Are You Aware That the Bill "Restoration of the Clean Water Act" Will Federalize All Water in the US

What do you exspect with Democrats, take it all and give it to the poor, in control of congress

1. why is bush saying he is going to veto renewing the clean water act?

he is not putting this country first... all he cares about is Iraq

2. Why can water act as a mirror?

I do not know how. But can i ask why are your parents asking?

3. How does water act at the bottom of a tank when the tank is being discharged?

assuming water is being added to the tank faster than it's leaving then the volume of water in the tank will increase until it overflows. So initially there will be enough turbulence to maintain sand in suspension and it will be flushed out of the tank. However as the level increases, local quiescent zones will be created in the corners allowing some of the sand to settle (all this depends on the sieve size of the sand and amount of turbulence - so this is all quantitative). Once the tank is filled to overflowing you will have sandy water overflowing the top of the tank and sandy water exiting the bottom of the tank with possibly some sand deposited on the bottom of the tank. If you are trying to build a separator for the sand and water mixture you will have to add baffles and possibly a filter medium - depending upon the level of sand removal you want - or you could build yourself a hydroclone... but that's another question

4. Do Republicans want to repeal the clean air act and the clean water act?

This is somewhat like the conservative claim that Democrats want the Bush tax cuts to expire, therefore they must also want to tax the rich for every last dollar they have

5. Do Republicans want to repeal the clean air act and the clean water act?

What about these acts really corrects the conditions of air and water? If they do not do what they are supposed to do, repelaing them does not mean you are repealing clean air and clean water.

6. Under the Clean Water Act:?

1. Yes the federal government is responsible for enforcement, specifically the EPA 2. The act only covers point sources, thus it's goal is to restrict these 3. The permit holders are to monitor their own water and submit it to the EPA 4. The focus is on point pollutants, with few exceptions

7. Can anyone tell me what the purpose of the clean water act is? Im serious, no joke.?

Read Bob's answer - he seems incredibly well-informed (he answered my question really well!) Also, and on the side, several people are concerned about the cleanliness of the water in the US, since the government is considering changing the mining laws. If mining is allowed on the tops of hills this pollutes the rivers and streams which flow in the valleys at the base of the hills. There is controversy about allowing this type of mining, and the controversy is based upon the clean water act.

8. Who is the Clean Water Act enforced by?

The Clean Water Act is enforced by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of the US federal government!

9. How does water act as either a proton donor or a proton acceptor?

When discussing acids/bases, it's important to realize that the proton they are referring to is the H ion. Hydrogen atoms typically have 1 proton, 1 electron, and 0 neutrons (notice average atomic mass of 1.0079). Water acts as a proton donor when it reacts with a base. For example: NH3 H2O NH4^ OH^- The water gave a proton (H) to ammonia forming ammonium ion. Water acts as a proton acceptor when it reacts with an acid. For example: HC2H3O2 H2O C2H3O2^- H3O The water took a proton from the acid.

10. In what state was "Federal Water Pollution Control Act" also known as "Clean Water Act" imposed?

Edmund Muskie introduced it. Since it's Federal, all states have to accept it unless they wanted to fight it.


The Clean Water Act is really important in conservation. One of the big sections in this act is 404 which requires people to obtain permits to fill or dredge waters of the U.S. In '77 the act had to be revised to define waters. This act protects not only lakes, rivers, and streams, but another resource not often considered and historically abused, Wetlands

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