Air Conditioner Leaking in Attic?

I assume that your compressor is outside and your condenser is in the attic. The compressor pumps cold air to the condenser. The fan moves your household air over the condenser where the warm air hits the cold condenser. That causes the moisture in your air to condense and fall into your drain pan. The water in that drain pan is piped to the outside where it drains. The cold air pipe coming from your compressor will cause moisture to condense on it if not properly insulated. Make sure that pipe is fully covered to avoid premature condensation on the inlet pipe. Also make sure that all the condensate falling off your condenser is going into the drip pan. After that, you need to insure that the drip pan is draining properly to the outside. Pretty mechanical, just check one step at a time.

1. 4 Bricks Needed for Air Conditioner in Window?

Walmart sells bricks as does any of your hardware or home improvement stores

2. air conditioner fan runs constantly in auto?

i bet your indoor fan relay is shot. OR the t-stat could be shorted out. i think the indoor fan relay is shot. it's stuck closed so that anytime the unit is on, the relay is closed and the fan comes on. (cheap fix. =

3. How do you clean an old air conditioner?

could desire to you spray it down sturdy with Lysol Disinfectant Spray? enable it dry in the previous turning it on returned. basically a speedy, effortless & low priced theory! different than that, which you ought to to purchase a sparkling A/C unit. If it extremely is a window kind. they are presently particularly low priced. you will discover one for under a $a hundred.00

4. what's wrong with my air conditioner?

Depending on what the smell was (i.e. burnt rubber) it could be a burned fan belt. If the unit turns on, I do not think it is electrical connection problem. It could also be a bad relay to the fan (i.e. the compressor is creating conditioned refrigerant but the fan wo not switch on so the unit turns off). Regardless, if the air conditioner is new it is probably still covered under warranty (generally parts and labor are included, free of charge, for a year, but I would check with the manufacturer).

5. Air conditioner in the house and electricity bill.....?

You are right the longer it tuns the more it cost. If you turn down the thermostat the longer the unit will run and therefore it will run longer. It does not go faster if you turn the temp down to cool to that temp but it does run longer. You are charged by the KW or how many watts you use for energy. One hour is one hour so it does not matter unless you have a high, low medium setting for the fan then you may see a little difference. But it is a matter of how long it tuns, you are right. Good luck :)

6. sensitive to cold air conditioner?

When I started displaying these symptoms I called some friends of mine who were medical researchers. Their answer was this: Buy a saline nasal spray and use it twice a day - religiously. Once when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Okay, I thought this was too easy to fix anything. Let me tell you - it is amazing. Apparently it keeps your sinus cavities cleaned out and moist so the sinus trouble can not develop. It is a very inexpensive fix if it works for you. And, my sensitivity to cold diminished. I still do not like being cold and will usually have a sweater with me but nothing like it used to be. I've told many people about this and they've all reported significant improvement. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

7. Problem with house air conditioner?

Is it central or window unit? Is the fan running(on evaporator and condensor if central)? Is the compressor running?Are the fins clean (air flow)? Is the power to it on(check breakers)?

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Properly taking care of your air conditioner coils increases the air conditioners usefulness and life expectancy.  Getting down the gritty details of cleaning your air conditioner might not be as difficult as you might think. Much of it is routine maintenance you would be doing in part anyway, and a few cleaning tips you can easily master will help the chore even easier.You Will Need a Few ItemsCoil cleaner (this can be found in most hardware stores)Compressed air in a canSmall cleaning brush Screw driver Routine maintenance Step 1 - Remove Debris and TrashIn the area of the yard around the air conditioners housing, make sure there are no debris or excess dirt.  If the air conditioner sits at the corner, especially there will be a collection of dead leaves, broken branches and other similar trash that should be picked up on a routine basis as it can clog up and cause problems with the air conditioner.  It can also make the area look more inviting to small wildlife like snakes or mice. These tiny pests can make a mess and chew on wires if they try to make a home in the air conditioning housing.  Snakes in cold weather will look for someplace warm and dry to curl up so if you live in an area where these reptiles are known to inhabit keep an eye out for them.Step 2 - Turn Off the PowerBefore going out to clean the coils, turn off the thermostat.  Wait a few minutes to make sure it cycles down then turn off the power from the main switch outside.  This will keep you from getting a very nasty shock if you accidentally touch anything.  Powerful voltage surges through the machine and you do not need to experience anything other than cool, crisp air.  Give the electric current a few minutes to dissipate before removing the housing.Step 3 - Remove the HousingTo remove the housing start by using the screwdriver to take out the screws being careful to put them in a container or bag so as not to lose them then carefully lift the grill off and set it aside.  Step 4 - Blow Out the CoilsLocate the air conditioner coils. One of the reasons you should never use a hose to clean the grill will become apparent the second you see the coils.  It is natural for dust and dirt to accumulate on them, and if they get wet from the hose water you have a cloggy, messy hard to remove crusty crud all over the coils.  Holding something over your nose use the compressed air to carefully blast and blow out the dust and dirt then use the small brush to really clean them out as best you can.  You might have to give more than a few blasts of air followed by scrubbing to really clean them if they have not been maintained well.Step 5 - Finish UpUse the coil cleaner on the now dust free coils to make them more resistant to taking on more dust or grime.   Remember to put everything back as it was and then turn the power back on.  Wait a few minutes then turn the thermostat back on as well.What happens if you sneeze in a clean room? Why are the 'bunny suits' in clean rooms sufficient, if they aren't even pressurized/sealed?First of all when you wear a cleanroom suit as they are called, your mouth is covered so you should not be 'spraying out droplets' when you sneeze.Picture source: .:An Tou00e0n lu00e0 ngu01b0u1eddi bu1ea1n cu1ee7a cu00e1c doanh nghiu1ec7p :.As to why the cleanroom suits as they are, are sufficient, they are to prevent 'most' of the particles generated by our body via skin, clothing and breath from contaminating the environment. The most sensitive areas are the front-end wafer manufacturing plants. Cleanrooms in these areas have what you call laminar flow of clean air constantly flowing from the ceiling vertically downwards to the perforated raised flooring (where cleanliness level is lower, perforated flooring may not be used), refer to pictures below. nPicture source: EC centrifugal fans for fan filter unitsThis laminar flow of clean air acts as a barrier to prevent any particles generated from the human from being spreading horizontally. Instead they are flushed straight downwards by the laminar flow. Further, wafers are never left in the open. They are usually in closed plastic boxes. In even more sensitive production areas or facilities, basically 300mm wafer plants the wafers are totally enclosed in Front Opening Unified Pods (FOUPs). Where they are literally in a mini environment of their own. See pictures at the end. Normal wafer boxesnSource: SILICON WAFER SHIPPING BOX -FOSB FOUP-Front Opening Unified Pods (FOUPs)nSource: Entegris (MICRO Buyers Guide)nSee my other answer describing a little more on the environment in a cleanroom: Why does the wafer fab environment need to be so clean that the workers have to wear clean-room suits?What happens if you sneeze in a clean room? Why are the 'bunny suits' in clean rooms sufficient, if they are not even pressurized/sealed?
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