Are Chuck Taylors Supposed to Look Like Clown Shoes?

Depends. They tend to look more like clown shoes on people who have big feet


1.On a first date, wear a T-shirt that says im with stupid or a T-shirt that says who cut the cheese I am with stupid! 2.have diarrhea everytime you get excited or pee a little bit every time someone says your name? niether?(lol ewww) 3.Be naked in winter OR wear a snowsuit in summer? Be naked in never said that I would not be able to be in the house *with a heater*..and besides, over here it gets extremely hot in summer. 4.Live in an igloo OR live in a tree? Igloo, I would rather have penguins over, than bugs. lol 5.Eat dog meat OR eat horse meat? I have a I guess horse meat. 6.Have a cloud constantly raining on your head OR have a swarm of bees follow you everywhere I would go with the cloud&rain *there's always umbrellas* ;) 7.Wear giant clown shoes everyday OR have giant ears? Clown shoes 8.Drink a gallon of tomato sauce OR bathe in tomato sauce for a week? I've never drank tomato juice...I am guessing that I would be pretty sticky if I bathed in tomato sauce...I will go with the first one. 9.smell like a skunk OR smell like a rat that crawled up in ur butt and died Can I say neither?lol hmmm...skunk?lol idk! 10.every time you fart it makes the sound of an air horn OR the sound of an alarm clock for 15 seconds An air horn...I mean, I could always just look up in confusion and be like "woah!, what was that?!" xD but the alarm clock would be kind of awkward.

2. Wheres the best place to buy used clown shoes?


3. Shoe poll: Golf shoes or clown shoes?

i am with Chef on the attempting them on interior the afternoon undertaking. i am additionally with the different answerers on the belief of not figuring out to purchase without attempting on. yet another be attentive to understanding concerning Nike vs Adidas (from my very own own adventure). Nike's in many circumstances are extra effective for persons with narrower ft and decrease arches as Adidas shoes have on no account extra healthful me properly, yet Nike's experience like they have been made for me. i am a Nike guy, yet a lot of human beings swear by applying the three Stripes! sturdy success!

4. How much would you pay to have a man with big clown shoes to come tap dance on your boss's desk?

heck yeah and specially if they where old and fat and did a little strip least 75 dollars

5. my converse look like clown shoes!! waaa!!!!?

return them?

6. What looks more attractive: Ugg boots or clown shoes?

Ugg boots are more convenient. Clown shoes must be inflated, especially before walking across water

7. Cheerleading tryouts? What to wear?

A suit of armor, a parka, a pair of clown shoes, rubber gloves, an afro wig, and a blindfold

8. Would you ever consider wearing big, floppy clown shoes and a red nose?

NEVER! ever since i ate mushrooms and looked in the mirror I've been scared of all clowns especially ronald mcdonald and miley cyrus

9. Do clown shoes ignite into flames very fast or does it take awhile?

No but it helps if you stuff them full of liter fluid balloons

10. Why are Crocs (aka Clown Shoes) Dusgustingly ugly?

First, let's dispense with the whole "they are so comfortable" whine. That's not the point and irrelevant to a discussion of aesthetics. They look like clown shoes and they are ugly because they make the foot look much larger than it really is. When one wears crocs all the attention is drawn to the foot. A size seven foot on the inside of a croc swells to a size eleven silhouette once encased in the plastic shoe. The foot is sudden;y out of proportions with the rest of the body and far too much attention is drawn to these large plastic encased feet. When the crocs are some weird or flashy colour, the problem of proportion is magnified, soon the rest of the body and what is on it is eclipsed by a pair of overly large, overly colourful plastic clogs. All the comfort in the world will not change the fact that crocs make the feet look disproportionately large in relation to the rest of the body and takes positive attention away from anything else the person might be wearing. How can anyone see that expensive designer top or purse or jeans when it's paired with slime green crocs?.

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