoid or fix grainy picture quality on Samsung LED TV?First - are you using a HDMI cable or HD-rated component cables? Without this -you are sending standard def video to the TV. Second - what movie are you using to test with? BluRay came under fire for being grainy when movies shot on film were released on BluRay. The resolution is so good - it accurately captured the film-grain that you saw in the theater version. Movie lovers want this but people used to computer-generated images seem to think real-life looks funny. Try watching a modern, high-quality animation like a recent Pixar release on BluRay (Cars, Rattouli, etc) and see if you notice the problem. These animations should NOT have film grain and should reassure you it's not the TV or player. Also - the Pixar disks have video setup test patterns to help you properly set the Brightness, Contrast and Color. You may have over-saturated colors and the intensity/contrast set too hight. Note: The PS3 used to be the gold-standard for video image quality with BluRay disks. So unless they have had a huge drop in quality it should not be the players problem.5. is it possible to get a 32 inch samsung led tv screen fixed if the screen inside is cracked?Time for a new TV, as it will cost more to ship it there/back and fix compared to the cost of a new one. Also, I would recommend anger management, it's a game after all. Possibly upgrade your internet speeds too, maybe a gaming router as well.6. witch one is better between samsung led tv and panasonic plasma tv?Oh tough choice for sure. You are comparing the best in LCD vs the best in Plasma. Both are top tier manufacturers. Both will deliver stunning image quality and great reliability. But the edge is to Plasma for overall image quality. LCDs, of all types, LED or not, still stuff from motion blur. Its inherent to the technology. 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rates dramatically help the problem for sure. But its not 100%. And you are expected to pay a heavy price premium for that advanced feature. Plasma on the other hand has a near instantaneous response time right out of the box (like 0.001ms). It has no motion blur problems, it plays back fast motion flawlessly (much like a CRT or DLP would as well). And its inherent to the technology, you do not pay extra for that feature. Also, while LED light source will give LCD vivid colors, truer blacks, and deep contrast, its still not quite Plasma good. At least its not quite Panasonic G or V series Plasma good. The G and V series are THX certified and have just amazing contrast and blacks. How noticeable the contrast difference will be at 40" or 42" is a bit debatable, but technically Plasma is stronger, and personally I think it looks better. While the Samsung LED would definitely look amazing for sure, I still think the G series Panasonic Plasma would provide a bit better overall image quality, and possible for a bit less $.7. Connecting a WII to a 2010 Samsung LED TV?you can use the yellow video cable in place of the hd green video it should still work the same or you could just go to gamestop or radio shack and pick up a set of wii hd cables8. What is the replacement cost of a LG 55-inch LED TV screen panel replacement?Not effective. The parts labour would cost as much as or more than a new TV, plus it would only have a limited warranty compared to a new TV. In future I advise buying accident breakdown insurance on a new TV. We have 8 LG TVs between family and friends for years, none have failed.
Which Is the Best Samsung LED TV to Get?
buy sony1. Is the Funai 32" LED TV worth the $98 that i just spent on it for Blacl Friday?It is not a high quality tv like say a plasma from Panasonic or Samsung, but it is adequate2. Which led tv is better, Sony or Samsung?Both are outstanding brands and your models are well respected. Neither one is 'worse' than the other. Here are some other things to look at: * Which TV has separate Brightness/Color/Contrast stettings per input? * Which TV has more HDMI inputs? * Which TV has a remote that lets you jump straight to an input? * When you mount the TV on a wall - which television gives you better access to the connections on the back? Hope this helps.3. What's the price I will pay to customs if I bring a 32'' LED TV to India, bought in Bangkok after the new customs rules in India?As per Customs law, if we carry something with ourselves while arriving from a foreign country, then it is covered under Baggage Rules.Baggage Rules specifies -the rate of tax which shall be applied on the goods carried.the total value of goods which will be exempted from any tax. Value of jewellery that can be bought in from a foreign country.Any other details relating to such goods are also specified there in.As per these rules, General Free Allowance (GFA) of 45000 rupees is allowed when the duration of stay abroad is more than 3 days and 17500 rupees when stay is 3 days or less. GFA includes used personal effects excluding jewellery.A laptop is also allowed to be carried from abroad without any custom duty.Goods outside of GFA and a laptop are charged to customs duty at 36. 05%. So, as per Question, if the value of all goods including TV can be accomodated in 45000 rupees, then nothing is chargeable to customs duty.In other case, Total value of goods including TV less 45000 rupees is chargeable to customs duty at 36.05%.So, there is no fix amount to be paid to custom authorities for bringing a TV from Bangkok, it is charged as per above mentioned rules.4. My LED TV has fingerprints, how do I clean it?Tell the keep thier dickbeaters off my flat screen, I would bet they would stop at once!!5. can any one suggest which car will fit 46" samsung led tv with box?We put a 60" tv in a Rav 4 toyota. Seats way forward. You should have no problem. Enjoy the tv6. Do I need DHMI cables on my new HD LED TV?Hi To get High Definition images, youll need to check your Comcast decoder (box) and what kind of cable connections are actually in use and which are available. You have two options to get HD: 1) Comcast decoder with HDMI out, connected with an HDMI cable to your Toshiba. This is a DIGITAL audio and video connection and its the best available on the consumer market today. The other way is: 2) Comcast decoder with Component Video out hooked up to your TV with RCA type cables: Red, green and blue for VIDEO and red/white for stereo AUDIO This is an ANALOG connection, but it supports high definition. If your decoder and your TV are connected by Composite video (RCA cables: yellow for video and red/white for audio) or Coaxial cable, they wont support high definition. Check the back of your devices and figure out! Good Luck7. I want the biggest and best 3D LED TV, however..?I say compare specs and read reviews. Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, and Cnet are all good places to read reviews for television sets. Find TV sets you like, then compare the reviews from each of those sites8. Seniors: How often have you had to replace your LCD/LED TV since you purchased it?I've had a couple of flat screen monitors fail, both were easily and economically repaired. My TV is going on it's 6th year without a sign of aging9. I have Sony KDL-40EX650 LED tv and Creative T6100 5.1 which has a 3x3.5mm stero jack input. Now my tv has a op?You would need a "DAC" (Digital to Analog Converter, with Dolby Digital preferably). The 3 stereo phone plugs will pin out for you like this: #1-green-front left and right, #2-black-surround left and right, #3-yellow-center and subwoofer. The DAC would have to take the S/pdif "Toslink" optical from your tv, the single stereo phone jack is down-mixed to just that, stereo. A decade and a half ago, the Dolby Digital decoders were commonly found in the DVD players and not the av receivers, so for that unmatchable sound of six separate channels of audio, you had to run 6 RCA cables from the DVD player to the av receiver. Now that the receivers come with decoders, one RCA cable (S/pdif coax) or optical cable is all that is needed. Computer sound cards are formatted in this way, also. Good luck!
LG 47" LED TV Won't Turn On?
Use your warranty it does sound like the geomagnetic problem. In future run it through a surge protector and in power cuts unplug before power returns as this is usually when damage occurs,1. Garbled text when using a 32in 1080p Sceptre LED TV as a computer monitorDownload CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) and change from "Default extension block" to "No extension block". Then, either reboot or run restart.exe/restart64.Note that you will lose audio with this method.I just picked up a similar Sceptre TV (E246BV-FHD) with the same issue.edit: I am using this method with an AMD video card and am noticing that my display settings are being reset on every reboot (monitor positions/orientations). I am looking into this now.If you are still using a nvidia card, look at the "Change resolution" section of the nvidia control panel. There should be "Ultra HD, HD, SD" resolutions as well as "PC" ones. If you can select 1920x1080 in the PC section, it should work without needing to use CRU. My PC section maxed out at 1680x1050 for some reason.You can try playing with the signal type, but it did not help for me. And those options are not present when in PC mode, so the colors are definitely off (not a big deal by itself, but it's noticeable in a multi-monitor setup). But that's for another day. At least everything is crystal clear now.edit2: I reset all the profiles, rebooted, set all the positions and orientations, then modified again with cru. It looks like there's some sort of switching happening on startup. All good now.2. Seniors: How often have you had to replace your LCD/LED TV since you purchased it?they are now so cheap . also to expensive to fix your one now , cheaper to buy a new one3. Which is the best 24 inch LED TV in India?If you search for prominent brand than SAMSUNG or LG is the best4. Why does our Sony LED TV suddenly turned green, blue and yellow?LCD panel may be broken.It is something that requires a service technician. However, before you spend money on a service call, I would recommend resetting the TV to factory settings because something it is also a temporary problem.1.Turn on the TV2.Point the remote at the TV, press and hold the up arrow button. 3. While holding the up arrow on the remote, press the power button on the TV.4.You will see the word reset on the TV screen and the TV will turn off and back on automatically.5.Allow the TV to turn on completely and the set up screen will appear. 6. Follow the steps to set up the TV. If the issue is still there, I recommend having a service evaluation.For more information: My TV screen is greenOur Sony Bravia 46 LCD tv is having color issues, colors are not correct5. Graphics card for 3 LED TV setup?You can get a current generation graphics card like a GTX 780 or Radeon HD 7970 you can power up to 4 displays6. does my new led tv got any damage from that?Should not affect the TV.....If it works now, all is well7. Can you really see the difference between 720P VS 1020P on a LED-TV for PS3?Yes and yes....umless you are less than 37". Plasma does not have 60/120/240/480/960/1920 hz, only cheaper technology like LCD does. You probably wont find a plasma smaller than50". Panasonic makes a 42" , but they are not in Walmart,Target or other 'junk tv 'places.8. Which LED TV should I choose for gaming: Samsung un32F5500AFXZA or the LG 32LN5310?Rule of Thumb: Buy what you can afford9. led tv power usage - 60 inch?The math is easy once you know your electrical power rate. In the U.S., 15 cents per kilowatt hour (kwh) is typical. You can find your rate on your monthly power bill. A 60 inch "LED" TV will draw something like 150 watts (see the link). At 150 watts per hour, it will take 6.67 hours to use 1000 watt-hours, or one kwh -- 15 cents. Divide that down and your cost is about two and a quarter cents per hour, $0.0225. So multiply that by 8 hours and your cost for the day is 18 cents. (You can adjust the math as necessary if your power rate is not 15 cents.) There's also a tiny cost when the set is "off." It's not really off, or else you could not turn it on with the remote. In the "off" (actually standby) state, the set draws one watt or less. Work the math on that and you have something like a dollar or two for the year if the set is in standby 16 hours per day. - - - - - Followup: I looked online at three LED sets 55 to 64 inches, and based on those specs, I would say the power consumption curve shown in the link is a bit high. 100 watts for a 60-inch LED set would be more like it, so that would trim the above daily costs even more.
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But let me point the biggest one:The country is not 'led' by Madrid. You would have the same decissions with the same people if the Congress was held in Valencia, or Sevilla, or A Coruña.That should clarify thingshow to remote control LED matrix within nearby sealed environment [closed]I have chosen to solve problem using Particle Internet Button which uses Photon Arduino board, with an LED matrix shield. Photon features WiFi interface for wireless communication to control pattern of LED matrix within sealed environment, from external iPhone/iPad iOS control deviceIs this a case for the US led invasion of India?U.S. Policy will be to encourage India to grow as a counter to China. This is exactly what Europe did to the U.S. to counter the Soviet Union. While we wasted our money & lives, Europe down scaled their defensive capabilities and spent money primarily on domestic (social) programs.Why hasn't the Democrat-led Congress written new laws to regulate Fannie & Freddie?Because just as they did in 2008, Fannie and Freddie must be free to continue to destroy our Free Market System - so, instead of regulating them, these radicals in the House gave them a literal carte blanche for any amount of money they want, and at any time they want it. You must realize that Obama did not come to unite anyone; he has come to divide and to destroy our Capitalist system. Obama knows that he cannot replace our economic system unless he first allows our economy to implode and self-destruct. So, he is helping it along - and thats what you are watching right now in the Housing market, the takeover of our banks and larger companies and our healthcare system which is a large chunk of our economy. 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Then 5 years later I worked for the Blanton Museum of Fine Art at the University of Texas for the next 18 years.does the epic 4g have the flashlight app, where the led flash on the back stays lit up?Yes, and it can strobe. I also have a Jb 4 and I have it set to where I hold down the lock button and the led comes on so there is no need for the app2 led on latching pushbutton NO arduinoIf you do not have push-on, push-off switches then you can implement the following circuit using mostly digital components.The input stage is a classic cross-coupled NAND de-bounce circuit that will get rid of any glitches coming from pressing the button. The second stage is just a basic D-type flip flog configure as a T-Type (Toggle) flip-flop. Finally you can use the flops complimentary outputs to drive your LED circuit. Depending on the flip-flop you use, you may not need the output transistor stage.Note: All values are approximate. I just used the default circuit wizard values. simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabWhat would Ronald Reagan really say about the current anti-media, anti-FBI, and CIA stance of many US citizens led by Fox news talking heads?I would be with Former President Reagan in agreement with the current anti-media, FBI, & CIA stance that most of the the American people led by FOX News talking heads. What we are seeing is the confirmation that the "Deep State" and "Deep Throat" anti-Trump elements are alive and Weill in Washington and the White House. It's time to completely rid all of them from the swamp seen in Washington. A. 10. 19. come sony and samsungs led lcds are the only thin led around?LG has one coming out in early September that will be a thin LED 240HzHow would you place led zeppelin into a larger context of popular music?Now I understand I dont know about heavy metal, hard rock is more like it (for their more popular songs)...heavy metal started with Judas Priest and no band even mentioned "metal" as a genre until Judas Priest these guys are rock and they are an exact example of how rock started...rock took many genres (especially blues) and put them all into one. This is exactly what Led Zeppelin did...most of their stuff is FAR FROM METAL. If you listen to their albums you hear blues, classical, bluegrass, jazz, latin...they played it all and they gelled it all together and made rock. In my opinion, Led Zeppelin is arguably the greatest rock band of all time (of course, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones could make solid arguments). They are inarguably the greatest hard rock band of all time (Metallica being their only heir apparent). Growing up in the 1970s, EVERYONE seemed to own EVERY Led Zeppelin album while usually owning one or two Beatles albums (usually the red and blue greatest hits double albums) and one or two Rolling Stones albums (usually the greatest hits double album Hot Rocks). And Led Zeppelin owned FM radio throughout 1970s, 1980s, and into the 1990s unlike any band before or since (many stations would regularly have all-Led Zeppelin hours and even all-Led Zeppelin weekends). Aspiring guitar players all wanted to be Jimmy Page and aspring drummers all wanted to be John Bonham. The same can not be said for John Lennon or George Harrison or Keith Richards or Ringo Starr or Charley Watts (while integral parts of great bands, none of them were especially good players). But why? What made Led Zeppelin stand out compared to other groups was their sound: Jimmy Page's phenominal guitar playing, including long leads, the hard, driving rythm section of John Bonham and John Paul Jones, and the powerful and often mystical vocals of Robert Plant. And their songs were centered on that sound: a riff, a beat, a melody, etc. , as opposed to following the standard verse, chorus, verse chorus, bridge formula of popular music. Many Led Zeppelin songs do not even have the title in the lyrics! Therefore, Led Zeppelin should be considered part of the hard rock genre.Why isn't the Democrat-led Congress, with the votes to do whatever they want, passing Obama's healthcare?Because unlike republicans who move in lock-step, no matter what is being presented, the democrats actually have differing opinions on political questions. That is called debate and is healthy for our government.*after the defeat of the kings forces who led england?Not sure which defeat of the King's forces you are talking about. The Napoleonic Wars lasted from 1793-1815, and resulted in a decisive win for Britain and her allies (Austria, Sweden, Russia and Prussia), with Napoleon himself as the overall loser. From 1714, the beginning of King George I's reign, right through to 1901, the end of Queen Victoria's reign, the same Dynasty, the Hanover's, ruled Britain. England and Scotland had shared the same monarchy (more or less) since James I in 1603, and were united under the same Parliament by the Act of Union in 1703. Perhaps you are referring to the American War of Independence (1775-1783). Britain gave up on that war when the British Parliament voted to discontinue the war effort. It had been seen as a pointless and unwinable conflict, since they finally realised that once the American people had decided on their own future, there was little Britain could do about it. This of course resulted in victory for the American Congress, but the King at the time, George III, still happilly sat on his throne in England until his death in 1820. His throne was never at stake during that conflict, just his rule over the American colonies. If you are thinking of the English Civil War, (1642-1651) when Charles I's Royalist forces were defeated by Oliver Cromwell's Parlimentarian forces, then England (eventually Scotland and Ireland too) was governed by Oliver Cromwell during his brief Protectorate, which lasted until his succesor, Richard Cromwell, dissolved Parliament and resigned as Lord Protector in 1659. The British monarchy then re-established itself under Charles II the following year.What led torch flashlight is good for nightly riding?I am looking for a headlight and a led torch flashlight for nightly cycling.?I have not used Tank007 flashlight before but I have a Sure Fire flashlight, it is much expensive than the Tank007 flashlight, though, if you would like to pay that much money, you can get a Sure FireHas anyone ever figured out how much they have actually saved by using led bulbs for lighting?I have not , but I am sure many have. Very roughly, an LED bulb will use 1/10th the power of an incandescent bulb that produces the same light. So, we know that for lighting, led bulbs will save you 90 percent of the electricity you use.The problem is, most electricity use in the home is for water heaters, air conditioners, heat pumps, stoves,refrigerators, etc. Lighting is not a significant portion of one's electricity bill, so really, changing bulbs does not save much.300 watts in 16 hours, or 4800 watt hours, is what I estimate I used per day using all incansescent bulbs. That's about 5 kilowatt hours. My utility charges about ten cents per killowatt hour, so that's 50 cents per day, 15 dollars per month. I can not imagine anyone using more than twice that, maybe three times that. So, if one spends 15-45 dollars per month on lighting, LEDS will save 13.50 to 40 dollars a month. Using nice round numbers, about 10-50 dollars per month, depending on usage. As I said, that's not much in the grand scheme of things, but as they say, watch every dollar. They add up
Which Is the Best UHD 4K LED TV?
I've been using LG 43UK6360PTE from a long time no and can say that the performance this product has given me is awesome. The resolution of 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p) with a refresh rate of 50 htz give a tremendous picture quality and a massive sound output of 20 watts with wireless technology with some of the additional technology built-in WiFi, ThinQ AI technology, cloud photo and video app, netflix• Related QuestionsWhat were the contributing factors to the fall of Ancient Greece?There was no "Ancient Greece" as the Greek city states were never united under a single political entity before being conquered by the Romans. When this happened, the ancient Greek culture influenced the Roman culture and as a result it kept going through the centuries.I'm going to answer about why the ancient Greek culture faded and to be honest I can only see two reasons:technology/science - technological advances are always capable of (re)forming societiesChristianity and the way it was forced on the citizens of the Roman Empire.------I just started baby led weaning with my baby, she's 8 months now. My baby refused taking pureed food from the spoon but will take it in the bottle. Is it to late?Spoons and solid food are new to the baby both in texture and taste, so most babies will have a little trouble understanding these new sensations. Your babys diet likely consists mostly of milk, so you have time to transition to the spoon a little at a time. I personally wouldn't feed solids through a bottle because the baby will be totally bottle dependent for food, so weaning from the bottle will be all the more difficult. The baby will need to learn about spoon feeding anyway, so why add an extra step to the process?------What are the names of the three wise men who followed the star to find the new born child 'Jesus'?The Gospel story speaks of three gifts, not of three magi. We don't know how many came to see Jesus if any came at all. The bit of verse says they came from the East which would be Babylon (Persia) or Sumer. There is no evidence supporting this visit outside of the Gospels, so you believe it or not believe it as you wish, but solid evidence? There is none------Is there as a strong anti-Israel feeling among the general population of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, as there is in the Middle East?No. Despite Muslim in majority, their view on Israel is completely absence, and they dont develop strong anti-Israel sentiment.Unlike Middle East, those Central Asian countries have not participated in any anti-Israel movements and, they both host Israeli embassies there.Since neither these countries consider it is important unlike the Arab world and Iran, they completely dont bring it. Even if they know Palestinian plight, their answer is, not their business------How common is it for autism to be diagnosed later in life?Difficult but not uncommon.I was officially diagnosed with level 1 (fka Aspergers) just before my 62nd birthday. It was a long process to get to the point where autism was a possibility.The diagnosis simply didnt exist when I was young. It certainly wouldnt have migrated to the small remote town I grew up near for a while.So, IIWII. Im officially level 1/Aspergers. Always was, just no one knew it------How come that global free trade has done more harm than good?Has the global free trade done more good than harm?The problem with global free trade, is that what its promoters keep pushing on us isnt global fee trade.ACTUAL free trade, would take place amongst equals, and be based on mutual benefit.What we are being offered by free trade advocates, is manipulated trade, between unequals, with the goal of assisting leaders in each trading nation to suppress their home populations.------Which books do you recommend to achieve enlightenment?How can books help one achieve enlightenment?It's like saying, let me read the book on surgery and operate on myself. You need an experienced living specialist.Enlightenment can be achieved only through an Enlightened Being. A livinb Realized Master. He alone can guide and teach you the real and aunthentic meaning of Enlightenment which is coming from his inner experience.After receiving the Jnana ( Self Knowledge) from him, reading books will be more meaningful as mind stops it's own interpretation of the content in the book------How long ago did domesticated dogs first appear?Dogor is 18000 yars old. They dont know what he was. Zhokhov Island15000 years ago there was Domestic Dog #1 a sled dog & DD-2 a hunting dog. Zhokhov Island4,000 BC there was an Obsidian Road. Dogs took cutting tools from Western Asia to Zhokhov Island. Silk Road started 200 BC.They are discovering all kinds of dog cemetaries all around the world and a Zorro cemetary in South America. Zorro is erroneously translated fox, but is is an almost dog.Earliest evidence for dog breeding found on remote Siberian island.------What caused the fall of the Second Bulgarian Empire?The 2nd Bulgarian Empire was marked with a crescendo external political changing in the region that would forever sign the fate of the Byzantine Empire, which in some ways affected the weakening of the Bulgarian Empire. It deals with disintegration of the Byzantine state caused be the 4th crusade in one side, and the inevitable invasive power of the Mongols, the rise of the Serbian state ,without mentioning here the internal disorders in Bulgaria------How does 1080p look on a 4k screen?Planning to upgrade my sony 40W700c to 49X8000E. I always used my TV as PC monitor from 34 meters away.Now if I purchase 4k TV can I use my acer aspire v7 582p model which I believe is limited to 1080p 60 Hz. My plan is when i watch movies I am going to use pendrive for 4k movies. for 1080p I will use laptop output. Is it going to be fine??Or I should go for a 1080p model?------If the impeachment of Donald Trump fails, will it mean the end of the Democratic party as we currently know it?I doubt it. I think it means a new day for the Republican party. Remember when established Republicans didnt want Trump and trash talked him? I have never seen the Republicans show so much fight. Im loving it and hope they will stay united in the future to do the will of those who elect them.Democrats will continue to feign moral superiority while trying to subject us to socialist policies and trans drag queens. They will go on life support before they will ever admit that they have gone a bridge too far------What's the best two songs on the first Bowie album you bought?The first Bowie album I bought was Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. Must have been at least twenty years ago and it is still one of my all time favorite rock albums.Every song on the album is good. Many are great. How can I nail it down to the two best? Cant really, but Ill go with this pair:Five YearsMoonage DaydreamAnd while Im at it, here are some of my other favorites:Ziggy StardustSoul LoveStar Man.------What are the factors that led to the rise of classical civilization in Greece and Rome?First Greece, then Rome via the Etruscans and the Greeks. In Greece, the factors were 1 the collapse of the palatal economies in that area because of Norse invasions similar to the barbarian attacks in Rome about 1500 years later. 2 The slow rise of the eastern Kingdoms that culminated in the gigantic Persian Empire. 3. The survival in Ionia and then transmitted to now of a philosophy of self-reliance, that become later Christianism.Propaganda------What do ordinary Americans think about Russia and Russian?As an American living in Virginia, I have a very defined definition of Russians. I think of them as hardcore communists. I know this isn't totally correct, or even close to right, but I see the, Russians as very disciplined. I believe America is the best country by far, but I believe Russia is powerful. I know Russia is a world power and would be impossible to conquer. I view Putin as a harsh but fair dictator, and Russia is a close mouthed, disciplined, and powerful country------What happened to Marshall Zhukov after WWII?He was pretty ostracized by Stalin because he was the most heroic figure of the USSR in WW2 and coudnt simply be discharged. Stalin feared his popularity and set him far from Moskow.He was comissioned to command some military unit at Odessa (Ukraine). After Stalins death he was brought back to the center and treated more respectfully. He was made a minister and occupied high positions.He is buried at the Kremlin wall cemetery, which is a supreme honor to Russians.------Who benefits and who loses from free international trade?I'm a shift I'm a ship broker for more than 35 years. International trade is my business. I tell you we will all suffer from a trade War. Trump's tariff of 25% on Steel is ridiculous. We don't even have the infrastructure to make up the difference for the steel that we would import. I think Trump is banking on that because his real estate holdings are already in place and all made with foreign Steel. What a hypocrite. One more proof that he is just using the office of the presidency for his personal gain.------Are there any examples of human evolution?Lactose tolerance.Generically, infant humans can metabolise lactose, one of the major components of milk of all mammals. But once they have passed the age of breastfeeding, they generally stop producing lactaxe, the enzyme needed to metabolise lactose. It isnt needed when you stop drinking milk from your mother.But, separately, two groups of humans took up keeping cattle, and collecting their milk for food. One in Northern Europe, and one in East Africa.And both groups evolved to keep generating lactase into adult life.------Was Iraq invaded or liberated by the United States?It was invaded first of all to be liberated the country in question needs to ask for help. Iraq did not ask for help. Second off the USA was responsible for creating a monster (Saddam) who gassed the Kurds and also Iran back In the day using USA provided weapons of mass destruction. America used Iraq as a pawn or proxy to indirectly control the Middle East. Unfortunately this pawn (saddam) had his own ideas------What will happen if the universe stopped expanding?Nothing would happen. The universe would just revert to the Steady State theory, which was the accepted cosmological paradigm previous to the formulation of the Big Bang theory, which as the name implies, is still just a theory as it hasn't been proved. If the Steady State theory is correct, the universe would still continue to exist. White dwarfs have lifetimes of trillions of years, and star formation continues even to this very moment.------Why does one lose faith in God and become atheist?For me, my faith in God was based on the rational arguments of Aquinas, the Kalaam Cosmological Argument, the Kuzari Claim of Mosaic Prophecy, Pascals Wager and several other theological arguments. Once I saw those arguments successfully overturned, I had no logical choice, but to become Atheist.This does not mean that I do not still love going to Church, learning Aramaic, or any of the other things that make me an Assyrian. I love the community, but I cannot love a being that I have strong reason to believe does not exist------Who is the oldest player to have been his team's number one offensive option in the NBA?karl malone in utah at age 39. only malone at 21 ppg and matt harpring (!) at 18 ppg averaged more than 12 for the jazz. and yet they had the 9th best offense in the leaguejordan ARGUABLY was his teams no. 1 option at age 39 given that his usage was slightly higher than stackhouse, but stackhouse averaged a bit more minutes and pointskareems last year as no. 1 was definitively at age 38, dirk at age 37------What scares you about Google?When we are using google for many purpose. The data about the searching details may be visible by someone or else some one hack the information about the googled data is also the fear for many people.If you are using google connected app sure the google know everything about you.Your contact sync with the gmail the google know the your contact details.If your on the GPS location the google can find and save the location of wise every app collected the data what we are using with google.------Why is The Big Bang Theory widely accepted? How solid is the evidence for it?I have no idea really. Big Bang is ridiculously awful terminology but worse than that it's been known for decades that a hot dense singularity bang isn't correct anyway.Ooooopsies! Big Bang trigger alert!The theory is quite robust actually with several predictions that have backed it up so that's why it's accepted.It's still not about ultimate origins and doesn't explain things it was never designed to explain like.ultimate origins of everything, ever.
Which Led Tv Would You Recommend?
I would recommend you look at the Panasonic plasmas as they are the top rated right now. Plasma all the way better and deeper blacks wider off angle viewing awesome for fast motion-600Hz refresh rate while the top LCDs are only 240Hz No burn in-on new plasmas-was a problem 5 years ago they do use more power than the LCDs The short life people are talking about equals about 10 years of watching. really who wont buy a new tv in 10 freaking years??? Right now the top Plasmas are made by Panasonic(according to Cnet, consumer reports and a few home video mags). Right now 50" 1080p at best buy USA around 750 for the non 3d one and 2700 for the 3d model LED tvs are just a LCD with a LED back light instead of Florissant tubes1. What is the best 32-34" LED TV?Samsung, Panasonic... (Sony returns, repairs and exchanges are sky high lately.. The old Sony quality is virtually gone.!!)2. Is some backlight bleeding to be expected from a LED TV?In general there should not be much light leakage. But they often have to compromise things to make the new televisions as thin and light as possible so it may have a leak - but it should not cause any problem. Make sure to pop in a Pixar disk and use the setup menu and the test patterns to properly set the brightness, contrast and color. New televisions are often set to 'torch' mode to be eye-catching if they are used for a store display unit. While it is impressive - details are lost and colors are over-saturated. It is also a bad idea to watch television in a totally dark room. With the TV being the only light source - your eyes are constantly contracting and expanding as the amount of light in the room changes. Over the course of a movie this can give you a headache and cause eye-strain. Some of the better televisions actually have a bias-light that shines backwards onto the wall to give your eyes a constant amount of illumination to prevent this problem. Some of us more obsessive about our image found some lights that were exactly 2500k and used them to create our own bias light. (I've been through a lot of therapy and am no longer so obsessive. I feel much better now) Hope this helps.3. LG 47" LED TV won't turn on?There is a Eprom Chip (location U18) on the main board, some people had been replacing it and fixing this problem, just couple important things, the new chip needs to be programmed and it requires some soldering skills to remove the old one and place the new one. The part number for this IC chip is MX25L6406EM2I-12G made by Macronix. In some cases this might not be the fix, the chip its like $15 so if it does not work.4. Which LED tv should i buy?Samsung offers good quality at a reasonable price5. How do I connect my Samsung Galaxy J7 mobile to a Sony Bravia LED TV?USE Below Link how to do screen MirroringTurn on Screen Mirroring on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Share Your Phone's Screen to the TV?6. What is the best LED TV brand?This became an identical subject with me until now a month and that i searched lots to get the main suitable and finally I have been given this and that i am quite pleased with this product Sony BRAVIA XBR KDL-32XBR9 32-Inch 1080p 120Hz liquid crystal demonstrate HDTV A sixteen:9 finished HD 1080p decision Panel can provide optimal decision from any HDTV source that can provide 1080p content fabric that's a super HDTV. hands down is between the main eye-catching reflects in this length. that's a quite severe-end HDTV meaning that's designed for use basically to view HD content fabric over a HDMI cables.7. Who is the best LED TV in India, Samsung or Sony?Both are the Best But in Service Policy's Samsung will give you best service, And With Non Service Policy's All over *Sony is The Best TV8. When is the best time of year to buy a led tv? Besides Black Friday?do not believe in getting the superb priced HDTV. Be greater excited approximately getting a solid form from a solid form. So handle 3-5 TVs which you communicate approximately ideal on your desires and a minimum of sorta good fee. Do all of the mandatory homework now. Then only save finding around at like Amazon, superb purchase, Costco, everywhere and spot if any sales come around. If a collection which you are confident is of solid high quality and suitability comes on sale, for greater beneficial than say $10-20 off, i could leap on it, Black Friday or not. You in no way comprehend for confident what TVs will pass on sale on Black Friday. Now in specific situations superb purchase will do like a blanket sale, all TVs 10% off, plus some that are even further discounted. So think of approximately your funds. On a $a million,000 television that's $a hundred. in case you discover a sale the place that $a million,000 television is on sale for greater beneficial than $a hundred off, so greater beneficial than 10%, i could probable only snag it then, quite than wait. yet once you relatively need to attend, only incase, having suggested that, verify you %. out like 3 relatively solid TVs, which you would be relatively satisfied to very own. So then optimistically a minimum of one will pass on sale. and attempt to mixture it up throughout the time of manufacturers. Like perhaps %. out a Sony, a Samsung, and a Panasonic, and in line with threat even an LG
What Is the Import Duty of Bringing 50 Inch SMART LED TV From Dubai to India?
I bought a LG Smart 4k UHD 43 TV from Dubai to Delhi on 20th April 2017. I paid duty of 11K as per discretion of custom officer. Still a decent deal considering Price in India is 54K and I got at 34K (23K11K minus 1 year warranty).Anyone buying TV should keep under consideration that warranty is not covered in India (except Panasonic Brand).Also I believe Emirates is most liberal in allowance of TV Size - Till 55 you dont need to book as Cargo (actual limit is sum of all dimensions should be less than 300 cm and weight less than 30kg)• Other QuestionsWould anything be different if FDR had lived through his 4th term?Hard to say. I imagine so. FDR was planning on focusing his fourth (and he was telling people that it would be his last) term on his Second Bill of Rights, which include things like the right to a job, the right to a good education, and the right to medical care If he had lived, he probably wouldve gotten his aims through, especially as the successful war leader that the American people by and large implicitly trusted. This country wouldve looked a lot different as his plans went even farther than the Great Society which was the last time the social safety net was expanded at any great length in this country------Why are people obsessive about RLJ theory?That's what exactly GRRM aimed for: obsession. People are so obsessed with everything about GOT because the way it is written. And people really really really love Jon Snow. They are ready to go to any extent to make him their hero. Also the book says A Song of "Ice" (Jon SNOW) and "fire" (Danny's dragons). And now we know that anything related to dragons can probably finish the White walkers. And IF Jon returns now, he'll be free from night's watch, to go to Danny for help. Just notice how everything just falls into place....And it kinda makes sense too, you know, a bastard is given too much importance in the story where even the most just person in all of Westeros is publicly beheaded!.------What are not provided keywords in Analytics?I think Piotr Drozd has already answered your question and it's kind of impossible to know about those keywords. but there is a way to get some idea of those keywords.Signin to Google Analytics >> Click on Behavior >> Site Content >> Landing Pages (left menu)Complete list of landing pages will be propagatedNow you can associate the keywords you target for those pages and can check the ranking of those landing pages for your keywordsDon't forget to try the permutation and combination of the keywords. Quite possible that those landing pages do not rank on the exact keywords which you target but some other and very close keywords.This will also help you expand the list of your keywords.------Why did Apple release the iPhone 8 at the same time as the iPhone X?My feeling is that because the iPhone X was too radical change from the traditional iPhone, Apple didnt want to alienate existing and possible customers by only providing a newer more expensive phone. So they have a model that is the next evolutionary change from their standard line, and then offer one that has the newer radical changes (face id, no fingerprint scanner, gestures vs button, etc.).Its sort of what some other companies do, where they have their standard flagship (for example, Galaxy S series) and then their larger experimental model (Samsung Note). Sometimes they bring some developments from the experimental model to their standard flagship (like the edge option in the S6 and S7 variants)------Does converting to Christianity make you a true Christian?If you dont adhere to Galatians 1: 6-9 like the mormons and the Jehovahs false witlesses do and your conversion is from the mind and heart based on believing the truth of who GOD is as ONE GOD in 3 distinct co-equal, co-eternal persons who communicate with each other ( Genesis 1:26 , John 1:1 coupled with John 1:14, John 14:16-17 ) and you put your trust and faith in the above GOD believing in the resurrection and repenting and keeping up with the repentance as much as possible by admitting you are a sinner, asking for forgiveness and turning away from your sins. None of us are perfect, only forgiven------What are the various historic events that make the Welsh, the Scots, the Irish and the French feel so strongly about the English? Why do all of England's direct neighbours seem to dislike it?As others have stated it is not against the English but against the English Parliment and historical Kings. Most nations do not like being conquered, and suppressed. Wales also had the ignominy of having its national language made illegal to use in public. So children were punished for speaking Welsh in school, this was known as the Welsh NOT, legislation. There was also a similar one for Scots banning also the wearing of the Kilt. Others have covered the Irish situation but yes there are historical emnities but now it is mostly in the Sporting areana and even then more generally in Rugby. After all we all want England to lose :-)------What if Genghis Khan did not die? Would the Mongols have rolled over Western Europe and into Italy or Spain?Nah his enemy was Vietnam, he was going to anihlate vietnam for puting those giant Bobby traps on his army, and we would of focus on maintaining control of China, he might would sent a couple generals into Europe like he did, but he figured Asia had more gold, he prob like fighting Europeans because thier army was not as large Asian armys at the time n maybe Europe armys was not as mobile, but I do not see him sending a full conquest into Europe, n plus he had some bad blood with middle eastern countrys and the camel warriors so he was going to Egypt/arabia n Vietnam if not maintaining full control of China------Why did Qui-Gon Jinn lose to Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace?Darth Maul was trained to be a brutal and ruthless lightsaber killing machine, and was essentially told by Sidious that when he is fighting multiple opponents he should isolate himself with the weaker of the two opponents in order to kill them first. This is exactly what he did as Qui Gon, at least from what we see in the movie, is not a very talented light saber duelist. He knows the basics but not much more, Maul figured this out quickly, figured out that Obi Wan would be the more difficult of the two to fight, and isolated himself from Obi Wan as soon as possible because he knew he had the advantage on Qui Gon.------Why did the Huns led by Attila invade Europe and not China?Some interesting answers but I am getting confused. In some of these answers the Huns are appearing everywhere but as different peoples, it seems. Are all those other peoples really properly characterized as Huns (sort of in disguise)? So now the Huns really did invade China because the Mongols were really Huns? I thought the Mongol empire (with Ghenghis, etc.) was something like 800 years after Attila the Hun. So isn't it a stretch to say the Huns actually did invade China because 800 years after the Huns some distantly related group of Mongols attacked China? Help me out here, folks. It's like saying the British invaded Iraq because the Americans invaded Iraq and the Americans were really the British 300 years later (because they were descended from the British). Huh?.------Why is the Babri Masjid demolition verdict being seen as unjust?The court which pronounced the verdict to build Ram Temple also said demolishing Babri Masjid is a crime but they are unable to identify the criminals. Can we have faith with the Indian judiciary system?Hope we all remember that Shri V.P. Singh the then PM arrested Advani for his Rath yatra heading to Ayodya though he knew well that he would loose the support of BJP and had to give up his PM post. Why should he arrest Advani? Evident and clear to the whole world that BJP was persuading people for Ram temple and wanted to demolish Banri Masjid but our court could not identify the criminals. Beautiful fairy tale by the court------How did the Battle of Verdun come to symbolise WWI? (for the French, at least)Verdun was the stereotypical WWI battle that has colored our imaginations for the following century. It stood for everything that went wrong in WWI. There were anywhere between 700,000 to nearly a million casualties over a long and brutal 10 months. This includes over 300,000 soldiers who were killed. Worst of all, there were nearly no territorial changes after so much sacrifice. However, the battle also came to symbolize French resistance as their armies never wavered in the face of such deadly conflict. It was also fought concurrently with the Battle of the Somme, which caused at least another 200,000 French casualties. Truly, the French have a right to be proud in memory of such determination------Which is more evil: Communism or Nazism?Lets try for a serious answer: It might have, if it lasted as long as Communism.Curiously, theres plenty in Fascism (of which Nazism is a derivative) that also occurs in Communism. Notably the utter disregard for the individual: the state is everything. And if you happen to be labeled an enemy of the state (or the people) , woe onto you. Your life is forfeit.And oddly, both actually had a Higher Goal. Now a funny thing about Higher Goals is: they never get achieved. Unless via camps - and you best not go to a camp, as life there is no picnic. and dont expect to achieve the Higher Goal without lots of self sacrifice either. God bless ideology - and pity the people.------Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites? Why do they hate white people?They are a very loose confederation of black Americans who claim to be descendants of the ancient tribes of Israel. It started in the late 19th century when two men claimed to have a vision and then understood from it that they are direct descendants of ancient Jews of Israel. It's grown over the years,but the various groups don't all believe the same exact things. Thry made it up as they went along. They often stand on corners or other public places and harass white passersby. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists 144 Black Hebrew Israelite organizations as black separatist hate groups because of their antisemitic and racist anti-white beliefs------How bad is police brutality in the United States?I think it is, I can honestly say I personally have not been brutalized by the police, but Im a short white guy who they dont feel threatened by.i also hold them to an impossible standard, I believe that one case of police brutality in the entire country ever is unacceptablei believe that any cop who brutalizes his customers is known by the other cops who he works with, if they dont arrest him for his actions, who shall?1 case is too many and the other cops being complicit makes all the cases beyond the index case an inevitability------Why does Sweden have (statistically) high rates of crime against women?The top reason is that in Sweden women are much more likely to report these things than in many other countries. This is because the criminal justice system and society as a whole takes these things seriously, unlike what happens in a lot of other countries. Do we have more violence against women and rape here than the rest of the world? Surely not. But we have many more of the actual events being reported to the police.There is a BIG difference between looking at the actual number of crimes and the numbers being reported.If anything Sweden has seen a decline in the actual events over the last 50 years.------How do you resolve a "keyword not provided" error in Google Analytics?You need to unlock your 'Not Provided' Keywords in Google Analytics to track not provided keywords in Google Analytics.Follow the below steps:Add a new filterFrom here, click "Add Filter."Select "Custom" under Filter Type. Then, within the Custom Filter options, select "Advanced."Next, enter the following parameters (as shown in the screenshot below) into their respective fields.Field A: "Search Term": (.not provided)Field B: "Request URI": (.*)Field C: "Campaign Term": np - $B1Finally, check all of the boxes below these fields except for "Case Sensitive."Click Save and your new filter is ready to go.How do I track not provided keywords in Google analytics?.
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