Blow my being into dust,Spread it unto the romanticized sparks of yesterday's lust.Take my thoughts and tear them up, Surrender this spirited soul to the tranquil sky. Limbs tied with chords taut, my head reeling From complex knots; neurons negated by narcotics Are mourned for by surviving synapses. 'Tis the end, my friend, I perceive; The world around me limps and bleeds. I am not a product of my imagination, But the byproduct of a muddled generation. We came to the world at a time of peace, When the wars being waged were but feuds to further facilitate freedom. Lies and hypocrisy ruled supreme; Oppressors smiled at flash bulbs, The oppressed were smeared with grit and dirt. Democracy was the cause of the era; it was Wielded well as worthy weapons must be. History had told us many a tale and taught us but one thing - the victors yarn was ageless truth. Originally published at bchandilya. tumblr. com.

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Which are some good USB powered led products?

I bought Inventis 5V 1.2W Portable Flexible USB LED Light Lamp (from Amazon)At this price I was expecting something in the collectible category not really expecting functionality. But, this product left me in for a pleasant surprise.Pros:n1. Its cute, really cute. I received one in green.n2. Works on just any USB, Android, Apple, Laptops, Portable Battery, you name it. n3. At just 1. 2W, it is luminous enough to light up a small bedroom.n4. Multiple usage - Laptop light, night lamp, torch, etc.n5. Bright White light, evenly distributed.n6. Bendable.Cons:n1. None. The heat few people complained about is just normal energy being converted. Not a problem at all. Loved the product. Have already placed an order for another one. Wish this time I receive one in Pink or Blue or Orange. One of those products you actually catch hold of your people and recommend. P. S. I ordered two more pieces of the same hoping for something other than Green. Hard luck in my case that I received both pieces in green. On contacting the seller, currently only GREEN and BLACK pieces are available. So, just check with seller for colours in case if you have something specific in mind.Link to buywhich are some good USB powered led products ?

Which pop/rock bands can you think of where changing the lead singer has led to great things and/or failure?

Dio... Black Sabbath..led to great things... Adam Lambert.... Queen... not so great

My family life has led to me being medicated for depression, psychosis and anxiety. If I move out, will I be better?

If your mother and you are in an abusive home I highly suggest moving out because abusive men do not typically change and its very likely things will get worse! Even if your mother is not ready to leave you should save up a little money, then look for an apartment and roommate and make the move. Yes, by living on your low salary means you will live poorly, but its better than dealing with the cost of 50 other negative things that will most certainly fall upon you if you stay at home. Also, with you out of the home it may allow your mother to focus on her own safety and well being. In terms of work, if you can not afford college, you should try your best to work under someone in a skilled Trade Helper(e.g.plumber, electrician, A/C, or building trade) , which will allow you to gradually earn more money and get licensed or enter local union

Will you leave India if the BJP-led NDA loses the 2019 elections?

For the first time it has come to power . But the person leading the govt is low profile for which development and progress are constrained. Leaders supporting the NDA are leaving. BJP is having its own ideology and controlled by RSS. Other NDA partners do not like it. They question the activity of RSS. It is a fact. When we have party system and parliamentary procedures, what is the need of RSS. It is extra constitutional. Hence majority of people have started to oppose BJP and working to defeat it

Do most psychologists have problems themselves which have led them to that career?

Simply put i went into the field to do research and it went well with my degree in biology. I soon discovered it was hard to mske a living just doing research and teaching. I somewhat stumbled into working in a hospital treating children with rare disorders. 30 years went by very quickly and it was fascinating work. I also became involved in investigating abuse claims and it is interesting teaming up with law enforcement

What is your opinion about the Supreme Court criticizing Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government over the odd-even rule?

What Arvind Kejariwal- led Delhi government will do without the support of central government. In fact the court have to advice the central government to support the Delhi government and take action against the Hariyana, Punjab and U.P. former. The central government have more power than Delhi government. Arvind Kejariwal can not to any hard steps without the support of the central government. Maximum pollution effect was due to heavy traffic. This problems will not be solved without public cooperation. By using public transport, car pooling and minimise the two wheelers and four wheelers. They have to analyse the pollution level at holidays and working days on regular basis and take action against the violators

How true is Arun Jaitley's latest claim that demonetization led to the formalization of the Indian economy & expanded India's tax base? Are the numbers hiding the costs associated with the gains?

Demonetisation is going to kill BJP, because it has killed back bone of many business depend on cash. Cash business does not really means not legal. They should have encourage people to be formalize instead of killing backbone. All of political gang is coming up with new ideas to cover up the disaster because they know very well this can be a trigger for BJP's fall

How do I calculate range of ir led?

The range of IR led is quadratically proportional to the emitter intensityIe. The formula to calculate the transmission range is distance=sq.root(Ie/Ee).where Ie is emitter intensity and Ee is sensitivity of the receiver. In practice, the relationship between irradiance andtransmission distance does not exactly follow a quadraticcurve. In most cases, the actual distance is longer thancalculated

How would you support #MainbhiChowkidaar campaign led by PM Narendra Modi?

True every citizen should be watchful of our money utilisation by govt...When Rahul Gandhi ridiculed Modi's statemen while t RaGa is NAMDAR our PM Modi described himself Chowkidar. Roads said this Chowkidar is for Pvt Corporate like Ambani's. and further said Chowkidar chor...Entire nation reacted by MYBHICHOWKIDAR...RaGa , MGB voted out miserably.... I fully support this campaign ....

I recently found out that the woman I have been dating for over a year has an online profile on a dating site. A gut feeling led me to the website and her profile. What should I do?

1. Ask her if she's still looking. You are adults. Be open. If she is, then you can ask her what is it you lack. Have a conversation. It might just take your relationship to a brand new level.2. I have a profile in probably every site on the internet. I am a developer. I check them all out. And for some bizarre reason, I actually use my real name, photo, whatever. Partially because I do not being controvertial. And my wife knows about them. To the extent that we both share the same password access software. Which means we can log right into each other's profiles.3. Even if she is still fishing, it's really her right. And I am sure she would be glad to share it with you, if only she knew you would understand, and use this info to work on making your relationship better. We need to learn to not get upset about things, and just be honest to each other. Say things as they are. Watch a movie called "The Invention of Lying (2009)". You will understand what I mean. I recently found out that the woman I have been dating for over a year has an online profile on a dating site. What should I do?

What economic factors led to the record $3.45 billion in US online sales for Cyber Monday 2016?

Nothing I did on Cyber Monday or for that matter on Black Friday either led to any economic transactions much less records. I think in celebration of the ascension of white nationalism to Pennsylvania Avenue, I am going to sit at least the next four years of the economy out

Which innovations in machine learning led to the sudden development of self-driving cars?

Machine learning, sorta, kinda does not really mean anything these days. It generally refers to the concept that computers can somehow program themselves. But this term has been butchered over the years, and is now a buzzword. Its very arguable that machine learning and self driving cars are connected. Autonomous vehicle operation is generally a real time data feed affair, which then connects the results of those sensor data feeds, combined with location information, to manage the cars trajectory, velocity, and location. Whether the specific core processors and their software stacks use any machine learning type of algorithmic constructs is not really necessary in most cases. I would imagine that there's plenty of places where self learning/programming of simple types of operations might be useful in autonomous car operation, but its not a fundamental requirement.In actuality, and as per usual with many engineering advances, military applications spurred this particular set of technologies to come together. As Micheal Chang points out, much of the self driving car art form was developed during a competition sponsored by DARPA. The work was being done before DARPA, but it offered a carrot to get people to really take it seriously. Carnegie Mellon has always been on the cutting edge of robotics research, and this thing actually galvanized some teams at other universities to participate as well.There was not one technological advance that was the enabler. There were many, that occurred somewhat concurrently over time. All sorts of crude "sensors" were developed for different applications, many of them derived from military applications. Cheap CPU power, plus GPU (graphics processing, which delivered cheap vector processing), as well as evolution in various programming models enabled all of these basic ideas to converge. Combine that with the proliferation of GPS (another military application), and you had ideal conditions for people to put all this stuff together and try to make a car drive itself.I've mentioned in other answers here on Quora, that autonomous operation of complex vehicles is not really that new. Things like aircraft, submarines, and cruise missiles have had various forms of sensor, GPS and tactical autonomous operation for a pretty long time, decades in fact. Cost and complexity has prevented it from trickling down into more consumer oriented products like cars, but now, we are on the cusp of that happening. Obviously GPS receivers have become commoditized and nearly free at this point. Various sensor types less so, but a few generations of these types of devices will yield cost reduction, miniaturization and simplification most likely. Whether the public accepts self driving features or not remains to be seen, especially if the cost to the end customer is substantially greater than it is now

Great news, Sinn Fein are now the 2nd most popular party in Ireland. How long before we've a SF led government?

Past idiotic yes votes in certain referendums have failed this country's future, we are stuck in europe now and it will just get worse, the government will lick their ars€s and say yes no problem to everything they want

The Modi led BJP government has fast tracked the process of privatisation. Is it going to dismantle the entire public sector?

Public sector will not be dismantled totally but high performing PSU will be in government's fold because they get dividends from them. PSU s which are poor performing will be given chance or will be sold. Air India has debt of Rs. 50000- Cr which buyer will purchase this? with debt so it is decided to separate debt under special purpose vehicle so buyers will get debt free Air India if it is decided to sell or major stake will remain with government and remaining will be give to private equity funds or institutions. but will hand over to Tatas. Over the years they suffered losses then it is necessary to sell themIn the world India's case is unique and public sector can not be closed as it is in western economies.Yes part privatization could bring results say BHEL. ONGC government gets dividends

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