Air Conditioner Not Cooling, HVAC Tech Sounds Fishy?

It depends on what measurements the hvac techn. took, if any, what they are. System high and low pressures, indoor supply and return air temperatures, mainly. Without know those, I can not say. However, there is ALWAYS something a tech can do to improve the performance, and, nothing can be done is not acceptable. I agree with the others about the heat load being too much for many systems. And, rental houses as a rule are poor when it comes to the landlord paying for maintenance when they can just rent to some other sucker, sorry, who is unaware of the condition of the heating and air system. I would call the owner and complain AND have another company take a look.

1. Can an air conditioner purify the air from the inside of a house?

no, air conditioner only recirculates air. the evaporator filter will clean lots of dirt and dust, but will not filter microscopic contaminants

2. How to reduce air Conditioner costs...?

Your girl is right.You dont turn your fridge off and on.You dont turn a freezer off and on

3. Air conditioner is running, but will not cool.?

Step 1,unplug power.step 2,do visual for burnt wires or anything that looks abnormal,step 3 pull cover off of wires on compressor and look for loose/broken wires,while your at this also feel top of compressor and see if it is very hot.reason being compressors have a internal overload which could be open.If by some chance this is the case,let unit cool off for several hours and then try to restart unit. Bottom line is that it is not practical to repair most window units due that compressors run more than what you have in that one.Good luck !

4. Why is my air conditioner full of water?

I've had a similar problem. Remove the front cover. Depending on the model, there will be a small slot along the bottom that leads to the outside. This "drain channel" becomes clogged. I used a can of compressed air to blow out the channel. Problem solved. I found all kinds of debris in the drain. The drain is not very big so you may need a flash light to locate it. The water is the humidity the a/c unit is removing from the air. I hope this helps.

5. Making House Air Conditioner More Efficient...?

issues to seek for: Is the air filter out grimy. no rely if it extremely is a widely used air conditioner, verify out the outdoors unit and notice if the coil is plugged with dirt. If it extremely is a window unit, it the coil that faces outdoors would desire to be grimy. if it is so it is going to could be taken aside and wiped sparkling by a expert. There may well be a mechanical malfunction and agin you will need expert help. Is is sufficiently vast to do the interest? Ed Bishop Heating and air con handbook.

6. air conditioner in my car ----HELP!!!!?

That particular vehicle has what they call Mode Actuator controlls...I work at a Chevy dealership...And In most cases it is the control panel that is bad..It control the Mode Acutators, and when there is a failure it default the full hot... Good luck...It is a relatively easy fix...

7. Who to call to get an air conditioner cord replaced?

I am surprised you do not have to call the doggy coroner actually! Assuming this was plugged in, that's one lucky dog! As to who to call, an electrician would be the best place to start, but since the ones in your area seem to be *above* this minor a job, perhaps you could look in the yellow pages under *handyman services*. It's also something you could do yourself if you are the DIY type as it's not that hard, but if not, keep trying the local electricians. One of them has to be free for the few minutes this is going to take. Al

8. How does an air conditioner, and a heater work?

The water is just condensation from the AC it does not use water. The water is the reaction of the cold AC unit and warm/hot air. The heater uses hot water from the motor to heat air that is being blowen thru the heater core (like a small radiator). The AC uses what is called Freeon (A-12 old .. A134 new stuff) and it cools another core and air is blowen thru it to blow cold air into the car... There is a door in the heater unit that controls the amount of air blown thru each core and which core the air is blown thru depending on how your temp control is set... hope this helps Tim

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It is not bad. Fairly normal and very common. It will not hurt anything except annoy you. There are expensive remedies1. Should I get my air conditioner serviced if it is working okay?Take a garden hose and VERY gently rinse your outdoor unit until any dirt is removed from the coil... and I mean gently. You now have a serviced AC. If it seems to be running too long then make a call and get it checked out. Other than that, change your filters on time. Call to have your indoor coil cleaned if you are forgetful for months with your filters. If you take good care of it, you should not need maintenance other than the rinsing of the coils when they get significantly dirty2. How cold should the air coming from my air conditioner be?It's August. It's HOT outside. We want to be COOL inside. But just how cold should the air temperatures be coming from the supply vents? While most people just assume that "cold" is the correct answer, there is a range of acceptable temperatures. I will get into that in just a minute, but first I feel it's important to understand (just a little) of how our HVAC system works. When the air conditioning system is on, and working correctly, the process that is occurring is that warm air is being pulled from the home (let's say 75 degrees) through the return vent and moving through the A/C units evaporator coil. This is where the magic happens! Through the science of evaporative cooling, when this warm air passes through the evaporator coil, a volume of heat is removed from that warm air and we get cold air coming from the air ducts! It is this process that cools your home! Through this process, humidity is also removed, which helps make us feel more comfortable. Now, from the example above, with 75 degree air being pulled in at the air filter, what temperature should we expect to be blowing out? Well, the general consensus is somewhere between 14 to 20 degrees colder than the intake temperature. From my example, 55 to 61 degrees would be an acceptable range.3. How do I clean my wall mounted air conditioner?replace the filter it is probebly that your lucky it does not shut off altogether4. how do i make the noise less in my window air conditioner?Not a lot. You do not want that thing to be closed off, you want as much air circulation through the outside of that thing as you can get. What you could do is get above the AC unit on the outside wall, and mount a small awning. Just big enough that the awning's drip edges are beyond the edges of the AC, and high enough that there's a foot or (preferably) more of clear air between them, so it does not interfere with the AC's breathing. Obviously the higher you mount it above the AC, the larger you will want it to be so it catches more of the rain before it hits the unit. But do not go too crazy. What to make it out of? That's up to you. You could do a decent job with a piece of cheap plywood and a little rudimentary frame to screw it to the side of the house. Attachment is up to you since we have no idea what kind of siding you have, but obviously you will need to take those considerations into account when you design and build. In fact, I recommend the plywood. Sand, prime and paint, a couple or three coats. You could use a piece of aluminum flashing but that's going to make a pretty strong sound. The plywood will tend to deaden the noise, not make it worse.5. My air conditioner fan will not come on and it freezes up inside the house.?Turn the entire system off Call an Air Conditioning repair shop Get it fixed properly6. Does using your air conditioner in your car burn more fuel?if your going less than 50mph yes. best roll down the windows then. but over 50, it's better to keep the the ac on than windows down
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