Best Nursing Tank Top?

If you already own nursing bras & they were supportive enough, you can buy things that clip on & convert those into nursing tanks. The closure on nursing tanks is the same basic idea as on nursing bras & the only way it offers less exposure is via the tummy area. I am more petite than you & was about a D cup & I used standard tanks with built in bras (no wire - or I cut the wire out) that also had the extra elastic band under the breast & found them at regular big box retailers. For me, that was plenty of support & about $7-15 each. I felt like the ones with a built in bra plus the shelf bra were plenty of support for me. I just popped a boob out the top versus having to clip & unclip the cups. I found that awkward & fidgety, especially when on the go. I bought nursing bras initially & quickly hate them. Another mom might think she wants more structure though - so it's hard to say.

1. What type of panty are you wearing?

a french panty and bra. hot pink with black lace. bikini low rise. =]

2. Is my bra an average size?

Well im going into 8th grade, and im still a 30A........ so ur doing better than me

3. is it true?

Some girls just like to have nice underwear on or have the underwear and bra to match, it completely depends upon her personality. Me, personally, if I go through the trouble of making sure my underwear are "all purty lookin'" I am am at the least physically attracted to/interested in the guy

4. Best thing for a larger mom to wear to the beach?

I am 210 (also 29 weeks pregnant) but I've was 220 at my biggest but I am short too (5'3") and I know about the bathing suit dilemmas. I am 29 but I do not want to look old either. Before having children, I used to wear a black bathing suit top and men's black trunks. Now, I have my mommy suit which is actually really cute. It's black (of course) with two white stripes going in a diagonal one way and one stripe going the other way. It's a tummy control suit with a built in bra. I wear board shorts with it when I am walking around a lot and do not want everyone to stare at my butt and thighs. I buy men's long board shorts because women's are usually too small and too short. I get compliments on my swimsuit because I am covered but still look young. My friend gave me one of those swimsuits with the built-in-skirt but I feel like a grandma in that. I got my swimsuit from Newport News catalogue and they have plus sizes but Old Navy and Target have cute bathing suits too. I am sure Lane Bryant would have something cute too. Good luck!.

5. If you promise your mom something you didn't want, then are you stuck for life?

I am not sure if you can convince your mom to allow you to wear another bra or not. But my suggestion would be to wear a very snug fitting undershirt over the bra. Another idea would be to ask your mom if she would allow you to wear a bra called a "minimizer." That type of bra gives a nice shape (makes you less pointy) and maybe she would still approve of it. I commend you for considering the importance of respecting your mom.

6. Why is my nipple piercing extracting pus?

They can snag easily on clothing and certain types of bra. They can be irritated easily by any chemical deposits in clothing. Can be irritated by soaps while showering (usually in the initial healing period) they can reject easily cause problems with the nipple in later life all piercings can puss or bleed and most do for a while first, usually nothing to worry about they need to be done professionally ask questions when you go to have it done they are likely to grow out in time they can be very painful they will leave bad scar tissue if you want it, get it :) ignore most of the risks.

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