Can a Fujifilm Digital Camera Go in Chlorine Water?

Unless it says water resistance to 50 meters, it can not go into the water period. Too much of the electronics are exposed, and it short out the ram. Some people have used really cheap cameras in double plastic baggies. But buying a water proof disposable is best.

1. Can i swim in chlorine water now with a belly button ring?

No , that's waaaaaaay to early . Your piercer should have told you you have to wait atleast 6 weeks before you can submerge it in water because it is no where near healed

2. More belly button piercing stress!?

All fresh piercings will bleed a little, its all apart of the healing process. Navel piercings can generally be red and sore for a few weeks, so theres no need to worry, your piercing sounds completely normal. The best way to avoid infection is to make sure your cleaning your piercing properly. Sea Salt soaks are the best way to heal your piercing. Fill a shotglass up with warm/hot water and around 4 or so sea salt rocks. The water should not be saltier than your tears. Then pop the shotglass onto your piercing for around 30secs to a minute, try and do this morning and night. Try to avoid chlorine water like pools and hot tubs for at least 6 weeks. Hope this helps!

3. Why is it possible to add chlorine to water and the chemical composition not change?

The only thing this will change is the ordering in the water. Pure water will have a lot of hexagonal hydrogen bonding, when you add ions to water you will disrupt this ordering as the ion will be solvated by water. There may be some missing H-bonds but likely they have just become slightly elongated to accommodate the ions.

4. What happens to chlorine in water?

Cl2 In Water

5. Could we reduce chlorine in water by utilizing lemons?

I am not sure, but this is a great idea

6. Is my water company putting too much chlorine in the water?

Not necessarily. When one's tap water smells like chlorine it does not mean a danger to the people that drink it. Chlorine levels used in drinking water are not high enough to form a serious threat to anyone's health. If the water has a chlorine smell, it may actually indicate that not enough chlorine is being added to the system. By increasing the amount of chlorine used at the treatment plant, different forms of chlorine are created in the water, which diminish chlorine odors.

7. Dogs drink pool chlorine water?

Not at all. It is horrible for the dog. My dog drinks out of our pool but its not chlorine. its just like drinking water with salt in it

8. Pool Problem: water was clear I back washed and rinsed. When I added chlorine the water became cloudy. Help?

Did you add calcium hypochlorite to chlorinate your pool? If so the high amount of calcium in the product can produce clouding but will dissipate when it dissolves. You are welcome!!

9. How to Take Care of Balayage Hair at Home

Many women love the polish and radiance of their hair after getting the balayage treatment. Available at our hair salon, balayage is a popular type of highlighting technique that paints the colour into your hair. This produces natural looking highlights that transition into the softer shades gradually. The results of the balayage treatments are always so beautiful with a distinctively elegant flair. Balayage hair is relatively low maintenance because the technique does not interact with your roots. Once applied, the colouring will remain in your hair without frequent follow-up visits to the salon. However, it is still important that you take care of the balayage hair at home, which preserves the condition of your hair for as long as possible. If you are wondering what to do after the balayage treatment, a few activities should be added or adjusted to your hair care routine. Follow this guide on how to take care of balayage hair at home: Many people wonder about the process of washing your hair after the balayage treatment. The general rule is to wash your balayage hair sparingly. Too much washing may end up damaging the quality of your balayage. When you wash your hair every single day, the beautiful colour in your hair will fade more quickly. Ideally, you should not wash your balayage hair for more than 2 or 3 times each week. Remember to use a conditioner to keep your hair healthy. However, make sure you do not leave the conditioner in for more than 30 minutes, as this can cause damage and make your hair brittle. Sulfate is a chemical component found in some hair cleansing products, such as shampoos. To take care for your balayage hair, make sure you only use sulfate free hair products. The sulfate strips away colour that was applied to your hair. Plus, it will eliminate the natural oils present on your scalp, which leaves your hair dry and damaged. Using the right types of shampoos and conditioners is important to preserve the colour in your balayage hair. There are many sulfate free products designed specifically for treating coloured hair, which will eliminate unwanted brassy tones. Ideally, your products may contain natural oils that boost the health of your hair, such as argan oil. The hair mask is a great treatment for how to take care of balayage hair at home. Since your hair tends to dry more easily after balayage, a moisturizing treatment is going to be beneficial. A hair mask will nourish your hair with the essential vitamins and natural oils. This treatment also restores your hair's shine and strength. These hair masks can be purchased in many varieties or be crafted at home with the right recipes. The hair mask treatment should be applied whenever your hair feels dry or dull. Using them in moderation is strongly advised. Get your hair touched up once in a while As your hair grows, the added colour from your balayage will still look natural for a long time. You wo not have to touch up on your roots, as you normally would if your entire hair had been coloured. For this reason, balayage hair does not require too many follow-up visits to the hair salon after its initial application. To preserve the visibility of your balayage colouring, you will have to get your hair touched up occasionally. Visiting the hair salon every 3 or 4 months should be enough to maintain your hairstyle. Before the next appointment, make sure your hair is maintained in a healthy and moisturized condition. If your hair is too dry or damaged, your hairstylist may not think it's a good idea to proceed with a new balayage session. Protect your balayage from the sun When you go outside, be prepared to shield your balayage hair from the bright sunlight. The rays of the sun can damage your cuticles and dry your hair more quickly. Long periods of sun exposure will also fade the colouring. Make sure you apply adequate UV protection, including different products that can defend your balayage hair from the sun. To protect the colour in your balayage hair, you should avoid dipping it in a swimming pool that contains chlorine. Chlorine can make your hair dry and brittle by stripping natural oils away from it. Of course, that does not mean you should avoid swimming altogether. Simply use a latex or silicone swim cap to protect your hair from the water. Alternatively, you can wet your balayage hair in the shower before and after swimming. Your hair will be less likely to absorb chlorine water when it's already soaked. After your swim, a quick rinse will help to remove any chlorine that seeped into the hair.

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