Best Way to Light a Parking Lot with LED?

I have the same question

1. Could I use a red led strip as a third brake light?

Yes, this would work. All you have to do is run the wire leads to the back of your pickup and tap in to the positive and negative wires of your normal brake light. Alternatively, you can trace the wires from your rear lights to the front and tap them somewhere in the middle around your installation area.

2. led flash lights?

I agree with you. The only two reasons I can think of are: *To some people, blue may feel softer and "moodier" and not as harsh as white *Blue is different to white, so it can be used to indicate or signal something different, although red would be a better color for signaling, as blue is too close to white.

3. Who would win a fight between Mongols led by Genghis Khan and Spartans led by Leonidas?

The Persians had pretty good cavalry, but the cavalry was not much use at the narrow pass of Thermopylae. -Thermopylae was definitely not suitable for cavalry deployment. The Persians also had archer units, which probably shot a ton of arrows to bring down the Spartans. The Mongol commander in charge would most likely have assessed the situation and bypassed Thermopylae. He most likely have left a relatively small cavalry force behind to observe the Spartans and to seek to annihilate the Spartans the minute they stopped standing pretty and starting moving in marching order. And Leonidas would have been forced to move because he would have run low on supplies. It would have been a long march for the Spartans back to the Ionan peninsula, and all the relatively small Mongol cavalry force had to do was to continually pick them off while the Spartans were marching. It would probably best for the Spartans if they could march at night

4. What led to the fall of the Mongol Empire?

Corruption and technology improvement. Mongols were (and still are) a bunch of nomads. They were a fierce people and were great riding horses and are still great. It just so happened that horses were the best weapons for about a thousand years till someone invented artillery or tanks. If you keep riding the horses to war, your empire will fall.As for corruption, they were a fierce but simple people, living in harsh environments. Then they moved into their conquered cities of advanced civs. Wow, look at all the gold, wine and those beautiful women. They had them all to themselves. Who wants to go die in wars any more?

5. Thoughts on a female led marriage?

You sound like her house slave. She has the upper hand being the working partner. Are you to lazy to go out and work? I think she knows what she is doing

6. What reasons led to the development of the theory of evolution?

Basically to explain why there is so much varied life on Earth, and why billions of years of fossil record look like this

7. Can someone explain this flashing led circuit?

I hate schematics drawn that way. It's more a "wiring diagram" than a schematic designed to communicate function. I will show you a better example (in my opinion only) in the link below. I think both circuit designs (and designer(s)) imagined that the 47 or 22 resistor would limit current. But it does that only partially. A LOT of current also comes from the large charging capacitor, bypassing that limit resistor during the earlier part of the ON phase as it discharges through the LED. You could get pulses of current through the LED exceeding 150mA with the 6V supply rail case. The 10nF capacitor is used as a "speed up" capacitor. The topology is not a well-crafted one. Complementary BJTs can be used in a fashion that separates out timing, LED current limit, and hysteresis a little better. This also means you do not need a huge capacitor (or more than one.) See example below. R1/C1 (and the supply voltage) determine the timing. R2/R3 set up a voltage divider and R4 couples the output into that to fashion a little hysteresis for clean behavior. As C1 charges up, it pinches Q1 off and then Q2 goes off which lowers the base voltage of Q1 requiring still lower voltage at C1 before Q1 can turn back on. Meanwhile C1 discharges through R1 into the LED load and R7. R7 is there because the LED itself cuts off at some voltage and there is a need to keep on going even then. At some point C1 is low enough that Q1 comes back on, turning Q2 on, causing Q1's base to lift up, turning Q1 on even more. Meanwhile, now, C1 charges up very quickly via Q2's base, R6, and Q1 and that soon after pinches Q1 back off again. It's a little more complex than that (having to do with how beta interacts), but not much more. The circuit can work from about 2.5V to 9V without any changes, though the LED current limit resistor would need changing. And even crappy transistors will work, too. Timing may be, and whether or not Q2 saturates may be, but whether it works or not is not very sensitive to beta or other parameters. It just runs. Write if you need more explanation.

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