Black Water Comes From My Tub Faucet?

Evidently, R U PUFFIN is puffin and did not read your entire post. No black stuff in any faucets except bathroom tub, so it's not the water heater. Notice I said "water heater" not "hot water heater." Why would anyone heat hot water? Only thing I can think of is that it might be some sort of rubber gasket or seal that is somewhere in your bathtub plumbing. The gasket or seal may be getting old and starting to dissolve, but after two years it should be gone. It there an in-line temperature equalizer in the line to prevent scalding when water is turned on in another part of the house?

1. How long does it take to install a faucet?

That depends on the "cuss factor".How much crap do you have to pull out from under the sink before you can actually start work.Do you have the bits and hole saws for the size need if you have to drill the mounting holes. (Sink lips are hard to drill. Plastic sinks crack easily when being drilled)Is there enough room to turn a wrench where the sink connects or will you have to use a crow's foot and turn the nuts 1/8th of a turn then back out a foot or so then reinsert for another 1/8th turn?Did the faucet maker send all the gaskets or will you have to make a run and pray the faucet uses a standard size.Are the water pipes in good condition and the shut off valves working properly? Getting a shower unexpectedly isn't conducive to good cheer.I could go on....If all the factors line up and the cuss factor isn't present 25-45 minutes. I'd allow at least two hours in an estimate as Murphy, God of Perversity, almost always makes an appearance.How long does it take to install a faucet?

2. What does knob mean in the context of honey and faucet?

The Free Dictionary gives these alternatives for knob (sense 2):Both work. It's the handle part, the bit you turn to get the water flowing.Merriam-Webster has a poor definition, in my opinion, because the definition of "a small rounded ornament or handle" is not really broad enough to cover the wide variety of controls that I would call knobs. In my dialect (vaguely Southern US English) "knob" may be contrasted with "button": a knob is a control you turn, a button is a control you push

3. faucet thing that im not too sure how to solve?

a faucet can fill a sink in 8 minutes, so faucet filling rate = 1/8 of tub per min Let x = # of minutes to drain a full tub, so sink drain rate = 1/x of tub per min, with faucet on and sink open drain rate = (1/x - 1/8) of tub per min = 1/25 or 1/x - 1/8 = 1/25 1/x = 1/8 1/25 = (25 8)/200 = 33/200 x = 200/33 = 6 2/33 min. when drain is off, it takes 6 2/33 min to empty a full tub.

4. breaking loose a fitting from a water faucet?

Sometimes you can heat it up enough to melt the solder but it may damage the faucet

5. soldering copper pipe to faucet assembly?

You probably have already damaged the O rings and seals in your new faucet and I would recomend that you get another one to install. All faucets normaly have a threaded connection that you can make to connect the piping to the faucet and not heat the faucet. Make your connections and soildering joints so that you dont have to heat up the facuet. Use comperssion connections if necseeary

6. Replacing a frost free faucet

Worst case is that you bust a soldered fitting (very difficult) and have to open the wall up, which you would have had to do to replace a soldered fitting anyway. Since your water is already shutoff, give it a hard turn and see what happens. Personally, I would open the wall up even if it's threaded and sealed with pipe dope. Because after you replace the faucet, you want to check for leaks. It's much easier to do a little drywall patching and painting than it is to cleanup the water damage from a slow leak that goes unnoticed for days. You can also make sure the insulation is tight around the pipe so that there is not a chance it will freeze in the winter.

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