Can a Sleeping Bag Have Bad Karma?

It's 100 % more likely that it is simply too warm for you, and the heat makes you wake up

1. What are the differences between a $25 sleeping bag and a $440 sleeping bag if they have the same temp rating?

There is various features that can cause a huge difference in price for seemingly similar pieces of equipment. The place of manufacturing can play a role but rarely to such a huge extend.Material used The first difference between cheap and expensive equipment is almost always the material used. Cheap synthetic fill or even cotton will keep you warm as well but it is a lot heavier and a lot more bulky than down or high quality synthetic such as primaloft. If you have to carry your sleeping bag around, this makes a huge difference. In a higher quality sleeping bag you can also expect that the shell and sometimes even the filling are at least a bit water repellent. Therefore your sleeping bag will hold its temperature even when slightly moist. And as gerrit pointed out, a bag with a wider range of temperatures due to higher quality down filling is a lot more comfortable.Temperature rating Not all bags with the same rating are necessary equal. Interpretation of standards can be conservative or rather "liberal". See the question How are sleeping bag temperature ratings determinedDesign Even with a similar rating, the design of a sleeping bag can make a huge difference. The following two pictures are from a test for two sleeping bags that look very similar on paper but the thermal image is very different: source ( models 1 and 2) While the second bag is not an example for a perfect construction, it does have a lot less leakage (identifiable by red spots) than the first one. Each leak means a potential cold spot. A better constructed sleeping bag will therefore feel a lot more comfortable. One particularly problematic area (at least by my own experience) is the feet which is leaking a lot more in the first sleeping bag than with the second. On a 25$ sleeping bag a complex constuction is unlikely to be found. See also the amazing link on sleeping bag construction provided by Weather Vane

2. Is it dangerous to fall asleep in a zero degree sleeping bag in warm weather?

i suggest just leaving it fully unzipped while you take it out in warmer weather. that way you can just kick it off in your sleep if you get too hot. i noticed that i wake up from cold but never from heat, so i figure being too warm in your sleep could be more dangerous.

3. Sleeping bag inside a smoking room?

You can try airing it outside for several days or so, then washing it, and see if that gets rid of the smell

4. What's the best product for removing mildew odor from a memory foam sleeping bag pad..?

Sprinkle baking soda on it and let it sit for 1-2 days. Baking soda absorbs any odor

5. Best Sleeping Bags of 2021: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

The type of sleeping bag tends to indicate its seasonality. Summer sleeping bags can be broken down into two categories. There are Season 1 and Season 2 bags. Season 1 sleeping bags are ideal for summer camping and even indoor use. Season 2 sleeping bags may be used from late spring all the way to early autumn. They have minimal heat blocking properties but decent heat retention properties. Winter sleeping bags can also be categorized as Season 3 and Season 4. Season 4 sleeping bags are designed for frosty weather, snow, and harsh winds. Season 3 sleeping bags are a bit more versatile as they work best in the fall and early winter. They are not usually designed to handle frost. It's also worth noting that most Season 4 sleeping bags use down insulation, which will be discussed further down in this article. Sleeping bags come in two shapes. However, one of the shapes that can be broken down into two subcategories depending on specific design features. Mummy-style sleeping bags start out spacious at the top but get narrower as you go down towards the footbox. This shape is often used in cold weather sleeping bags as it offers a snug fit and better heat retention. The mummy-style hood can be adjusted with drawstrings or it could be self-adjustable, depending on the manufacturer. Rectangular sleeping bags are very versatile and spacious. They maintain the same width from one end to another and quite often feature 2-way zippers. This allows you to zip together two bags in order to double the space. You can do this with single and with double sleeping bags, as long as they are rectangular. Note that cross-brand compatibility is rare. Semi-rectangular sleeping bags are basically a cross between mummy-style and rectangular sleeping bags. They have the same width from the shoulders down but they also feature a hood for extra protection around the head. The hood may or may not be detachable. It's worth noting that semi-rectangular sleeping bags may also be referred to as envelope sleeping bags with a semi-circular mummy-style hood. The wording matters less than the actual design and description. The temperature rating is highly important when selecting a sleeping bag. Different fillings, quilting patterns, and linings create certain conditions. It's the reason why it's not ideal to use the same sleeping bag for winter and summer camping. When looking at the specifications you will often notice two temperature ratings: comfort ratings and extreme ratings. The comfort rating indicates the optimum temperature range for you to feel warm (cold weather sleeping bags) or cool (summer sleeping bags). The comfort rating also takes into account sleeping in a rolled-up position. The extreme rating, also referred to as the survival temperature, indicates the lowest temperature that you can use your sleeping bag. Although it may seem harsh, the extreme rating is known to indicate the minimum temperature before hypothermia or frostbite might set in. It does not indicate the minimum temperature threshold for comfort. There are two types of insulations that you need to know about concerning sleeping bags - down and synthetic insulation. Down insulation is made with under feathers. Mostly taken from ducks and geese. This type of insulation has amazing heat retention and is also very light. It also performs better at various temperature ranges which is why it's typically found in three or four-season sleeping bags. A down sleeping bag tends to last longer and compress a lot easier into compact sacks. However, it also has some drawbacks. Of the two, down insulation is considerably more expensive. It also loses heat retention when it gets wet and may need specialized maintenance. Synthetic insulation is the way to go when shopping on a tight budget. Manmade fillings are cheap and easy to clean. Also, when synthetic insulation gets wet, or damp, it does not lose its heat retention properties, unlike down insulation. The insulation per weight ratio is quite poor in comparison. Synthetic insulation is bulky and heavy and still barely offers the same level of retention as down insulation. It also deteriorates over time. Manufacturers usually offer clear specifications when it comes to length and width. You may encounter some missing information when shopping for mummy-style sleeping bags. You may not always get width ratings around the hips and feet. When it comes to sizing sleeping bags, most people just compare compressed or packed sizes. That determines how easy or convenient is to carry a particular sleeping bag. Also, remember that not all sleeping bags come with compressed sacks. Some will have a stuff sack as a carry bag which will have more volume and may make packing more difficult. Remember that winter sleeping bags tend to be larger even when compressed. You may be able to cut down on the height but you will only end up with a fatter carry bag. You should also consider the insulation when sizing up sleeping bags. As previously mentioned, down sleeping bags have a better insulation/weight ratio which makes them lighter and smaller overall. Last but not least, do not worry about not being able to reach the footbox. Having a slightly longer sleeping bag is not a big deal. Not all sleeping bags can be washed in the washing machine. And, depending on the different shell and lining fabrics used, you can not use the same detergents or water temperatures. Always check the label for clear guidelines. There is not a standard washing guide that you can follow unless you are willing to risk tearing the fabric. One thing to note is that you should always wash the sleeping bag fully zipped. It minimizes the risk of snagging onto other clothes or gear and ripping apart your stuff. Before folding a sleeping bag, you should remove all the air from inside. Position yourself on top of the bottom end and push the air out in the opposite direction. Once you are satisfied, proceed to roll the sleeping bag as you would a newspaper. Keep in mind that not all sleeping bags come with side assistance features. So, you should be careful to roll in a straight line. Once you've reached the neck area or the hood, look for a locking system. Not all sleeping bags will have a manual system, some of them simply lock in place when properly rolled. After that, insert the sleeping bag into your compression sack. Use the instructions on the sack to reduce the sleeping bag's footprint even further. Sleeping bags are best stored in their carry bags. Most compression sacks or stuff sacks are made from rugged materials which will protect the sleeping bag during transportation and from accidental tearing and molding in your garage. But, it's worth noting that keeping sleeping bags compressed over a long period of time may not be ideal. As long as you are not desperate for a few inches of extra storage space, store your sleeping bag in its natural rolled-up size. When choosing a sleeping bag, you should consider multiple factors. First and foremost, the temperature ratings are highly important. After that you should look at the waterproofing properties. Size is also an important consideration packed or unfolded. Lastly, consider which sleeping bag shape best suits your needs. Remember that mummy-style sleeping bags tend to have better heat retention properties but they may feel too tight for some people. Pricing is also important. However, the majority of sleeping bags are made with synthetic insulation. Unless you are looking at down sleeping bags for extreme weather, the prices should be fairly close from one brand to another. How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack? If you are into summer camping, chances are that your sleeping bag can easily fit inside the backpack or strapped to your belt. In the event that you are using a larger one, it's usually easy to snap a sleeping bag carry sack to the top or bottom of your backpack. The carry bags will have one or two straps with just enough give to put something between them and the outer shell. Simply find a matching location on your backpack and use the straps on your backpack to secure the carry bag. As you can tell from our selection, the best sleeping bags come in various shapes, sizes, and levels of comfort. Since there's no such thing as an all-weather sleeping bag, it comes down to knowing the construction of a sleeping bag before making an appropriate decision. Each sleeping bag on this list is great for specific camping scenarios and weather conditions. Are you ready to make your long-term investment? Which sleeping bag do you think you will feel most comfortable and protected in?

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Will I Be Warmer in My Sleeping Bag Inside Or Outside of My Tent, When Winter Camping?
I'm taking a different tack. I have slept both in and out of a tent on many winter nights, and I will not use a tent unless there is significant wind or precipitation.Here's the problem: The tent will keep most of the air from moving, but that air loads up with moisture from your sweat, your breath, and any damp clothing that came in with you. The net result is that you are now insulated with moisture laden air, which doesn't work nearly as well. Even if you don't feel yourself sweat, you lose around 200g of water a night through 'insensible perspiration' Assuming cold temps (below 0 C) you lose water to keep your lungs from turning into dried leaves. You increase the humidity of the air you inhale to about 90% R.H. at 37 C. When you exhale you lose about 44 mg/liter of air you exhale. 12 one liter breaths per minute 720 * 44 mg 30 g /hour. May be more than that depending on how much your metabolism has sped up due to the cold. That moisture has to go somewhere, and at below zero temps, air doesn't hold much of it. You wake up with frost lining the tent, and your sleeping bag full of water vapour saturated air, likely with some amount condensed as frost on the inside of your sleeping bag. You can make a case for a tent:A: It's constructed with vents near the top and bottom so that it can act as a chimney. It needs to do several air changes an hour to keep up with the moisture release of the occupants. In this case it's likely no warmer than outside. If you are using it as a storm tent above timberline, you need to be able to control this air exchange. B: I have used canvas wall tents and a sheet metal stove. These are the cat's meow for winter camping. The floor is always cold, but from knee height up, it's warm and DRY. Lines rigged near the peak turn clammy socks and mittens crisply dry by morning. No more beating the frozen boot to accept your foot in the morning. They don't lend themselves to human powered travel (Historical note: During the Klondike Gold Rush, dog mushers would buy silk tents. Silk was about a third of the weight of canvas, and it was reasonable to pack a 20 pound silk wall tent, and sheetmetal stove made from a 5 gallon kerosene can. But they were well-to-do. The fare for a passenger riding out from Dawson was $600)If I am in an area that permits it I will cut a bunch of spruce branches, or dogwood or alder twigs and make a pad about 3 inches thick to put my foamies on. This both makes the foamies better insulators, but also acts as a sink for snow on me, my footwear etc, so I don't lie on it and melt it. If the twig bed can compress some, the foam pad molds to you better, and the breeze has less access to that space between sleeping bag and pad. The usual limit in winter camping is how good your sleeping pad is. If I'm anticipating really cold temps, I will bring two sleeping bags, one sized to fit over the other -- the outer often just a cheap box cut summerweight bag. I will also bring two of the half inch thick closed cell foam pads. Most of the condensation happens on the inner surface and inside the outer bag. In the morning strip the outer bag off, and stuff the inner bag quickly to try to expel most of the warm wet air as before it can condense. Compress the outer bag too, but before packing it, shake as much frost off of it as possible.Insulation underneath is important. I have a knee length heavy duty parka that I used on dog sled expeditions. It was made from nylon pack cloth, with a heavy weight wool blanket cloth lining, and wolf fur rimmed hood. I would use it on top of my foam pad under my sleeping bag. That gave me an extra bit of insulation there. If there was a breeze running at night, I would sleep on one edge of it, and arrange the rest to block the wind.If there are light breezes I will set up a tarp to block the wind. Preferred location is 45 degrees off the wind, facing the fire. This is the sweet spot for minimum smoke, and maximum wind protection. Heavier winds mean I'm away from the fire, under a spruce tree, with the tarp set to minimize wind speed. This will mean I have more condensation in my bags in the morning, and a less comfortable night. Ditto precip.But most nights I just set up by the fire. I cut enough wood to keep the fire going all night. this way my nose stays warm and I don't get my bag soggy from condensationI spent one night outside, at -28 degrees F, in an -40 arctic bag. I had no tent, only a small poly tarp between the snow and my bag. I stayed fully clothed but barely slept due to being so cold all night.Would a tent have kept me warmer?
Condense Your Sleeping Bag to Take on a Plane?
instead of condensing it, roll it up super tight, and but small things such as toiletries socks and scarves inside.! (hope i helpp.!))1. Ever been beaten by a sleeping bag?no but ive been beaten inside a sleeping bag2. What is the best way to repair a rip in a sleeping bag?Get a repair kit made just for that at REI or some other sports store3. There are no dry cleaners where I live. How can I wash a sleeping bag?go to a laundry mat and use the biggest big washer you can find - go easy on the soap and add a small amount of fabric softner ---use the biggest dryer and let it run for an hour or more - hang out on line and it will be fine!4. Is an old but new down sleeping bag as good as a recent and new one?You should consider water repellency.Down does not hold heat once it is wet. Unlike synthetic fillings. This is particularly true of older down products.The only real innovation in down technology over the last few years has been the introduction of durable water repellent (DWR) down fills. Down with this treatment tends to repel water and is warmer when damp or wet. Your year is right on the cusp of whether the down in the bag has been treated for water repellency. Read the specs, that should tell you. If the down is not water repellent, you might want to try to return it and get one that is for the same money5. I own a sleeping bag that is for two. Where can I purchase a bag large enough to put it in?See if it completely unzips. If so you can make two separate bags and they should each fit in a compression bag6. Required to sleep naked in a sleeping bag?Never heard of that but if you felt warm and comfortable, and not embarassed, why not :-)7. What is the coldest rating on a sleeping bag youu2019ve seen and how much was it? If you bought, did it work as advertised?My sleeping bag is rated down to -30 and it still works good. I bought it about 20 years ago and have had it re-lofted with down once. I've never actually had it in -30 temps, but down to about -20 (in Antarctica). It kept me warm enough that I didn't freeze. Still had to wear a hat, long underwear and wool socks to sleep comfortably. That was mostly due to the cold ground.What is the coldest rating on a sleeping bag you've seen and how much was it? If you bought, did it work as advertised?.8. wearing sleeping bag in public?I think John and Yoko already did that bit in the late 60s! Sorry9. would you sleep in a body bag, instead in a sleeping bag, anywhere, especially in the woods?That's not a body bag. That is an emergency shelter bag, sleeping bag, whatever. A development from the "space blanket" emergency shelter. A body bag is plastic or vinyl (regular or heavy duty) and has zero insulation properties. Their main claim to fame is being fluid proof, both ways. You could use one in an emergency as a shelter in a warm climate, but they wo not help you at all in the cold.10. Should I even carry a sleeping bag?With the nighttime temperatures I've seen while backpacking in the Sierras (including the summertime), you had better have some dang good clothing if you do not bring a sleeping bag. In the middle of the summer I've even seen temperatures that made my 20degree bag inadequate. And like someone else said, if you have a good quality synthetic bag, the amount of weight you save by not bringing that bag will easily be surpassed by the extra clothing you will need to stay warm at night. I also do not see the "deal-breaking cons" of a high quality synthetic bag. Sure they are a tic heavier than down... but they are washable, insulate if wet, and can be compressed much longer without loosing loft. But if you are one of those ultra-light backpackers, you are in a different dimension to which the standards laws of camping do not apply... so ignore all the above advice.
Whats Best for a Newborn to Sleep in. a Swaddle Blanket Or a Sleeping Bag? I've Heard Great Reviews
Swaddling blankets are great but so are the sleeping suits (I think we are talking about the same thing. It is like baby pajamas but instead of feet it has like a sack) Either of them will keep your baby warm and safe, so if you have some of each use 'em! If you are going out to buy them, pick whichever you like best :)1. How Dangerous is cave diving?I would say it's about as safe as cliff diving or quarry diving into water. For safety reasons, make sure that the area you are jumping from is clear of any obstacles (do not jump over bushes or if the ledge is not flush with the water) and that the water is sufficiently deep for your dive (at least 5 meters/15 ft for a safe dive). Also, if you are not familiar with the jump or not experienced with diving, you may just consider jumping feet-first to minimize hurting yourself. Finally, if the height of the jump is excessively high, you can still hurt yourself from the accelerate impact of you hitting the water. A 10 meter (33 feet) jump can be made safely if you enter the water feet first. Higher than that and you start to risk injury. Other than that, just make sure you have good lighting and do not jump into water that you can not see into2. Converting square feet to linear feet?It's simple enough; just work out how many 1/4" measurements there are in a foot. ( 12 x4 = 48) & multiply the area in sq ft by this ( 67 x 48 = 3216) You dont need a conversion to do arithmetic that simple3. How should I inform my family of my pregnancy during Easter?To tell our families the gender of the baby, we made fortune cookies, and on the inside, wrote, "Sugar, spice, and everything nice- that's what granddaughters are made of. Due date: 7/20/2010." That would be fun to do, but with plastic Easter eggs. :-) Or something like, "Roses are red, violets are blue, Easter bunnies are cute, and grandchildren are too!" You could put the due date in, too. Another idea: Buy some of those little candies that are shaped like feet. Fill up the plastic Easter egg with that, and then write a note saying, "On *due date*, our family will be growing by two "feet"!"4. What causes peeling of the skin on the bottom of a foot?You may have athletes feet5. What would happen after getting shot in the forehead at 25 feet with an AK-47?I have an SKS pretty similar to an AK47. First time I shot it I watched as it blew threw about 12 pine trees and kept accelerating hopefully landing safely in a field. Shooting someone in the forehead with an all you can definitely expect brainmatter to be blasted everywhere and no sign that there was ever a head on your no decapitated carcas6. Clothes and shoes: survey for girls ^^?Clothes questions: 1. Where are you now and what are you wearing right now? Black pajama bottoms, made of 100% cotton with pale pink polka dots. A 100%cotton Black thick shouldered singlet Black socks Purple and white stripped slippers Black socks (with a red stripe across the toe, but can;t be seen as under slipper) A black cardigan My hair is in one ponytail to the side two gold bracelets 2 gold rings red Dolce and Gabbana Glasses and underwear lol 2. If you are at school or work now, what do you wear at home? If you are at home now, what would you wear to school or work? To school/work I would normally wear a dress, or long top with black leggings. All my clothes are black, red and white. I have about 20 dresses, only 2 green ones, one pink one, one grey one. The rest are red/black. Heels, unless I will be walking a lot. 3. Are you more likely to be too dressed-up or too casual and sloppy for the occasion? I am always slightly under-dressed - I've been known to go to school in my pjs. 4. Do you (a) follow trends, (b) have your own unique fashion, or (c) not care about whatever you wear as long as it's comfortable? Do not really mind what I wear as long as it is black and red. Red is my color so I stick with it. Only gold jewelery (not bling, real gold, real diamonds.) Oh and I do not own any pants. Only dresses, legging, tights, pantyhoes I need some pants for the coming winter though. 5. If you answered (a) or (b) to question 6, please describe your fashion =). You can either answer in detail or, if you want, apply a label. Red clothes. Dolce and Gabbana accessories and perfume (light blue) 6. Most embarrassing thing you've worn *after* childhood? Hehe I can not honestly think of one... OHH, One time after a drunken night with my partner and a friend (yes, three some) my partner and I wanted to escape fast so I put on my tracksuit bottoms which ahd a big rip in them and we left, and I was wearing my red and black leather corset still with ankle cuffs and handcuffs! We went to the beach and were still hungover so I would forgotten and he only noticed after a women grabbed her child and began walking the other way Feet and shoes: 7. What is on your feet right now? Refer to question one (my feet are freezing!) 8. If you had complete freedom to choose and the weather was just right... what would you wear on your feet? Nothing lol I love being naked in every sense. Noone is home right now, so usually id be walking round in the nude but its SO COLD 9. When is it too cold to be barefoot or in flip-flops/sandals? umm its 14 degrees right now, so about 15 degrees, because i had nothing on my feet yesterday and it was 15. 10. How often are you barefoot? And what is the most bizarre or embarrasing place you've been barefoot? i go arefoot as many places as they will take me. restaraunts (sometimes I know i need shoes so I kick them off under the table), school, work (big mistake, dropped a stapler and it attacked my toes!) ive been hiking barefoot, but that was because i couldnt find shoes. ive been to mt bulla barefoot (i do not recomend, snow and skin are not friends!) 11. Can you run easily in high heels? In flip-flops? In bare feet on concrete or gravel? Yes, i can run on everything, IN anything lol, not to boast, but ive been wearing mums high heels since i was about 4 and having to run away from her to keep them on. gravel hurts man! No, roads on hot hot hot HOT days are worse in bare feet lol. never tried coals but i want to. And finally, to put everything into perspective... 12. Where are you from, and how young are you? (No need to give exact age... teen, young adult, or "I can be your mother" would suffice ^^) Australia, 21 !!
Where Can Buy a Sleeping Bag for Newborn?
I would not , not for a newborn. Newborns can be sick a lot, so that means changing the baby and his cot/crib will be a regular thing and sleeping bags are expensive. The cheapest I have seen about 12 in T K Maxx. Mothercare's prices are ridiculous. You would need a few, to have one clean and some will be in the wash. It's not worth it. You are better sticking to blankets. Newborns are not that wriggly so they will stay on. You will know when your baby is too hot, get a room temp. Vest, all-in-one (babygro) and blanket. I had my baby in December and managed just fine. Sleeping bags are better for older babies when they are wriggling around and kick the blankets off1. Should I take a sleeping bag to Thailand?No, you do not need it. You will be provided with what you need by those hotels or guest houses you will be staying2. mummy sleeping bag and 2 people can it be done?Yeah I have Getting two people in a zipped mummy is really hard to do. However if you unzip that mummy and lay the whole thing flat so that it covers both of you it will work...think Big Agnes Place your two pads under you and co-mingle your feet in the box foot section and you are good to go This probably wo not work in temps that are much below 32F But in anything above that it will work. Have fun3. Can you bring a sleeping bag on an Amtrak train?When you check in luggage, you hand in your luggage before you enter the train and will not see it back till you have left the train. So when you bring your sleeping bag and check it in, you will not have the use of it. On the other hand, if you take your sleeping bag on the train you will have it as carry on, and will be able to use it. (Specially useful when sitting up through the night.) Amtrak is not very strict in the amount you are allowed to take on the train, but you need to remember that you will have to carry that carry on luggage yourself. So if you do not need it on the train, checked luggage, if possible, would be the best.4. How do I know if the sleeping bag is of right size for me ? Also, anyone use it to sleep on hardwood floor ?coldness rating are set with something between you and the ground implied. I would get a nice thermarest or something. It will be warmer and a little more comfy.5. i know there is a sleeping bag that can be used without a wondering what its called. cheers kevin?Any sleeping bag can be used without a tent. Maybe you are thinking about a mummy bag, the kind they use in the military. It zips up and only your face is exposed.6. What are as many sleeping bag brands as you can think of?Feathered Friends, Western Mountaineering, Valandre, and Rab are some of the slightly more obscure but extremely high-quality bag manufacturers7. Would you like to see David Blaine roll down the slope of Mt. Everest in a zipped-up sleeping bag?How sweet that would be I can see it now8. Standing L Sleeping Bag or Mummy Sleeping Bag? Which one would you choose?I would choose standing L sleeping bag. It's like a piece of clothing9. Should I even carry a sleeping bag?ok you dont need a sleeping bag just bring like a pillow and use ur coat or hoodie as ablanked10. How would i wash a 58 army sleeping bag?From a Guy. Go to the Laundromat & use their Industrial washers & dryers. These machines are designed to wash larger, heavier items like sleeping bags. - OR - Have it Dry Cleaned. They use the larger machines too, but they do not use water. - Solvents & cleaning chemicals, instead that will sterilize, and do a better job of cleaning, which the Laundromat wo not do. Sure, it will cost a little more, but they are trained to do what they do & 98 percent of the time, the item will not be damaged and they will do a better job than you can do yourself.
Camping: What Sleeping Bag Should I Buy?
A Swiss army mummy bag1. Which sleeping bag will last longer?I prefer a down bag and most often use my 0 degree Marmot Never Summer bag. You will be well-served by the lightweight nature of a down sleeping bag. If you get the 0 degree bag, then you will still have a well-insulated bag years later when it may break-down to a less efficient insulating bag. I think that you are in the right price range, from $250-$300. You did not mention your size, but a regular bag should be easy to find at that price. Also, there are many clearance sales that may provide you will a good deal on a great sleeping bag. Do not forget a sleeping pad for more insulation between you and the ground. I like 2.5 inches beneath me, Big Agnes Dual Core. Sierra Trading Post: Marmot 5 degree, 600 down fill, $232.2. How to keep warm in single sleeping bag?If you wear clothes in a sleeping bag is seems to be less effective. I have been told that this is because your body is heating to your clothes and the sleeping bag stays cold until you finally heat through to it. It is supposed to take the heat right from your clothes so you feel colder longer.3. Should i buy this sleeping bag?I purchased two bags as described and zippered both. The idea was to give myself a wider coverage or some extra layers to roll into. I had a fifty degree night at Castle Crags State Park in Northern California just beside my hot DR650SE. Every stone hurt me and only wearing my motorcycle attire made it seem warm enough to snooze. My other stops were warmer and less rocky. I was able to do 1,200 miles without any fleece or bullshit.4. If I go camping and it is 60 degrees at the coldest at night, do I need a sleeping bag?Depends on what you think is cold. I would freeze in 60 degrees without a sleeping bag5. How do you put your infant to sleep? Eg. Which blankets/sleeping bag?I dress my son in a light sleeper and put 1 blanket on him. We have a fan on in our room (which is where he sleeps) and it is not cold in the house but it is fairly cool at night. Right now he sleeps in the bed with me. But not just on the mattress I have a bassinet that goes in the bed with me. I also have a nursing pillow that has a strap to hook him in that he likes to sleep in. I put him down on his back but if he is sleeping flat in the bassinet then he rolls to his side alot. We will try and get him sleeping in his crib soon, that way my husband can come back to the bed! He is sleeping on a mattress on the floor so that it is safer for the baby. The baby is 5 weeks old and doing very well. He is a very happy baby6. Which do you find more romantic, lovin' in a 5 star hotel or a sleeping bag in an quiet mountain campground?5 star hotel... NO BUGS!!!7. who uses sleeping bag as duvet?I did not know other people were doing that! LOL My little boy insist on sleeping in his Buzz Light Year Sleeping Bag. So we have a fitted cover over his mattress and his sleeping bag on top of that. We do it because that's what he wants, I had no idea it is a fad. :)8. I woke up naked in my friends sleeping bag? Does this make me gay?Yes, Unfortunately, I would have to agree with that9. What size sleeping bag and pad should I get if I'm 6ft Tall?Get the smallest bag you feel comfortable in. Go to an REI, EMS, Campmor, D*cks Sporting Goods, etc...check out the sleeping bags and get in the while in the store. Every brand and model has a different cut some are wider than others, maybe youll need extra room in the shoulders. Never buy a piece of gear like a sleeping bag without trying it out first. Its an investment for your experience outdoors.
My Step-sister Is Sleeping in a Sleeping Bag on Top of the Hotel Bed and Brought Her Own Pillow?
She's very smart, there are alot of germs on the bed. I read that the top bed covering has ALOT of germs, and you should take it off the bed, and throw it in the corner away from you. :-O It can be that germy. Her dirt is her dirt, she does not want other peoples. yuck Place your suitcase on a chair in case there are bed bugs. You do not want to take them home with you.1. How do you put your infant to sleep? Eg. Which blankets/sleeping bag?My son is 6 months and from birth we've dressed him in a sleeper with footies and used one baby blanket on him, tucked under his arms as well... never used the sleeping bags... never needed to. The one blanket and sleeper works just fine2. Help! how do you clean a sleeping bag?it may wash away a tick and being that the dry cleansing answer could be poisonous i am somewhat specific that it does no longer final long. although, verify the care tag on the drowsing bag, in case you may first take it to a laundrymat and toss it into between the bigger dryers. for that remember wash it in between the bigger front loading washers. insects do unlike cleansing soap and detergents does not kill them, only makes them ill3. can i put a sleeping bag in my kitchenaid front load washer?NO! Not unless you want to ruin your dishwasher and your sleeping bag. Take it to a laundramat. They have oversized washers4. What do you put on top of this? A sleeping bag or mattress pad? Or Nothing?I would suggest is if it is going to be a cold night that you put some padding down (such as a heavy blanket) and make sure you have a sleeping bag5. For those of you who camp?...hmmm, ensure coolers are loaded with green bottles and ice...and twinkie...CHECK... ...chips, cookies, nacho cheese dips...ahem...TP...and spare cases of green bottles...and twinkie...CHECK... ...sleeping bag, guitar, Coleman lantern, flashlight, surfboard, boogie board, fins and beach chair...and twinkie...CHECK... ...nothing so far...enjoying a twinkie... ...thanks for asking and enjoy the camping...6. Renting rain gear, sleeping bag and pad?Depends on where you are going and the quality of the gear available whether it would be worth it. At the very least have your own sleeping bag liner with you as you do not know who last used that sleeping bag and when it was washed7. Ever been beaten by a sleeping bag?ALL THE FREAKING TIME8. I'm 170cm (5'7") tall. Is it OK to buy a sleeping bag for kids?no...a small adult is best for you9. I need a SLEEPING BAG that's mummy like, and really fuzzy and warm inside?Get a goose down one - they are more expensive but its like beeing in a super warm duvet - esp if you get a 4season onne - they sell sleeping bags on the comfortable temperature so if your gongi to be out in the cold look for something comfortable down to like -8 or something then you wont be cold - jsut go to a good outdoor shop like Blacks or Tiso and chat to them. A good investment in one will last you many many years!10. Sleeping Bag Damp for long time - risks of use?Being as the bag is synthetic and the water was relatively clean your likely ok to boil wash it and use it again. If it had been down and/or contaminated water I would strongly recommend binning it.Down would have rotted and you could not guarantee getting rid of all of the nasties in contaminated water. If you have access to a large tumble drier (laundrette kind of thing) then give it a really good dry after you've cleaned it. You want to dry the filling out as fast as possible to prevent the mold simply growing back11. If i put a 55 degree sleeping bag in a 40 degree sleeping bag what temperature could i possibley be down to?Rei Travel Sack12. 7 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag Under 100$ [Buyer's Guide] (May 2021)I think we all can agree: sleep is pretty dang important. This is doubly so out on the trail, where your body has little time to recuperate from what was likely a grueling day of hiking. That's why it's so important to choose a backpacking sleeping bag that provides not only the warmth needed to get through the night, but the comfort required to get through it without waking up, not to mention the packability and lightweight design that all backpackers are looking for. It's no longer true that you need to spend hundreds to make this happen. In fact, modern advances in fabrics and insulation and well as innovations in construction techniques have allowed a whole new generation of versatile bags to emerge that provide all of this and more without breaking the bank. Selecting the best backpacking sleeping bags that are also affordable does not have to be a chore, because we've done most of the work for you. Here is our complete guide to selecting the best & most affordable backpacking sleeping bag for you: Lucky you, we've done all the legwork. Let's take a look at the 7 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under $100... Backpackers and long distance hikers are about two things: going far and going comfortably. How does this relate to sleeping bags, you might ask? Well going far is all about how small and light the packed sleeping bag can become. As anyone who has ever hauled their campsite around on their back can tell you, the less weight you are carrying the better. The same goes for the amount of space in your pack. In fact, the less space you need, the smaller backpack you will require, which means you can ditch even more weight from your back. Going comfortably is all about how good you can feel with your product, and when you are talking about sleeping bags, you are most likely talking about warmth and breathability. Whether you are camping high up in the Rocky Mountains or down on the desert floor, getting a good night's sleep is incredibly important. Before we look at the best backpacking sleeping bags, let's take a quick look at the factors that determine what makes them so great. While the less affordable, premium backpacking sleeping bags are often made with natural materials like wool and down, the varieties that are less than $100 are almost exclusively made with synthetic materials like nylon and polyester to achieve a product that is effective in terms of temperature, weight, and cost. However there is a great variety to how these materials are used to construct the different sleeping bags on the market. Some sleeping bags feature the same outer material on both the inside and the outside of the bag, and most often this is a thinly woven nylon which gives it that 'sliippery' feel and makes it more windproof. Some sleeping bags however utilize a micro-fiber or micro-polyester interior which has more of that fleece feel and is far more comfortable on the skin. Waterproof and water-resistant sleeping bags feature more tightly woven materials that are designed to keep moisture out, and for this reason, they tend to be quite good at keeping moisture in as well. If you are using a tent then there is little need for a waterproof sleeping bag. Investing in a waterproof stuff sack is a much better way to ensure that everything stays dry when you are out on the trail. SHORT GUIDE: How to compress and stuff a sleeping bag Comfort (Temperature) Rating Possibly every outdoor adventurer would agree that if given the option, we would prefer not to freeze out butts off out there. Staying warm in the wilderness is all about selecting a bag with the proper comfort rating for the season and environment. A comfort rating is a number that is almost always provided in the product specifications for your sleeping bag, and is usually the first piece of information you will see. A sleeping bag's comfort rating can let you know at what temperature the bag will maintain a steady temperature equilibrium, in other words, when the bag will be most comfortable. Of course, personal preference and body type plays heavily into how well a sleeping bag will keep you warm, so it is important to get an idea for what kind of rating is best for you, and this is all about experiencing it firsthand. The size and shape of your sleeping bag have a lot to do with how warm it is going to be. For instance, mummy style sleeping bags are wider at the top and more narrow at the feet (just like us humans are) in order to minimize the amount of extra airspace inside the sleeping bag, and therefore, increase heat retention and keep everything nice and toasty. Backpacking is all about cutting back on unnecessary ounces, so it will come as no surprise that long distance hikers are always looking for sleeping bags that are not only lightweight, but small enough that they are not going to take up too much valuable room inside the backpack. Both the pack-down size and the total weight of the sleeping bag are determined by what kind of fabric was used in construction and just how much of it was used. This is why the size and weight of a sleeping bag are so closely linked with its comfort rating. Generally speaking, the warmer the bag, the heavier it will be.
Ideas for a Sleeping Bag Cover?
try mothercare because of the fact the have outfits for prem toddlers or your community small kinfolk owned toddler shop, those style of outlets often sell particularly smart issues quite of what is deemed fashionable and now.!! If no longer you additionally can try e-bay I even have offered sound asleep luggage from e-bay shops1. How would i wash a 58 army sleeping bag?Down items are difficult to get dry after washing. Call the cleaners to see if they have any solutions to clean them. If not, then you should use the industrial size washers and dryers. It may take several times in the dryer before it even begins to get dry. Then take it home and hang it up until it is completely dry (may take several days depending on how hot it is) and then beat it like a rug to disperse the down throughout the bag2. ok im 13 i need money to buy a sleeping bag? - it helps me..I found a bunch of crap on there3. When is the last time you slept in a sleeping bag?just a couple months ago4. Down sleeping bag stored in sack for yearsGiven the cost of down bags, it should be worth the effort to revive it. Here are the key issues:HOW BADLY IS IT DAMAGED?I've been told by an industry insider that soft down clusters should revive pretty well after compression - it's the spines of any harder feather content that can be permanently damaged. So the higher the quality of the filling the better it should have survived. Down that is stored damp can be damaged by mould. Down that is heavily coated by sweat and body oils can not regain it's full loft.SO WHAT CAN YOU DO TO REVIVE YOUR BAG?If it's a good quality down that was stored clean and dry, it's worth tossing it into a tumble-drier for a few minutes to see if this helps it loft. Repair any tears in the cover first so the down does not leak. Be sure to use the coolest setting so as not to damage the cover!If the down was stored damp or dirty, you may still be OK. My source says that a good bag can often revive surprisingly well after a professional clean. Do not use a generalist dry-cleaner - you need a company that offers a specialist service for down bags and clothing. Most countries only have a handful of specialist cleaners so you will have to do your research and then send the bag away. Or if your budget is tight you can try washing it yourself - you will find instructions from down specialists PHD Designs here. Do let us know how you get on!.5. sleeping bag and a backpack as carry-ons?Depends on the size of your items. Sleeping bag, when rolled up, will probably be a small enough size to fit in overhead bin and be considered carry-on. With the backpack, it will really depend - if it's just a regular-sized city backpack, you should be ok, but if it's one of the larger camping ones that people use when, say, backpacking through Europe, it may need to be checked in (it must not exceed 45 linear inches (length width height) or weigh more than 40 lbs/18 kgs). If it's not much larger than an average carry-on bag, though, you may also have the option to gate-check it (i. e. check it in on the jetway before boarding the airplane). On American in U.S. domestic coach you can now check one bag free and a second bag for $256. How warm should a sleeping bag be to sleep in summer in the Alps comfortably?I would say that very broadly this assumption will hold, but the question is what you will be betting on it. There can certainly be situations where it gets colder, although this is probably quite unlikely.If it getting colder means that you would be uncomfortable for a single night, or be forced to maybe wear all your clothes inside the sleeping bag that is suboptimal but (in my eyes) a small risk. However, plan to bring very limited/light-weight gear and plan spending a longer time in exposed/difficult terrain then the risk will be a different beast altogether. We would have to know more about the exact trip that you are planning.This of course depends on the tent, how exposed you will pitch it, the prevailing weather/wind and also it's occupants. My experience is that a full 3-person double-wall tent will easily be heated to a couple of degrees warmer than the outside temperature. How big the difference will be is however hard to predict.This varies a lot depending on the manufacturer of the sleeping bag. After all what does 'extreme' mean exactly? That you will survive but with both arms and legs frozen off? Manufacturers will always try to come up with the most exiting numbers to sell their products, so do not put too much faith in them.My suggestion here is to go to your trusted local outdoors store and talk to them about the sleeping bags they have. They should be able to recommend one that fits your needs. The shop in my home town for example does their own sleeping bag grading, allowing you to compare sleeping bags of different manufacturers
Sims 3, Can My Butler Sleep in a Sleeping Bag?
I suppose, if the game you are talking about is "Sims 3: Late Night" and it comes with 'Sleeping Bags' then sure. If there's no sleeping bag bedding's available, just give him a plain bed. To assign a bed for the butler, click on the desired bed and set it as the butler's bed. (:.1. stuck in a sleeping bag?is this a joke, a sleeping bag is like a blanket stitched together on three sides I hope you know. Its not possible2. Would you like to see David Blaine roll down the slope of Mt. Everest in a zipped-up sleeping bag?Uh, I dunno, mabye!3. What is the best sleeping bag for backpacking Europe?I travel around Eastern Europe often...And.. I would say sleeping bag... Hostels... are not that nice around there... but they do for the night4. I need a sleeping bag for my son's upcoming snow camping trip. Would this keep him warm enough?ANOTHER fake question from the guy who is huckstering for Semoo. Do not waste your time responding to these. He (or she) creates a fake ID for each post (always a new name) and then fabricates a scenario with a link to a mechandizing site for the Semoo products (cheap imported crap). To the poster: PAY for your advertising and marketing like other legitimate manufacturers. Using fake posts to lure people into looking at your products is a violation of YA terms of service AND a waster of the time of the good people on here who think they are helping a real person choose a product. For shame.......5. where can i buy a sleeping bag in san francsico, california?REI would have a good selection of quality bags. They are at 840 Brannan6. A good 0 degree hiking sleeping bag?Marmot 0 Degree Sleeping Bag7. What can I use instead of a sleeping bag for a sleepover party?use a blow up matress! i did it before and theyre comfyyy :) xox8. When sleeping in a high quality sleeping bag, are you warmer with or without clothes? Why?Wow! This was obviously a great question to get so many people responding to it. I have to go with Roy's answer. Did not he do a great job explaining it. (I do wish he had commented on the idea of lost body heat through head, hands, and feet, though.) So, how about it Roy...should we be putting socks on in the sleeping bag? (I tend to grab a pair when I am cold at night and they seem to help (course, I am not hanging out in a sleeping bag in Alaska...that had to be quite interesting and awesome.) I have to agree with the wicking moisture away from the body and sleeping with light, loose clothing or none at all. Air between the layers of clothing or bedding is what keeps you warm. As many of the responders pointed out, wet clothing is a definite no-no! Grabbing the next day's clothing and warming it before putting it on brought me back to my childhood days growing up on a farm with a wood furnace (I am not THAT old! Lol! It sure got cold before the furnace was going again and that was a favorite trick of mine before heading off to school. (You know on my three-mile hike to school in the snow, uphill both ways! LOL!). By the way, I am mourning the writer who can not spell "morning" and has no clothes, only "cloth". LOL! Thanks for the great question. We are all a littler wiser for it.9. Double sleeping bag for winter camping?A zero rated bag should do you well, maybe it's old and lost it's loft try cleaning it. I also second the suggestion to use a liner a light weight fleece liner will add 10-20 degrees additional warmth with out a large expense10. Survey: Sleeping bag or Futon?Futon is better than a sleeping bag but I would not want to sleep on one every night11. What' up with Sleeping bag, bags?First, buy a down sleeping bag. Second, stuff your sleeping bag into a backpack chamber instead of a stuff sack or compression bag. Third, store your sleeping bag in a large net sack to prevent damaging the fibers with compression or hang the sleeping bag loosely in a closet or store your sleeping bag uncompressed in your bed. REI has 80 water-resistant down sleeping bags from which to choose. Spend the money for a good bag. You should spend $300 to $500 for a lightweight sleeping bag and comfortable sleeping pad.
Sleeping Bag Need a Site?
you could try or ebay.com1. Can I set up this tent without using the stakes?My tent has poles that criss-cross from corner to corner and can stand upright with no stakes holding it to the ground, but any wind can play havoc with these tents if they are not staked down, or at least weighted down at the corners with rocks or smaller logs. ( You just tie a rope through the tent stake eyelet and around the rock or log ). Weight in the tent, like a back pack and sleeping bag will help hold it in place except in stronger winds. I've seen a tent with the back pack inside sail over the edge of the mountain and wind up 100 yards down the side of the mountain!2. How would i wash a 58 army sleeping bag?Down items are difficult to get dry after washing. Call the cleaners to see if they have any solutions to clean them. If not, then you should use the industrial size washers and dryers. It may take several times in the dryer before it even begins to get dry. Then take it home and hang it up until it is completely dry (may take several days depending on how hot it is) and then beat it like a rug to disperse the down throughout the bag3. OK how can I get silly putty off a sleeping bag?Just wake it gently with a giggly joke or prank4. Poison Ivy oil on my sleeping bag, 2 years old?Itll still be active, machine wash the bag. Make sure the machine you use is a side loader and not a top loader, since the top loader will destroy the baffles inside the bag. When removing the bag from the machine either carefully roll the bag up as you take it out of the machine or use 2 people to remove it, the heavy wet feather can destroy the bag if u just lift the bag out of the machine. When you put it in a dryer put a few tennis balls in the dryer with it, this will safely separate the clumps of wet feathers allowing the bag to dry faster. Ive gotten posion ivy 6 months after a rope we used on the scout trip was dragged through posion ivy, unknowingly dragged of course. We used the rope during a troop meeting and I ended up coiling the rope on my hand and elbow, guess where I ended up with the posion ivy.5. What are the differences between a $25 sleeping bag and a $440 sleeping bag if they have the same temp rating?When shopping for sleeping bags you take into consideration 3 things; weight, warmth, and cost. Pick the two that matter to you - you can not have all three. For me, ultralight backpacking is my thing, so I choose lightweight and warm, which means down, which means more expensive. Car camping on the other hand, I have a huge, heavy, cheaper synthetic bag that's plenty warm6. Help! how do you clean a sleeping bag?There should be a tag attached. Because of the size, I take my washable sleeping bags to the Laundromat as their machines are larger than I have at home. For dryer, I only dry them a little more than halfway so as not to shrink them too much. I hang them outside or insode to finish, depending on the weather. We do not store them until they have completely aired out and dried.7. Sleeping bag and baby rolling on to stomach at night?I would leave her in her sleeping bag, especially if she's used to it. She will be fine. Once she can roll over by herself - even if she does not often do it - she is quite capable of choosing her own sleeping position, and the sleeping bags do not restrict them very much. I used one with my first baby and he even regularly managed to stand up with one on him. If she's fidgety but not actually crying out then try leaving her for a little while. (Ca not wait for the hundreds of thumbs down I will get for putting that.) Its amazing how often they can actually settle themselves back to sleep if you just give them the chance to try; they do not always want parents to intervene, and not every cry is a distress cry.
How Do Sleeping Bags Work?
Have you ever gone camping? Have you ever tried to stay warm in the winter? If you said yes to either question, you've probably used a sleeping bag or a winter coat. Let's look at how our bodies get cold. Then, let's look at how sleeping bags and winter coats keep us warm. What is the ideal temperature for our bodies? As our cells burn energy, our bodies produce heat. Our blood transfers this heat around so that overall our body stays in an optimal temperature range. This range is normally between 36.1 degrees celsius (97 degrees fahrenheit) and 37.2 degrees celsius (99 degrees fahrenheit). Our bodies need to be in this temperature range to work properly . The process of keeping a body within its optimal temperature range is called thermoregulation. How do our bodies lose heat? Why do we get cold? This happens if the temperature of our skin is higher than the temperature of our surroundings. In these cases, our bodies can lose heat. There are three ways heat transfer can happen: Thermal radiation is the transfer of energy through electromagnetic (EM) waves. Many objects can transfer heat through thermal radiation. Heat energy will always move from a warmer object to a cooler one. This is because a warmer object has quickly vibrating molecules. When they touch a cooler object, the molecules transfer energy. This makes the cooler molecules vibrate more quickly, and the object heats up. For example, have you ever sat on a cool couch? Did you notice how the seat was much warmer when you stood up? That's because the heat from your skin was transferred to the couch through vibrating molecules. Convection is the movement of molecules within fluids (liquids and gases) caused by heat transfer. It happens when liquid or gas molecules move apart. When warmer air or water moves away from a source of heat, it carries energy with it. For example, when you heat water in a pot on the stove or in a kettle, the hot water rises. Similarly, when your skin is warm, the nearby air moves away from you. How can we keep our bodies warm? So how can we protect our bodies from heat loss in cool places? One important way is to surround ourselves with insulation. Insulation traps a layer of warm air around your body. This makes the temperature of the air next to your skin warmer. As a result, you do not lose as much heat. Sleeping bags and winter coats both use insulation. They contain materials with insulating properties. The two main ones used in sleeping bags are feather down and synthetic insulation. Feather down is often just called "down." What is down insulation? Down insulation is made from the small, fluffy feathers found on birds. The down in sleeping bags usually comes from ducks or geese. Down protects you from heat loss by trapping warm air amongst its fine fibres. Down insulation has the advantage of being very warm. By weight, it is warmer than synthetic insulation. It can be packed very tightly in coats and sleeping bags to provide warmth without being bulky. A synthetic sleeping bag might be just as warm, but it will be much bulkier! If you take care of down properly, it can last a very long time. But there are some challenges with down insulation. First of all, it is very expensive. Secondly, it loses its ability to provide warmth when it gets wet. It also takes a long time to dry, which can be a problem if it rains on your camping trip! When down gets wet, the feathers all stick together. When this happens, they can no longer trap warm air between their fibres. But down insulation comes with some ethical challenges.The feathers used in down insulation come directly from animals. Some people have concerns about these animals' living conditions. Also, down jackets are very expensive. A lot of people simply can not afford them. Synthetic insulation is made of polyester fibers that are arranged to mimic down fibers. It is much cheaper than down insulation. It has the ability to provide warmth even when it's wet, which is very useful for wet and cold climates. This is because the fibres do not stick together when wet the way that down fibres do. But synthetic insulation has disadvantages, too. It is not as durable as down insulation. The materials will eventually break down no matter how well you take care of them. As you can see, there is a lot to consider when buying your next jacket or sleeping bag!1. What stores (besides Walmart and Target) can i get a sleeping bag for kids?Nothing wrong with the quality colman sleeping bags you get at walmart or target. Save a buck when you can. Any sporting goods store should also sell sleeping bags. Big 5, Richard's, sportmart, REI. Be aware that a kid's sleeping bag that a lot of folks think to get are not meant for cold weather camping there meant for sleep overs at some ones house. Read the label, a cold weather bag will say it's temperature comfort rating. This time of year you need a bag rated 0-30. It is perfectly fine to get a regular size bag for a child and it will keep them warm.2. Which do you find more romantic, lovin' in a 5 star hotel or a sleeping bag in an quiet mountain campground?Sleeping bag in an quiet mountain campground any day, oh how i am itching for a nice hike and sleeping atop of a mountain right now, your making me feel so get up and go right now3. Poll: How would you react if I turned up at your house tomorrow with a sleeping bag?Idk Why You Always Crying .?
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