Are You Using Your Thermostat Wrongly? Five Home Heating Errors Pushing Up Energy Bills

The vast majority of the British public think they know how to use their home heating controls - yet new research shows that more than 60 per cent are making at least one basic error that could be costing them dearly.

Simply setting your thermostat to 22 C, not 21 C, could add £75 a year to your annual energy bill.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, here are five common myths - busted.

Myth 1: Turn the thermostat up when it's cold outside (52 per cent of people do this) This shouldn't be necessary, because the very purpose of the thermostat is to maintain the desired temperature, whatever the weather.

Hand over power to your energy company - and cut your bills Heat only your living room, elderly advised Downing Street: People faced with rising energy bills should consider wearing jumpers Axe green tax or energy bills will go up every year for a decade, says energy chief Didcot: 'We feared it was going to go bang' EDF Energy cuts gas prices by just 1.3pc Greg Shreeve, energy expert at the Energy Saving Trust, says if you do turn your thermostat up even higher, you'll probably simply "find it's a bit too hot" - and you'll have wasted energy and cash in the process.

Myth 2 Turn up the thermostat to heat the room more quickly (35 per cent of people do this) If you come home to a chilly house it may seem tempting to turn the thermostat up to maximum - but it won't get you back up to a comfortable temperature any sooner.

"People think it's like pressing your foot down on the accelerator in a car, and the further you press your foot down, the faster you get to the speed you want," Mr Shreeve explains.

"But actually, a thermostat doesn't control the speed at which your house heats up - it just controls the final temperatures." So you won't get to the temperature you want any sooner - but you will end up with an overly-warm house, unless you turn it back down in time.

Myth 3: Leaving the heating on low constantly is more efficient than turning it on and off (38 per cent of people think this) According to the Energy Saving Trust, this simply means "these homes are heated when no-one is there to benefit and then the home is too cold when people are in the home".

Much better to use a thermostat programmer to control the timing of your heating - keeping you warmer when you are at home, and saving you money when you're not.

Do you do any of these basic heating errors?

Myth 4: You need to keep your water heater on all day to make sure hot water doesn't run out (31 per cent of people do this) A lot of people seem to think their hot water will run out easily, so leave their water heater on all day. This "could be costing far more on their energy bills than necessary", the Energy Saving Trust says.

"You want to make sure your hot water tank is properly insulated. If you've heated water in the morning and your tank is well insulated that should remain warm until midday," Mr Shreeve advises.

Set your hot water to come on roughly half an hour before you want to get up and start showering in the morning. You might then want it to come on again for a bit later in the day if you're likely to be doing things like washing up - but leaving it on all day will simply waste money.

Myth 5: Keep electric storage heaters on all the time (only 38 per cent of people with storage heaters fully understand how they work) "Households with electric heating could be paying through the nose by not taking advantage of cheaper night rate electricity," the Energy Saving Trust says.

Electric storage heaters are designed to work by using cheaper, off-peak electricity to "charge up" overnight and then releasing the heat during the day.

But many people don't really understand how they work.

Mr Shreeve says many storage heaters also have in-built electric panel heaters. Leaving the heaters on all the time with incorrect settings could result in them using the panel heaters not the storage ones - costing you far more.

Here's the Trust's advice on how you should use a storage heater:

"A standard electric storage heater has two controls, an Output setting and an Input setting. The Output setting will control how much heat the heater gives out (as long as there is stored heat available). The Input control determines how much electricity the heater will take from the grid during the coming night, and hence how much stored heat will be available the following day.

"So you need to set the Output dial according to how much heat you want now, and the Input dial according to how much heat you think you will need tomorrow.

"If a heater runs out of heat in the evening while you still need it, or if the weather gets colder, you may need to turn the Input dial up. If the weather gets warmer, or the heater never runs out of heat in the evening, you can probably save money without getting cold by turning the Input dial down.

"Turn the Output dial to zero before you go to bed or go out, so you're not wasting energy overheating empty rooms. You can probably do this quite early, maybe an hour before you go to bed, as it will take a while for the heater and the room to cool down.

"And when summer comes and you don't need the heaters any more, turn them off at the wall, not just by turning the dials to zero. Remember you will need to turn them on again the day before you need the heating to come back on."

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Hot Water Heater Broken! Help Please?
normally this is caused by high water pressure, you will probably need your house water pressure tested, and if above 75 psi, then a new pressure reducing valve installed along with new t&p valve1. water heater pilot light wont stay lit?The safety value is working. Need a new thermocouple. Lowes got them. Need to take old one with you2. How does a hot water heater work ?The hot water may have a reset button. Sometimes it will pop out with a power loss. Otherwise, you or have some one else check to make sure the unit is getting power. You will need a multi testor to perform this. Then, if the unit is getting power, you will need to check to see if the elements have burned out. Again, you will need to use a multi testor for this. (First of all though, make sure there's water in the tank too). good luck3. what's wrong with my gas water heater?It's probably electrical -- or a safety device that shuts it off. The ciculating pump may not be working right. Get proffesional help, or BOOM !!4. what size fish tank water heater?Yeah, I would go big as well as it's outside and will have extra heat loss due to the planter. A couple of 300w wont be excessive. The power draw is the same no matter what size heater. 300w running 100% of the time, or 600w running 1/2 the time, same power use. Are you able to insulate the setup a bit? Even a blanket or tarp that you put over things on the cold nights to keep the warmth in ? Even keeping the breeze off it slows down the heat loss. Ian5. water heater flame goes out.. no, not the pilot!?You need to replace the thermocouple6. Replacing gas valve- Water heater?i bought my water heater at ace and the valve was bad from the factory...shut off your water supply and get the new one teflon taped and ready to go ...spin the old valve out and quickly turn the new one in. ..i only lost about a cup of water. ..take the info from your heater to ace and they will tell which new valve will be compatible...brand and model number7. can a thermostat be repaired on a gas water heater?Replaced, not repaired. By current government standards it may be hard, if not impossible, to find a replacement thermostat. If the unit is over 10 years old you may be better off replacing it8. Why would there be a marble in my water heater?it could've fell in there9. water heater won't stay lite?The square grey box on the side of the tank is the thermostat/gas valve. Once you have the pilot lit and turn on the gas and the main burner lights, then the water heats to the preset temperature and the main burner will shut off. If it ran all the time it would boil the water eventually and the valve on the side would start blowing steam all over. Once the water has reached the preset temp., and you need hot water, the cold water that's introduced into the tank when you open a hot water faucet eventually will cool the remaining water till it reaches a point where the thermostat says it's time to heat again. Then the main burner will relite from the pilot and the whole process starts over again.10. New Hot Water heater not working. (Gas)?Sit by the water heater late at night and listen for drips sizzling as they hit the pilot light area cooling the thermo couple causing gas to shut off11. Electric hot water heater is overheating.?Are you talking about an immersion heater where the element fits in the side or top ?If its a simple rod-shaped thermostat with the temp.adjustment on the end then its a simple job t replace it yourself as it simply slides into the hole in the element and theres just 2 connections. Make sure you get the correct length though. Remove it and take it to your local pumbing/heating merchants. Ensure of course that the elec is full switched off first.12. Possible causes for water heater leak?Probably small hole in tank. Have a plumber check it out
Breaking Bad, "Over": Walt Takes a Break
Spoilers for tonight'scoming up just as soon as I do tequila shots with my kid...Oh yes it was, Walt. Yes it was.After giving us our most extended tease yet of what I've taken to calling The Curious Incident of the Burnt Teddybear in the Daytime(*), "Over" dials back on the action and shows Walt struggling to deal with a longer life than he expected before the good news he got at the end of "4 Days Out."(*) So in addition to the charred bear and Walt's glasses, we now have the smashed-up windshield to his car, not to mention two corpses laid out on his driveway. Should we assume the cartel shows up on his doorstep Or is there a chance this could all be the result of an accident Might Walt have done an uncharacteristically sloppy job installing the new water heaterAs you might expect him to, Walt tries to leave the world of crystal meth behind (other than accepting his share of the profits from the last batch they cooked in the desert), trying to be a more attentive husband and father, and even doing some long-overdue repair work on the house.But this is not who Walt really wants to be. He wrecks the party Skyler throws to celebrate his remission by pouring one drink of tequila after another into Walter Jr., finally stepping to Hank for the sin of daring to play surrogate father figure to Jr. while Walt's been distracted these past months. And as Jr. vomits into the pool and Skyler, Hank and the other guests look hurt, Walt looks like he's been bathing in schadenfreude, like he can only enjoy the party if everyone else feels as miserable as he does to live this straight life.(Good lord, does Bryan Cranston make a good/bad mean drunk.)The remainder of the episode wears its subtext on its sleeve, as Walt gets around to replacing the decaying water heater. Just as his meth career seemed to be more about damage control than cooking meth, he finds that fixing the water heater only exposes another problem, in the rotted foundation that only he can see."Just cut it out and start fresh," he says, but that's easier to do with floor boards than with the rot in his soul. And as Walt makes yet another trip to the hardware store and stumbles across an aspiring meth cooker loading up on supplies, he recognizes once and for all that the only thing that gives him personal satisfaction -- that makes this extended life he's gotten worth living -- is playing drug lord, and he chases the cook and his partner away with a menacing threat to "Stay out of my territory."When Walt announces his plans for retirement, Jesse takes it very well, understandably. First, he was expecting Walt to be dead, and is simply happy that the guy's still alive. Second, where Walt feels more vital the deeper he gets into this drug empire, Jesse is still a little scared of it, and he can understand why someone might want to get out. Both of these attitudes, by the way, put him one up on Walt, I fear; were the roles reversed, Walt wouldn't take kindly to Jesse's attempt to get out of the business if it inconvenienced him.And with Walt spending the episode in semi-retirement, and the drug operation apparently running itself well for the moment, Jesse gets to focus on the state of his relationship with Jane -- and the realization that he's more invested in it than she is.While I like Krysten Ritter's addition to the show, this subplot was the least compelling part of "Over." It provided some more hints about Jane, and about her dad (who was more than ready to use a key to go into Jane's house on his own), but it mainly felt like set-up for something coming down the road.We have three more episodes to go this season, and where last year the show was only starting to find itself when the strike shut things down ahead of schedule, this year the show has been brilliant from the start, and I feel confident that it's all building to something explosive -- regardless of what happens to that poor teddy bear.Some other thoughts on "Over":• Skyler and Walt have been getting on much better ever since he lied to her about Gretchen and Elliot, but part of that was predicated on her belief that, if Walt ever got better, he'd become happier, and easier to live with. But that's not what he's about, and as his ceaseless misery becomes more obvious to her, she starts going after Ted Beneke, even knocking over her pencil cup to lure him into her office at the end of a shift. How do you think Walt will react if he finds out another man's been invading his personal turf• Jane's dad was played by John de Lancie, probably best known as Q from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."• Dean Norris always gets off one or two hilarious lines an episode. This week, it was his deadpan delivery of "Wow. Inspirational." in response to Walt's depressing toast at the party.• Loved Jesse quoting the infamous"This is your drugs. This is your brain on drugs." commercial while cooking eggs. (I prefer that ad's simplicity to the sequel with Rachael Leigh Cook.)• I talked about director of photography Michael Slovis' gorgeous work in my review of "4 Days Out." Phil Abraham, the director of "Over," was himself a longtime DP (notably on "The Sopranos"), and between the two of them, we get a number of the requisite haunting shots, whether it's Walt hanging upside down in the crawl space like an alien invader, or the light of the sunset oscillating like a UFO beacon. (Possibly piloted by Walt)• I liked Jesse's superhero sketches, particularly Kanga-Man (who, as Jane points out, is kind of a Kanga-She-Male), and Rewindo, whose power is to run away really fast. Jesse may want to invoke that power the next time Walt proposes an exponential expansion plan.• Walt's money literally has blood on it. Maybe he needs to literally launder it again, like he did in the first season. That, or ask Saul Goodman where he can get some clean, crisp bills.What did everybody else think
In Rural New York, Child Care Is Getting Harder to Come By
Good day care can be hard to find, especially in rural areas. Low population density means commercial day care centers are rare, so a lot of parents rely on smaller child cares run out of peoples' homes. In one New York county, those family-run establishments are disappearing.Teri Brogdale lives on a quiet street, near the edge of town. But inside, her house is pretty lively - she runs a day care called Teri's Little Angels.Brogdale has been at this for almost 23 years. But now she's getting out of the day care business. She's ready to retire."I'm burned out. Twenty-three years - I'm ready. I'm tired," she says.In rural Tioga County where Brogdale lives, many of the day care providers are just like her - they've been at this a long time, and they want to retire. But very few new family child cares are starting up to replace the ones that are closing.That's the case elsewhere in the U.S., too. The number of family child care facilities dropped about 12 percent between 2013 and 2014, according to a recent report. Over the same period, commercial day cares also declined by about 4 percent.Even with the recent economic rebound, the day care industry still struggles. As people started going back to work, women in particular were finding low-wage work - "shift work, hospitality jobs that weren't affording them the high price of child care," says Mary Beth Testa, a lobbyist for the National Association for Family Child Care.Testa says tight budgets hit family child cares especially hard because they're so small. Lynette Brind knows all about that. She's one of the brave few starting a new family child care in Tioga County. Right now she has one customer and no other income beyond child support for her three daughters."I run the house on $200 a week. We go without," she says, "but we make it work".It was an eight-month ordeal to start her day care. She had to get her water tested, and undergo a radon test - and she failed both."You have to bleach your system when the water test fails, and it ruined my hot water heater so I had to spend five days replacing this element that exploded in the bottom," she says.It's common for regulatory hurdles like these ones to discourage potential newcomers, says Ann Shear, Tioga County's liaison for day care providers. Many states, including New York, have tightened the rules for family child care lately."The application keeps getting bigger and bigger and longer and longer, and it's a little bit overwhelming when they open up that booklet and see 60 pages," she says.But Shear says the county really needs people who are willing to follow the rules and then some. The area needs quality programs, not simply a place to take kids.Shear says demand for child care is holding steady. And if she can't find new ways to recruit those quality providers, the county could have a real crisis on its hands.
I Am Looking to Get Tankless Water Heater. I Need One for My Entire House, and in Particular for Big
I am looking to get tankless water heater. I need one for my entire house, and in particular for big tub.?I checked out the site and all the info it shows is for 120F. I bought a gas tankless that went to 120F and was very disappointed as this temperature is really not that hot at all. I was able to get a controller that let me go on up to 130F or 140F and it's much better now. You should really consider this when purchasing— — — — — —What to do around the house?Wash dishes in the sink, not dishwasher. Clean all the mirrors with Windex, and clean the outside windows. Vaccum your room, plus the entire house! Do you have any pets? Feed them instead of someone else having to do it. Or you could do what I do, just ask your mom "Is there anything I can do?" She will usually give me one or two things to do that will help her.— — — — — —Can anyone help me? I have a sewage smell in the entire house!?Here's two other possibilities. One: check the wax ring at the bottom of your toilet. An old or leaking ring will let the gas escape before the trap in the bottom of the seat section. Close the bathroom door for a while and use your nose. Maybe the air return vent is near this room. Two: check the height of the main plumbing vent on your roof. There is a plumbers formula for this height according to roof pitch. If it is steep and the pipe short a simple fix is to slip a piece of PVC pipe over it to extend its height. Do not glue unless this confirms the problem. Also pour about a gallon of water down all traps to ensure a water blockage of the drains. You might want to eyeball all the traps to make sure the fittings are tight and not corroded— — — — — —How to paint an entire house?Talk to your husband and see if you two could agree on certain colors. I like the colors lavendar, lime green, peace, Yellow always look nice in a kitchen. I would suggest that you could pick at least 2 colors for a room and paint each room a different color.— — — — — —What is the best way to thoroughly clean an entire house?I had to clean my aunts house for her since she was preggi and she had 5 dogs; everything was out of place covered in fur dust and poo! I started cleaning room too room. It was much easier then doing all walls then all floors. It took me 3days and it was only a 5 room house that was small. Used lots of kill germs wips and sprays :( and steam cleaner— — — — — —can i install a wall plug in without turning off the electricity ?If it has any electrical current going to it, ten unless you turn the power off at the mains you stand an excellent chance of being electrocuted - or even starting a fire, shorting out the entire house etc. Just flick the mains switch to off for the few minutes it will take.— — — — — —What do you think is best for my shih tzu when it comes to housebreaking?I think the pads are a terrible idea. You should crate train (you can read up on the method online, I am sure). Dogs do not HAVE to relieve themselves outside, but who wants their animals to consider the entire house their own personal bathroom? Crates are OK to keep dogs in while you are not at home or sleeping, but the dog should not stay in there all the time.— — — — — —Is it okay for a cat to "live" in one room in an entire house?Look, "technically" I would say it is okay, but really, how would you like it. Being stuck in the same room all day, every day. You would be lonely and bored. Cats need to be social with people. If locking a cat in your room all day means that you wo not be interacting with it, then that's really unfair for it. But if you spend a lot of time in that room, and the room & bathroom are fairly large with a window that the cat could sit in (they LOVE that) then you would probably be okay. does sound a little mean, so be careful to give it lots of, treats, scratching post, things to do. Give it LOTS of love and attention, take it out into a garden on a leash so it can chase some bugs and eat some grass (cats need to eat grass as part of their digestive process). Leave your curtains open so it can lay in the sun of a daytime.
How to Replace Home Water Heater Thermostat?
Fooling around with 220 V you get one chance.. My advice call a pro1. Will a hot water heater work as a volume reserve?you need a pressure tank2. Hot water heater wont spark?sounds like your outa propane , maybe. close all your valves and turn the heater off and wait 20 minutes.Then get yourself a lighter that will reach the pilot light and turn it on and hold down the red button after it lights for a minute or so and then after it goes turn the heater to the on position. All this info should be on the heater3. Gas water heater cycling but no hot water!?Ao Smith Gpsh 50 1004. What is the best type of water heater to use?These are questions best answered by a pro at a store that deals specifically with plumbing in your area5. save energy by turning water heater off?i would not bother with this during the summer. in the winter it can save you money though6. Which one of these Electric appliances would be best to upgrade Frig, Range, Water Heater, Clothes Dryer?Most newer models of refrigerators have an energy star logo. Look for this when buying a new appliance. This will help you save on your electric bills. Water heater would be next to buy. More than likely you have 18 years of sediment in your tank, unless you have drained it periodically. buying a new water heater will shave off some electricity needed to run it. Your elements probably have a lot of deposits burnt on them. Newer models you can get self cleaning that way you do not have to drain them out as frequent. As for the dryer and range, replace them on an as needed basis they will not help you save on electric. If you were to get a new appliance and could get a washer get a front load. they use about 75% less water than typical washers and have Higher spin speeds which gets out a lot more water so you you would use the dryer a lot less. Hope this helps7. Cockroaches in electric hot water heater tank?Very unlikely as roaches go where the food is,no food no roaches.If there did happen to be any you would notice it while moving and hooking up the heater,then you could spray them with a roach spray8. Would this be a good tankless water heater for me?There is more to consider than you think. What size flue do you have? 125K BTU will most likely require a 6 Inch vent. If you have a 6" vent and a gas furnace connected to this flue, you can not add another 125K BTU to this flue. The flue can not go through a wall, it must go out through the roof and be type "B" vent. Also, what size gas line do you have? It might be too small to support another 125K BTU and the current load. This will need to be addressed too. Then comes combustion air to support the heater, another issue. You will get a lot of "oh how great" on this board, but I bet none of them have ever seen a copy of the National Fuel Gas Code. You can bet your insurance company has many copies in their library. If it's not to code and something happens, your insurance is not worth the envelope they send their bill in.9. Outside and hallway light connected to my meter, neighbor using my water?This is a situation that only the landlord can fix. Turning off the breaker to a passageway light could result in injury to someone, and you would not want to be the one taking the blame for that. Have a talk with the landlord. The remedy for this would not cost very much. As for the water issue, the pressure drop is normal. The washing machine would be connected to their (your neighbors) water heater. Unless they wash clothes constantly, this should be a tolerable situation.10. why hot water heater keeps going on and off?What brand ? It should be under warrintee11. If the water supply to the water heater is off, will this cause a problem?The pressure release valve "has" to be replaced? Then you can not safely use that heater, What happens if the thermostat gets stuck on? It happens.
Brand New 50gal Whirlpool Water Heater Not Working.?
If you are getting hot water from the tank anywhere the tank is probably working fine. You have a plumbing issue. Reversing the hot and cold on the tank will make a difference if you did not have some other problem with your plumbing. The cold water inlet has a pipe inside the tank that goes down about 2/3 of the way, so the cold water comes in to the tank lower, this is to let the heated water out from the top of the tank. The outlet for the hot water does not extend down into the tank, so you get your hot water coming out off the top of the tank, or reservoir. There are a LOT of things that could be at work here. Where you are (climate) and where the pipes run in your house. Where an how the pipes are ran in the house or under it, etc. good luck. But the water heater definitely has a in and out. And Hot is always on the left at the faucets.1. Is my thermostat bad in my Whirlpool side by side refrigerator?Are the condensing coils sparkling? How with reference to the evaporator? the place is the warmth going this is being drawn from the interior the field? Do you have your refrigerator in a closed area? Does the field come all the way down to temperature? 14 years is a protracted time for a prominent chinese language made product. could be time to scrap it and purchase yet another2. My Whirlpool Gas dryer wont heat up?Could it have over-heated? You may need a new thermostat. Also, the exhaust lines leading from my apartment were clogged which led to my dryer over-heating and no longer drying. You might want to look into either a clogged exhaust line or the thermostat. Either one is not expensive at all. A friend repaired my thermostat for just the price of the part itself and in my area, it was just $10 (I think it was "used".)3. What might be the reason why my Whirlpool Roper dryer is not drying my clothers?Heating element is out,call your friendly repairman.Mine went out a couple weeks ago and it cost me a whole $27 bucks to fix it4. Our Whirlpool Frontload washing machine always stops during heavy duty wash cycles?Oh sweetie, that sucks. I am so sorry and yes I know your pain. Mine went in the middle of the wash cycle once. It was all full of soap and water. I had to hand ring all the clothes and take them to the laundromat. I hate the laundromat. I got a new washer within a week, it was a must have.5. WHIRLPOOL WASHER MODEL # LSB6200KQ0 NOT DRAINING THE WATER?I also had this same problem years ago, for my washing machine, I had to pull it out from the wall, get a bucket and take out the draining pipe that's attached to the machine and take it out of the other pipe from the wall and point it down into the bucket. Somehow my pipe was blocked, but once taken out and brought down, and drained it worked fine again. Hope this helps, sometimes its just something daft6. How do you change the water filtration system filter on a whirlpool gold imperial series (ultra plus) refigerado a google search on your item "Whirlpool refrig" ( use your product Numbers for best results) manuel. Pick out the best search and get your question answered! This will tell you. You should change them regularly7. Freezer will not freeze on Whirlpool Model ED5JHEXTS00?you might have to manually defrost the refrigerator , if the defrost timer hung up and allowed ice to build up on the coils and now it wo not circulate cold air , turn off the refrigerator and put all your food in an ice chest and if you can put a fan in front of the freezer and let the room air help speed up the process .some times you can reset the defrost timer and it will clear up the frost, to do that inside the refrigerator near the light bulb there is a small hole in the plastic cover , inside the hole is a plastic screw looking knob using a philip screw driver turn it clock wise slowly until the refrigerator turns off wait a moment then turn a little more until the refrigerator turns on again and see if that works . gl
HELP Frozen Hot Water Heater!!!!?????Pipes!!?
You have a branch line past the spigot that is frozen in some place. First you need to shut off the circuit breaker to your water heater. You may have already burnt up the heating elements in the water heater if it has no water in it. Anyway shut off the breaker to the hot water heater. Check for gaps in the skirting around your water heater, plug up all the gaps as tight as possible. Now purchase a heat tape and wrap it around the exposed pipe under the trailer. Cover the heat tape with some insulation wrapped loosely over the heat tape - then plug the heat tape in - make sure light comes on indicating the heat tape is working. This may take several hours for the heat tape to unfreeze the obstruction. Also open the panel to your water heater and put a heat tape on it also on the incoming cold water line. I know it's cold work but it needs to be done and done right to allow you to have water in this cold weather. When you finally get a flow of water from your hot water faucets - then you can flip that circuit breaker back on for the water heater.1. Chronic Flame Sensor Failure - Furnace and Water HeaterI have had issues with gas lines having moisture problems ,and causing failures. I had drip legs in the gas line but had to install longer ones and drain them 2x per year to eliminate the problem. A drip leg is usually close to the appliance just after The shutoff valve. A drip leg is a T with a single dead or capped off pipe pointing down. A drip leg catches liquid and chunks in the gas line that can cause valve and ignition problems. If you do not have a drip leg you might want to install one after The shutoff valve at the furnace. If you do have one it may need to be drained, to drain turn the gas off, make sure any pilots have gone out and you have fresh air available. Remove the cap from the drip leg and if water flows out you probably found your cause. Make sure when reassembling to use gas rated pipe dope or tape (it is usually yellow). After reassembly and pressurizing make sure to leak test the drip leg with a bubble solution to verify there are no leaks. How long is long enough for a drip leg? I have had homes that only had 4" long legs to the home that had lots of water in the gas needing 12-18" having that much water is unusual but it will cause valve and ignition problems as the water/oil? Contamination causes hot surface igniters to fail. Your problem sounds similar so I would check that as it is something you can do.2. Is there a water shut off switch for the water heater?There should be a turn-off somewhere in the line to just shut it off there. Follow the line back until you find it3. Is there a way to convert a Natural Gas water heater to LPG?In answer to your question, yes you can make a conversion, but it would be beneficial to employ the knowledge of a skilled person, generally i give advice to all types of home projects, but Gas is something you should leave to the experts. A guy traveling down from heaven was met by a guy on the way up, the guy on the way down, said hey buddy do you know anything about gas boilers, the guy on the way up, said no way man, but what do you know about gas fires? They were traveling in opposite directions but the result was the same. The moral of the story, hire a professional, if he makes a mistake, at least your feet are still on the ground. Good luck Paul M.4. How to remove sulfur odor in hot water heater?Most water heaters have an anode tube. This will have to be removed. However, this will shorten the life of the heater but this will probably be a good trade off. There is another type of tube to use but I can not remember what it's called. Maybe someone else will log on give you the information. Regards, Dale.
Service Life and Precautions of Water Heater
When I came home during the Spring Festival, I found that the water heater in my home was "old age".It has been sticking to its post for nearly 13 years. It is not easy to live so tenaciously after going through repair and mending. The old people at home uphold the excellent traditional virtue of diligence and thrift and mend for another year.Fortunately, it broke down again this time, and under the strong replacement requirements of Xiaobian, the family is finally going to usher in a new water heater.Diligence and thrift are indeed commendable, but household appliances have a service life. If they exceed the service life and fail, there are potential safety hazards even after maintenance, so replacement should be considered.China Household Appliances Association has already issued a series of standards for "safe service life of household appliances", which clearly defines the safe service life of water heater: the service life of electric water heater is 8 years.Water heaters that have exceeded their service life may have the following problems:1. Increased energy consumption;2. Accidents are easy to occur, because exceeding the service life will lead to the aging of components and increase the possibility of leakage;3. In case of safety problems, the manufacturer will no longer bear the responsibility and cannot claim;4. The function design is backward and inconvenient to use.Take our water heater as an example. Before it broke down completely, there had been several times of non combustible fire, and the bottom of the shell was rusty and dripping water from time to time.The key is that our water heater was designed more than ten years ago. We need to rotate the knob to adjust the fire power and temperature. The key is that we can't adjust to the specific temperature value. We can only choose high temperature and low temperature, which is very unwise.The use experience is getting worse and worse. The water temperature goes up when the water is a little smaller. Taking a bath in summer is like drenching down with water at 70 or 80 degrees.Another potential safety hazard is that it is a direct row water heater. There is no suction and exhaust device in the direct row water heater.When the water heater burns water, it sucks in indoor air to participate in the combustion of liquefied petroleum or natural gas, consuming oxygen in the indoor space. Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other waste gases generated in the combustion process are directly discharged indoors. When the oxygen in the indoor space is exhausted, the concentration of toxic gas increases.If it happens that the bathroom is closed, the air is not circulating, and people inhale for too long, it will directly lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and loss of life in serious cases. Fortunately, the country has already banned the production and sales of direct row water heaters.It is also suggested that when installing the gas water heater, it is best to choose the ventilation place on the balcony or kitchen.When choosing the water heater this time, I also had a good understanding of the common sense of the water heater.One of them is the liter. The liter of water storage water heater refers to the amount of water that can be stored in the water tank. The liters of gas water heater can be understood as the heating capacity, which refers to how many liters of water can be increased by 25 ℃ per minute.For example, 10L gas water heater can raise 10L water by 25 ℃ per minute. The larger the number of liters, the higher the heating energy consumption, hot water volume and heating time.When we choose the gas water heater, we choose the number of liters according to the specific use needs at home, not the bigger the better.If there is a kitchen and a bathroom for 2-3 people, generally 10-12 liters of hot water is enough. If the family has a large population and is still a double bathroom, a water heater with a large number of liters can be appropriately selected to meet the hot water demand.Another point is that it is best to choose a thermostatic water heater. You can use hot water with appropriate temperature in summer or winter to ensure the comfort of shower.At present, the water heaters on the market can basically adjust to specific temperature values and ensure constant temperature, so that consumers can have a more comfortable and satisfactory use experience.In short, any electrical appliance has a service life. For electrical products that often fail beyond the safe service life, the best solution is to replace them. After all, safety comes first.The service life of the water heater is 8 years. It should be checked regularly during use to prevent explosion risk caused by gas leakage. It is best to install it in the ventilated place of balcony and kitchen to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.In the selection of liters, consider the use habits and needs of the family, not the most expensive, but the most comfortable.Editor ajx
Landlord Installed New 30 Gallon Electric Water Heater, Is It True Only a 10 Minute Shower?
The water heater is too small for the amount of people. You should have at least a 40 gallon. The preferred would have been a 50. But thats renting for you. They go the aka cheapest route1. Why would a new electric water heater blow breaker?You may have it wired backwards. Breaker could be weak. or over loaded. The new heater may be drawing to many amps for the breaker, just a thought. Good luck. ww2. should i wrap my amtrol electric water heater with insulation?Most new-ish water heaters already have a lot of insulation. Adding more will never even recoup the cost of that insulation. It wo not hurt anything though, so long as you do not cover up any vents.3. My hot electric water heater produces hot water, but there is water on the floor?It could be either one. Check all the fittings on top of tank. Most warrantys are 5 years4. Is connecting a 16A plug to 10A sockets for an electric water heater a problem?First thing you need to check out the wire size in there. If wire size or above you can change the 10 A socket to 16A5. moving electric water heater to old shower coveYou can move the water heater to just about anywhere that would be convenient. However, it is not a good idea to reduce the size down from 3/4" to 1/2" directly off of the tank. You will likely run into issues with water pressure. In branch plumbing, it is best to keep the size of the pipe at its maximum until it branches off to a specific fixture. Most fixtures, with the exception of a toilet takes 1/2". A toilet is actually reduced to 5/8" by the time it gets to the fill valve. 5/8" is an odd size in plumbing, so most plumbers typically run 1/2" anyway.You should try to extend the 3/4" pipe as far as you can go, and then tee off of it using multiple 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/2 tees. When you tee off, try to make that run directly to a fixture without teeing off again. This will greatly help keep the water pressure balanced. If all of the plumbing is 1/2", then the fixtures will compete against each other for water because there is not enough volume of water coming through the pipe6. What is a Electric Water Heater Timer?Basic timer switch at power source to water heater. Allows user to turn wAter heater on and off at certain hrs. For example, on at 5 am, off at 9 am then on at 4 pm and off at 9 pm. Nine hours instead of 24 constantly reheating same water7. I have to continuously press the reset button on my electric water heater?The reset is failing. You need to service it. it is telling you that there is a short in the unit. It could be a heating element starting to short out. It could be the thermostat going bad. Those are the 2 most common things to go on a electric unit. Unless you know how to remove the element I would call the plumber or a friend that has this type of knowladge. It's not hard you just need the right tool and knowladge8. My Mobile home electric water heater has a leak but i cant find the cold water shut off, can anyone help?good advice from gilfinn. I would also drain the heater to stop the leak completely. Hook a hose to the drain, open the spigot and let it drain out. You might have to open a hot water spigot in the bathroom or kitchen also so the water will flow.9. Electric water heater leaks around the top, how do I fix it?By design it is always filled to capacity, it is a pressure tank. Do not mess with the relief valve, it is there to prevent the tank from exploding due to malfunction causing overheating (if you are curious about that just do an internet search of boiler explosions). Do not turn off the water supply and drain the tank without also turning off the heat source (electric or gas, by the way?). you (or a plumber) should be able to determine if the fittings are leaking and repair them if they are. If the tank itself is compromised you need to replace the whole unit
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