A Water Bottle Makes a Big Impact

Charles F. Van de Water

Charles F. Van de Water (October 12, 1872 November 20, 1920) was a Republican politician in California. He was born in Hobart, New York. He won a seat to the United States House of Representatives from California's 9th congressional district in the 1920 election by defeating the Prohibition party incumbent, Charles H. Randall.

Van de Water died in a car crash before assuming office, and Republican Walter F. Lineberger later won a special election to his seat.


Water polo at the 2011 Pan American Games

Water polo at the 2011 Pan American Games was held from October 23 to October 29, 2011, at the Scotiabank Aquatics Center in Guadalajara, Mexico. Each men's and women's team consisted of 13 athletes. Therefore, a total of 208 athletes competed in water polo at these games. The winner of each tournament (the United States) qualified to compete at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Great Britain, while the second through fourth-place finishers in each tournament qualified for the last chance qualifying tournament.


Alapuzha Water Taxi

The first water taxi service in India began operations in Alapuzha from 15th October, 2020. The service was inaugurated by Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala in the presence of Sri. A.K. Saseendran, Transport Minister of Kerala, and various other dignitaries. The boat is named Thejus 1 and is the first boat under Nirva Series built by Navgathi.

Earlier, multiples states had announced plans for water taxis - Goa (2019), Delhi (2019), Mumbai (2019), Assam (2018) and West Bengal (2017).However, at the time of inauguration of Alapuzha Water Taxi service in Kerala, none of the above planned service had commenced operations.


Ahlen Water Tower

The Ahlen water tower is an industrial monument and landmark in the Ahlen, Germany.

The spherical water tank is 44 metres (144ft) high and has a capacity of 1,000 cubic metres (35,000cuft). From 1915 to 1917, the water tower served as the sole water supply for the Westphalia mine and the miners colony built in 1892 by Gelsenwasser AG.

Today the distinctive blue water tower is monument and is a historical example of the early development of riveting at the beginning of the 20th century.


Upper Vaal Water Management Area

Upper Vaal WMA, or Upper Vaal Water Management Area (coded: 8), is a Water Management Area that includes the following major rivers: the Wilge River, Liebenbergsvlei River, Mooi River and Vaal River, and covers the following Dams:

Boskop Dam Mooi River

Grootdraai Dam Vaal River

Klerkskraal Dam Mooi River

Klipdrift Dam Loop Spruit

Potchefstroom Dam Mooi River

Saulspoort Dam Liebenbergvlei

Sterkfontein Dam Nuwejaar Spruit

Vaal Dam Vaal River


Andrew Robinson (water polo)

Andrew Robinson (born January 6, 1988) is a male water polo player from Canada. He was a member of the Canada men's national water polo team, that claimed the bronze medal at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Playing as a holechecker Robinson played in his first international competition at the 2006 Junior Pan American Championship in Montreal. He studied business at the University of Calgary. His sister Christine plays for the national women's water polo team.


Vladimir Semyonov (water polo)

Vladimir Viktorovich Semyonov (Russian: , May 10, 1938 November 21, 2016) was a Russian water polo player who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1960 Summer Olympics, in the 1964 Summer Olympics, and in the 1968 Summer Olympics. He was born in Moscow. In 1960 he was a member of the Soviet team which won the silver medal. He played five matches. Four years later he won the bronze medal with the Soviet team in the water polo competition at the 1964 Games. He played all six matches and scored four goals. At the 1968 Games he was part of the Soviet team which won again a silver medal in the Olympic water polo tournament. He played all eight matches and scored four goals.


Diversion of Water from the Meuse Case

Diversion of Water from the Meuse Case (Netherlands v. Belgium), P.C.I.J. (Ser. A/B) No. 70. was a judgment of the Permanent Court of International Justice on terms of treaties.

An 1863 treaty between Belgium and the Netherlands regulated water use of the Meuse River to ensure sufficient flow for navigation and irrigation. As the economic use of the river valley developed, increased pressure was placed on the river. In 1937, the Netherlands brought proceedings, alleging that Belgiums use of the river had expanded beyond the terms of the treaty. Belgium filed counterclaims against expansion projects by the Netherlands.

The Court concluded that the Treaty did not prevent either State from developing the river resources as they had been doing.


Greek Water Polo Cup

The Greek Water Polo cup is the second most important competition of Greek men's waterpolo and is organised by KOE (Hellenic Swimming Federation). It was first held in 1953. Initially started as a competition in memory of Pantelis Psychas, Greek athlete of the swimming. The competition was interrupted from 1959 to 1983. Moreover, it wasn't held in 1993-94 season. From 1998-99 season the Final Four system was instituted. Olympiacos Piraeus have won the most titles (21), followed by Ethnikos Piraeus (12).



NCAA Men's Water Polo Championship

The 1985 NCAA Men's Water Polo Championship was the 17th annual NCAA Men's Water Polo Championship to determine the national champion of NCAA men's collegiate water polo. Tournament matches were played at the Belmont Plaza Pool in Long Beach, California during December 1985.

Stanford defeated UC Irvine in the final, 1211 (in two overtimes), to win their fifth national title. This was a rematch of the 1982 championship match, won by UC Irvine. Coached by Dante Dettamanti, the Cardinal finished the season 254.

Jeff Campbell (UC Irvine) and David Imbernino (Stanford) were named the Most Outstanding Players of the tournament. An All-Tournament Team, consisting of eight players, was also named.

The tournament's leading scorer was J.R. Salvatore from UC Irvine (10 goals).


History (men's team) of water

Spartak Volgograd was founded in 1994. However, the water polo department was established two years later. Spartak was succeeding right after its foundation, winning the title of the Russian Championship in 1997 and finishing in second place in 1998. Furthermore, the club became fourth at the LEN Champions League during that period. Since 2010, Spartak is one of the dominant forces in Russian water polo, as it has won seven consecutive national championship titles. Spartak was also successful internationally, winning the 201314 LEN Euro Cup, a European second-tier club competition


Linkpings SF of water

Linkpings SF Water Polo Team, also known as LSF, is a water polo club based in Linkping, stergtland, Sweden. LSF was formed on 19 November 2009 after a split from the swimming club, LASS. LSF's colours are white, blue and orange. The club is currently playing in, Elitserien (vattenpolo), which is the highest water polo league in Sweden. 14 May 2016, LSF became for the first time, in the history of the club, the Swedish Champion in Elitserien (vattenpolo), after beating Polisen with 8-3 in the final game. Season (2014/2015), LSF finished at a second place after losing the final, towards Jrflla, by 10-13.



Greek Water Polo Super Cup

The Greek Water Polo Super Cup is a Water Polo club competition that takes place in Greece since 1996. It is an annual match contested between the Water Polo Champion of Greek Volleyleague and the Cups Winner. The matches take place in different cities every year. The competition held for three consecutive years, between 1996-98. The next years the competition stopped and it restarted in 2018. Olympiacos has the most cups and follows Vouliagmeni.


Gavin Woods (water polo)

Gavin Woods (born 1 March 1978 in Sydney) is an Australian water polo player. He was a member of Australia's Olympic squad at the 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. He began his career playing centre-back but switched to centre-forward for the 2004 Olympics.

His father David is a three-time Olympian (1964, 1968 and 1972) and former coach of the Australian women's team (19911994), while his sister Taryn and his cousin Bronwyn Mayer were in the women's national team at the Sydney Olympics.

In 2019, he was inducted into the Water Polo Australia Hall of Fame.


Ron Turner (water polo)

Ronald Frederick "Ron" Turner (11 June 1929 12 October 2007) was a renowned British water polo player and Olympian.

He was born in Notting Hill, London, England and died in Acton, London, England.

Ron Turner played for The Penguins (the water polo club based in London, England) and represented Great Britain in the 1948 Summer Olympics as a reserve, in London, the 1952 Summer Olympics, in Helsinki, Finland, and the 1956 Summer Olympics, in Melbourne, Australia. At the Melbourne Games, he was chosen as part of the 'best of the rest of the World' team that played against the Olympic Champions, Hungary.

Subsequently, Ron Turner was involved in the organisation of competitive British water polo. He remained an active swimmer and trained regularly in the Masters section of the West London Penguin Swimming and Water Polo Club, a descendant of The Penguins, until his death.

Ron Turner was killed in a road traffic accident in Acton, West London, while cycling. He was 80 years old. His funeral took place on 24 October 2007 at Mortlake Crematorium and was attended by more than 100 people.


History of water

The National Watercolor Society was established by Dana Bartlett in 1920, who was its first president, as the California Water Color Society. In 1967, the members of the society decided to rename the society as the California National Watercolor Society. In 1975, the society was renamed as the National Watercolor Society.

The National Watercolor Society held its first exhibition in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The society used the museum to hold annual exhibitions for 25 years.

In 1999, the foundation of the new building for the National Watercolor Society was laid. The building was financed with the support of the members of the society. The opening ceremony of the building was held in 2010.


Technical features of water

Catamaran hull form ensures low resistance and better stability during operations

Built under IR class. The highest standard for inland water operation

Electric steering for high performance and response. Easy to install and maintain as opposed to hydraulic steering

Solar panels for auxiliary loads reduce the OPEX for the client.

High efficient, best in class, diesel OBM for propulsion.

CIPS batteries for auxiliary energy storage produced by solar power. Shore charging facility available when the sun is not available.


Mosedale Beck (Wast Water)

Mosedale Beck is a stream in Cumbria which runs into Wast Water, which is the deepest lake in England.

Mosedale Beck rises in Little Scoat Fell, it then flows south west until it reaches Ritson's Force waterfall. It then turns to the south and flows through the hamlet of Wasdale Head. It then flows through Down-in-the-Dale before it empties into Wast Water near the parallel Lingmell Beck.

The Mosedale Horseshoe is a celebrated mountain walk around Mosedale: starting at Wasdale Head it includes Yewbarrow, Red Pike, Scoat Fell, and Pillar.


Water Polo Olympic Test Event

The Visa Water Polo International was the test event for the Water Polo Arena for the 2012 Summer Olympics. It took place from 36 May 2012.

Four women's international water polo teams were invited to participate: Great Britain, Australia, the United States, and Hungary. There were two rounds. In the preliminary round, each of the teams will play each other once. All teams will then progress to the final round, where the first- and second-placed teams from the preliminary round play off for the gold medal, and the third- and fourth-placed teams for the bronze medal.

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Water Tank Buying Guide: Price, Types, Vastu Placement & Maintenance Tips
In this article, we give you all the information on selecting a water tank and how to place it, according to Vastu ShastraSafe drinking water is a basic need and continuous water supply is needed for day-to-day activities. Often, municipalities do not supply adequate water throughout the day. So, home owners prefer to invest in a water tank for their house, to get water supply at all times.A water storage tank collects water and stores it for later use and access. Residential water tanks and overhead water tanks have become important, as they are convenient for people to access the water supply 24×7. Water tanks are also used as catchment tanks for rainwater.In India, water tanks are made from plastic, concrete, metal, fiberglass, steel and other materials. Nowadays, the plastic polyethylene (poly) water tank is the most popular for water storage, as it is lightweight, non-corrosive and leak-proof. If by any chance the plastic tank does have slight damage, it can easily be secured with a sealant. The water tanks can last up to 10 years or more, depending on the material used to manufacture them.Plastic water tanks in India come in various capacities and types - underground or overhead type. Plastic water tanks are available in various sizes such as 500-litre, 1,000-litre, 5,000-litre and it can even go above 1,00,000 liters. They usually come in cylindrical, square and rectangular shapes.Some of the water tank brands in India are Sintex water tank, RC Plasto, Storewel, Aquatech, Supreme, Penguin, Vectus, Sheetal, Jindal, Sarita, Kaveri, Lotus, Easy tanks, Neropure, Selzer and others.The water tank depends on the storage capacity, layers of the plastic used, brand, state, dealer, etc.Elevated water storage tanks are fitted underground and are ideal for storing water from rainwater harvesting and municipal water. The size of the underground water tank is usually larger than the overhead tank.See also: A guide to water conservation methodsOverhead tanks are placed over the rooftop of any house or apartment. These are popular due to its cost-effectiveness and easy installation. Water storage tanks above ground can be easily checked for leakage through visual inspection and are usually easier to access if repairs are required. With overhead tanks, one can have to access the water even without electricity. Once the tank is filled, the gravitational force maintains the necessary water pressure through the water system.Placement of water tank according to VastuWater is one of the five elements mentioned in Vastu Shastra, which plays an important role and if its placement is not correct in the house, then, it can create problems for the occupants. Vastu Shastra has specific directions mentioned for placing the water tanks.The ideal direction for the overhead water tank is in the south-west or the west corner of the house. If those areas are not feasible, then, place the tank in the south or the north-west direction. Ensure that the tank placed in the north-west is of a small size.According to Vastu, the overhead water tank must never be kept in the north-east corner. Placing the tank in the south-east corner or the center is also not advisable, as it can result in financial loss and cause accidents.An overhead tank should not have any leakage towards the left. In case there is any leakage, it is considered inauspicious as it can cause financial loss.Underground water tanks can be either towards the north or east. If the position of the tank is towards the north-east direction of the plot, it results in happiness, wealth and prosperity.Underground water tanks should not be placed in the south direction, as it may causes mental stress and illness. The south-east direction of the house is for the fire element and there should be no water tank in that area. Similarly, the north-west and south-west directions are not recommended for underground water.Avoid a water tank above the kitchen or bedroom. There should be different tanks for different purposes. As per Vastu, avoid digging an underground water tank on Tuesday.For a small family, a 500 to 600-litre water storage tank is enough and for a big family (depending on the size of the family) opt for a 700 to 1,000-litre tank. One also gets small tanks that have a capacity of between 100 and 300 litres.Water storage tanks come in different shapes. Vertical water tanks are better for groundwater storage purposes, while horizontal tanks are ideal for underground storage purposes. For household purposes, a vertical tank would be ideal, as rectangular and square tanks can fit in the corners and make best use of space. For large areas, cylindrical tanks are the best.Storage tanks are available in various colours such as black, white, green beige, etc. Black and green tanks are preferred, as they prevent ultraviolet rays and the growth of harmful bacteria.Always choose the high-quality low linear density polyethylene (LLDPE) material and food-grade plastic material. These are safe to use and are durable.Plastic water storage tanks are available with many layers. These multiple layers protect the tanks from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The extra layers include the black middle layer and food-grade layers that make it safe for drinking water usage. So, opt for triple-layer tanks.Always select a well-known brand and one that has a warranty.See also: A quick guide on using water metersTips for maintenance and cleaning of plastic water tank• Ensure that the storage water tank is properly closed, to avoid any impurities or waste from entering. Regularly check for leakage of pipes and get them repaired immediately.• The purity of the water is also impacted by where it is stored. Whether it is a home building or a housing complex, the water tank should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year to avoid water contamination and to maintain health and hygiene.• To clean the tank fully, drain the stored water. Try to use it for some chores, rather than just wasting it.• Scrub the tank, to remove dirt and sediments. One can either use chlorine or liquid detergents to get rid of deposits and germs. After cleaning the tank, always ensure that the tap is left running for some time, to wash away the dirty water.• If one is unable to clean the tank oneself, it is better to hire professionals who will do high-pressure cleaning, such as vacuum cleaning, anti-bacterial spray, etc. and ensure it is thoroughly clean.I need information about Cold Salt Water Tanks and fish?Cold water salt water tanks can be hard to come by. There are very few fish on the market that are cold water. The only one I could fine was a Catalina Goby. They are marketed as warm water, but the live best at room temp. If you want any other cold water salt water fish, you might have to collect your own. If you want to go for Catalina goblies, a 30 gallon tank should be find. You can go smaller, but this is not recommend for beginner. I would do research on salt water tanks first. However, I do not think you will need a protein skimmer, just a good filter and some decor. Also, live rock and sand might not work because of the cold water( on second though, live sand should. Hope this helps!!
Functional Characteristics and Technical Parameters of Plant Water Potential Meter
The plant water potential measuring instrument is developed and supplied by topyunnong. The instrument is a special instrument specially used to measure the change of water potential in plants. It is composed of pressure reducing valve, 4L standard pressure cylinder, exhaust valve, pressure chamber and flow regulating valve. Correct use can obtain accurate water potential changes, the results can be used to quickly and accurately guide crop irrigation, and can establish a dynamic relationship between plant water potential and crop yield.In the continuous system of soil plant atmosphere, the roots and stems of plants continuously absorb water from the soil, and the leaves continuously evaporate and lose water to the surrounding environment. In this gradient system of water potential, there must be a water potential gradient relationship between roots, stems and leaves of plants, so that the small water column in the wooden duct is affected by the negative pressure of low water potential of air, Form a pull force for upward transportation of water. When plant branches or leaves are cut off, the tensioned water column in the conduit breaks, and the water column will shrink from the incision to the upper end. Put the cut material into the pressure chamber of the instrument (see the following chapter for the operation procedure), make one end of the notch extend out of the room and seal, then pressurize to re balance the tension in the branches or blades, and push the small water column back just to the surface of the notch. At this time, the water drop detection probe automatically detects the leakage of water drops and automatically locks the measurement data, The pressure value displayed on the LCD is the water potential value of the current plant.Functional features:1. Large screen LCD display, full Chinese menu operation.2. Measurement mode: automatic measurement, manual measurement, one button switching.3. MPa and bar are two measurement units to choose from.4. The pressure value displayed on the LCD is the water potential value of the current plant.5. Powerful storage function, which can store 4000 records.6. One click delete all measurement data.7. It can be uploaded to the computer through USB cable, and the upper computer software can automatically analyze the measurement data.8. The measurement data can be viewed in the form of report, and can be queried and viewed by selecting time period.9, the data can be stored and recorded back up in EXCEL format, so that it can be called later.Technical parameters:Detection range: 0-3.5mpaDisplay mode: LCD displayReading accuracy: 0.01MpaAppearance and size of instrument: box I: 560mm × 400mm × 280mmBox II: 630mm × 400mm × 310mm
Given the Fact That the Molecular Weight of Water Vapor Is Less Than That of Dry Air, What Affect Do
Indeed; moist air (air containing water vapor) is LIGHTER than dry air. As you correctly note, the molecular mass of water vapor (H2O) is 18, whereas the average molecular mass of air (80% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen, a mix or N2 and O2 with molecular mass 28 and 32 respectively) is about 29. Intuitively, this seems stupid, because air containing water should be HEAVIER than dry air. In fact, the difference is so great that clouds (which contain droplets of moisture as well as water vapor) readily stay in the air.— — — — — —Combat The Symptoms Of Dry Air By Following These TipsWinter brings several wonderful, awe-inspiring things. However, it also brings a few inconveniences. Apart from exceeding low temperatures and a bit of snow, there's also dry indoor air to contend with. Even though many do not see dry air as a severe issue, it's never completely harmless. Unfortunately, many people ignore the quality of air in the home. They fail to see its relevance in overall comfort and health as something that you want to do before dry air symptoms start rearing their heads. Get more information on dry air, its impact on indoor air quality, and strategies that will help you resolve this issue. What Causes The Indoor Air To Be Dry During Winter? When the air is dry, there is very little water vapor in the indoor environment and there may not be any at all. Water vapor is something that naturally exists in the air. Whether or not it's present is reliant upon the temperature of the space. Cold air is unable to hold onto moisture like warm air can. As such, dry air tends to be a far more common problem in winter than it is in either late spring or summer. The level of moisture or water vapor in the environment is referred to as humidity. Indoor humidity levels play a key role in determining just how comfortable your home is. Among some of the most common causes of excessively dry air in the home are: Lack Of Or Problems With Insulation If there's a decent balance of moisture in the air, the standards of indoor air quality are met and maintained. When there is insufficient moisture, however, it might mean that the building structure lacks adequate insulation Your central heating system can help lower indoor humidity levels. Whenever there is adequate moisture in the environment, this important balance can be maintained. If the home has gaps, cracks, or holes, dry air can be pulled into the living space from outside. This will, in turn, reduce the level of humidity even more, thereby causing the uncomfortable symptoms of dry indoor air. Whenever a heating appliance is used, humidity levels drop. This is also true of air conditioners and other cooling appliances. If nothing is replacing the amount of moisture being lost by using this equipment, the air will invariably become and remain dry. The Damages And Unpleasant Health Effects Caused By Dry Indoor Air Long periods of exposure to dry air can cause a host of problems for both your home and the health of everyone living in it. Among the more common effects of living in a dry air environment are: When the air is too dry, this makes the airways constrict, thereby making it hard for people to breath correctly. This can be problematic for anyone living with asthma or any other chronic respiratory issue. Some symptoms that people might experience when the air is too dry are tightening of the chest, shortness of breath, and coughing. When the skin becomes too dry, this can lead to flaking and itchiness. Air with insufficient levels of humidity can also cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Those who are ill with the flu can have worsened symptoms such as the additional itchy, dry eyes, and the chills. If you have wooden doors, wooden window frames, wooden furnishings, or hardwood floors, dry air can lead to problems with warping that damage and deform surfaces that were once perfect and smooth. Wood features can start drying and cracking, and the resulting deformities can make cabinets, closets, doors, and windows difficult to open and shut. Excessive dry air can also be detrimental to wall and can cause the wallpaper to peel off or the paint to crack. If you have paintings, books, paper sculptures, musical instruments, wooden sculptures, or other such items, these things can also be damaged by dry indoor air. How To Eliminate Dry Air In Your Home You can remove dry air given that there are many things that you can do to maintain balanced levels of moisture indoors. Take Care Of The Air Drafts Find areas that are allowing outdoor air into the home and fix these spaces. Cracks, gaps, and holes can be closed up with foam sealant, fillers, and putty. Use weatherstripping at all windows and doors to keep drafts out. You should also check the insulation in your home and add more as needed. In dry conditioning, humidifiers can work wonders by adding essential moisture back into the air. These are a number of small-sized humidifiers that are meant for use in small spaces. To ensure that conditions are improved all throughout your home, however, you might want to think about installing a whole-house humidifier. This will provide optimum levels of cost-efficient and highly effective comfort. Have Your HVAC System Inspected By A Professional Routine HVAC maintenance is essential for ensuring that your heating system is in optimum condition. You should ideally have this equipment inspected once each year, and preferably in the winter. Your HVAC technicians can locate problems and fix them right away so that you can avoid the related inconvenience and discomfort. Making sure that your HVAC system is in excellent condition is also a great way to prevent problems with indoor air pollution, and to keep everyone in your home healthy and safe. Your household should not have to deal with the discomfort and frustration of poor indoor air, especially during the already cold and challenging months of winter. If you are currently dealing with dry air issues, you can use the above-mentioned strategies to eliminate them and get your home winter-ready. Winter is the time to appreciate and enjoy the indoor environment, which also makes it a critical time to ensure that your home is comfortable and safe. McAllister Energy is offering first-rate heating, cooling, and home comfort solutions throughout the area. Our team is comprised of highly qualified, NATE-certified HVAC technicians who can perform superior HVAC replacements, tune-ups, installations, and repairs. All of our techs are skilled and able to take care of your project with the utmost professionalism and a truly outstanding outcome. When your home HVAC system has to be replaced or repaired, calling McAllister Energy is guaranteed to put you in good hands. Our HVAC service costs are highly competitive, and our work is backed with an impressive guarantee. Our top priorities are indoor air quality, efficiency, and comfort. To request a free, in-home estimate or to set up an appointment, call us now.
What Is the Best RO Water Purifier with Minerals in India?
We can not vouch for other brands, but if you are looking Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier then we have just what you need.Our water purifiers retain the essential minerals and eliminate the harmful bacteria and viruses only. So you know you are getting all the essential minerals!Furthermore, our EWI007 has Alkaline purification feature as well. Alkaline has immunity boosting benefits so you will be boosting your immunity while quenching your thirst.Do check out our products, they are available on Amazon as well as on our main website1. Reverse osmosis (RO) is used to?Purify water2. anyone ever ride on a "land rider" mountain bike looking for feedback good ro bad on whether to buy thisDsfa is on the money. These are lower end bikes selling for much more than they should be. It's all a marketing illusion. I saw the TV infomercial - what a joke. I LMAO for the entire 1/2 hour. The gimmick is auto shift. Like a person is too stupid to figure it out in a few minutes. And, even funnier, they do not have auto shift for the front derailleur so they call it "automax high-low function" Cyclists call it a front derailleur! For peat sakes! I highly doubt that the auto shifting would be acceptable for anyone interested in riding much. It would select what gear ergo, what cadence you ride at. Would this bike be stronger than another bike? NO. Why would it? If you are truly "confused" about shifting (this bike still requires you to shift the front remember) you might not want to ride a muti-speed bike at all. Go to a couple bike shops, for the same money you will get a better fit and a better bike for just your needs.3. I need a GOOD rap song rite now!? no Love songs or Seductive songs... cant stand them!! bit more of EMINEM&PAClisten to z-ro4. Prove or disprove that series ∑(tan k)/k is Cesàro summable and it's sum is 0?Some perhaps useless observations... Observation 1: The following sequence might be helpful: tan(n1) = (tan(n) tan(1))/(1 - tan(n)tan(1)) *** Observation 2: Claim: Fix delta>0. For almost all real numbers z in , pi], tan(zn)/n^(1delta) converges to 0 as n goes to infinity over the integers. Proof: Fact 1 (Theorem 1.6 in "Probability and Measure" by Billingsley): Fix epsilon>0. For almost all real numbers x in ,, the following equation holds for all but a finite number of positive integers p, q: |x - p/q| >= 1/q^(2epsilon). Fact 2: d*tan(pi/2 d) converges to 1 as d goes to 0. From fact 2 we get: Fact 3: There is a constant C such that for all non-zero d in (-pi/2, pi/2) we have |tan(pi/2d)| = 1/(2n)^(2epsilon) for all but a finite number of integers n. Thus (for almost all z in ,pi]): |d[n]/(pi*n)| >= 1/(2n)^(2epsilon) for all but a finite number of integers n. Define A = pi/2^(2epsilon). Then: |d[n]| >= A/n^(1epsilon) Thus (for almost all z in ,pi]): |tan(zn)| 5. Permanent GRUB edit from RO to RWYou do not want to edit your GRUB to permanently change ro to rw. You will render some of your recovery options inoperable. If you ever need one of them you might run into problems. A better approach is to edit the /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local file and modify a line in that file. If you have changed your 10_lupin or 10_linux files, you will need to revert your changes before doing what follows.Open in your favorite editor as root superuser your /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local file. Look for the line that reads as follows:Comment out that line and add the following three lines below that line (make sure they line up with the above line you have commented out):Save the file and run in a terminal:After that, you can reboot your system and you should be good to go whenever kernel updates come around, and you will be able to use recovery options as they should be used. Make sure to make a backup of the edited file in case an upgrade removes your changes. That way, if an upgrade manages to break your changes, you can copy the modified lines in the backed up file and place them in the proper location.
Now, Charge Your Cell Phones with Water!
ow on battery Give your cellphone some water! Swedish researchers have developed the world's first water-activated charger that can power your cellphone using just a puddle of ordinary water.Based on micro fuel cell technology developed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the MyFC PowerTrekk uses ordinary water to extend battery life for devices of up to 3 watts. Anders Lundblad, KTH researcher and founder of MyFC, says that the device can be powered by fresh or seawater. The water need not be completely clean. "Our invention has great potential to accelerate social development in emerging markets," Lundblad said. "There are large areas that lack electricity, while mobile phones fulfil more and more vital functions, such as access to weather information or electronic payment," he said. A USB connector attaches the compact PowerTrekk charger to the device. When plain water is poured onto a small recyclable metal disc inside the unit, hydrogen gas is released and combines with oxygen to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The resulting charge is enough to power an iPhone to between 25 and 100 per cent of its battery capacity. Lundblad says the business vision behind MyFC is to commercialise fuel cell technology and contribute to the development of environmental technology. He says the charger is the first step toward building fuel cells in laptops. "The launch of our charger is a strategic move to gain wide acceptance of fuel cells throughout society. Our chargers may be considered expensive now; but in the longer term, as they reach a mass market, they would go down in price," he said. Fuel cells can already be found in electric cars, trucks and buses, and backup electrical power supply systems for hospitals and co-generation plants. The process by which fuel cells generate electricity is considered to be safe and environmentally-friendly, and the only by-product is water vapour. The fuel cell system is passive and has no fans or pumps. Lundblad says that fuel cell chargers are faster and more reliable than solar chargers. The main target groups for MyFC PowerTrekk are those who travel or live in remote areas of the world, outdoor enthusiasts and aid workers, he says. The charger is both a fuel cell and a portable battery, providing a direct power source as well as a storage buffer for the fuel. MyFC plans to open an on-line shop for its MyFC PowerTrekk product. The company has already sold the technology to users in China, Japan, the US and much of Europe.
The Company I Work for Is Open for Business Despite No Water Supply Therefore No Flushing Toilets, I
The company I work for is open for business despite no water supply therefore no flushing toilets, is this OK?no problem,, just use a desk drawer— — — — — —Water supplyWater is supplied from Shakkar lake— — — — — —City on a Cloud - how to build an effective water supply?You could try to "harvers" the cloud directley. Because the cloud is made from water.Move you are cloud close to an other one and try to extract the water from it.This way, you have access to water, without having to lower your vloud ore have it rained on.— — — — — —What are our community’s sources of fresh drinking water, the environmental threats local water supply?all of us could desire to drink water wether this is jumbled in a dirnk like idk soda/juice or purely undeniable water. with out water we would finally end up dehydrating and die. some meals incorporate water besides like water melons. sure i drink water have been for terribly virtually 3 weeks now especially water purely by way of fact i am on a eating habitual attempting to lose 50-60 kilos. I used to drink regularly coffee all day.— — — — — —What is it called when chlorine leaves water from the city water supply?Since active chlorination of water supplies depends on a certain level of HOCl (hypochlorus acid) and HCL (hydrochloric acid), the only way for these two acids to lose effectiveness is for them to be "neutralized", and therefore "leave the water supply".If the treatment systems in question do not use chlorination as a sanitizing method, then the answer will be different.For example my water is supplied by a private well, and as such, is not provided by a city water system, nor is it sanitized by a town or city. Nevertheles, I have a sanitation system based on the use of post pump inline filters and a UV-C sanitation stage, but no chlorine.What is it called when chlorine leaves water from the city water supply?— — — — — —Politics: Where do you stand on the dumbing down of Americans through Water Fluoridation?I am very very ill due to fluoride toxicity that the city adds to the water supply I need to buy bottled water to bathe in can hardly eat anything because just about everything has fluoride in it because it has permeated everything. It is only a matter of time before lots of people are sick just as I am as our kidney's can only excrete 50% of the fluoride that we take in. And the majority still say that medicating us with out a prescription for a non life threatening condition is ok. I guess the dumbing down of americans is working.— — — — — —My guest bathroom showers hot water won't work?Is it a single handle or a double handle? The single handle manifold has a ball with holes that rotates left for HOT and right for COLD, HOT water calcifies quicker than COLD water, if not used frequently it will calcify or a piece of rust from the water heater will clog the hot water inlet. Just turn off the water supply, remove the center stem, clean the left valve and reassemble. Turn on water supply and check for leaking. This can be a complicated task if your not familiar with plumbing, if your not, CALL A PLUMBER! The double handled faucet has a stem valve that screws in and out to allow water flow. Only two problems will stop this flow 1.) Rust in the valve seat, or, 2) The hot water supply is shut off.— — — — — —What is the point of water conservation?Although the earth is covered with water, less than 1% of it is suitable drinking water. We have built communities where the water supply was abundant, but because of population increase, per person usage increase, pollution and climate we are suffering droughts in a variety of locations. Many scientists and politicians feel we will be fighting wars over water rights long before we fight over oil shortages. Clean water is one of the few items a human body needs to survive, yet we have increasing populations that are running out of water. Even in the US we have water shortages. We are suffering another drought cycle in the western states, we are dealing with reduced water allotments, which means hundreds of thousands of acres wo not be planted this year, this will increase the price of produce across the nation. So, even if you are not in a drought area, you will feel the effects of the water shortage.
How Do You Fix an IPhone with Water Damage?
How do you fix an iPhone with water damage?I was going to tell you to put it in rice but since you have already did it I do not know try getting a replacement from the company. Maybe you still have a 1 year replacement. Good luck!— — — — — —Water Damage to the house!?Hi, I had the same thing at my house. The true problem is the mold. If you do not get rid of it professionally and replace everything that is affected the mold will GROW AGAIN. It is very important to get ALL of it, no matter what the cost. If it grows back, not only will you and your family get really sick, but it will be virtually impossible to sell at a later date. (This is what happened to me!). So, please, just make sure that it is all taken care of professionally and completely. Good luck!— — — — — —Water damage on my condo ceiling... help!?your shower is apparently leaking the drain line could be leaking or the water line to the the showerhead could be leaking you need to find the source of the leak before any repairs to the ceiling are done— — — — — —Help! water damaged chocolate 2!?i got water on my samsung tocco and it would power up and turn off like ur phone so i put a towel on the radiator and on top of it my phones so the heat could penetrate the phone but not burn it. i only done this for an hr or so and it was good as new. that was 3 months ago and never had a problem again.— — — — — —Tell me, I was thinking of ditching the popcorn stand?They wont replace the cell phone. Water damage is one thing they DONT cover— — — — — —How to Fix this Water Damage?This type of damage in that area adjacent to a tub enclosure is common, and I am going to suggest that this area has seen prior repair attempts.I also wonder (due to the vertical seam in plaster board) whether you would find wood members for adequate support and fastening of new plasterboard, if you were to tear out and replace all the existing questionable plaster/plasterboard.If the remaining board is structurally sound (dry and firmly attached) your easiest play here might be to use a hard setting plaster (like fixall or water-putty) to cover over the area. Hard-setting plaster is tough to get smooth and practically impossible to sand, but is resistant to future moisture damage due to its hardness. I might patch with the hard-setting plaster but not to wall level, leaving room for a skim coat of regular plaster compound to allow sanding to a smooth finish— — — — — —Is there anyway to repair a water damaged phone?Remove the battery. This is the most important part. Damage in wet electronic devices mostly comes from short circuits. Removing the battery quickly will prevent electricity from further damaging the phone. 2. Remove the SIM card (if applicable). The SIM card should have survived, but make sure you do not use it again until it has dried completely. 3. Disassemble the phone. Use the required screwdrivers to disassemble the phone as much as you can. Note that disassembling the phone will probably void your warranty, but then so will dropping the phone in water. You've got nothing to lose. The reason for the disassembly is simple: the phone will dry up much faster once it is disassembled. You could skip this step, but water can remain inside the phone for weeks if you do not do it. 4. Dry the phone as much as possible using q-tips or paper towels or a similar material. This will prevent water from getting further into the phone. Two ideas to help with the drying: ■Heat the phone. Heat will help water evaporate. Leaving the phone under a desk lamp for 24 or 48 hours might help. WARNING: Do not overheat. Just a little warmth is enough. Heating the phone too much can further increase the damage done to it. ■Use a fan. Leave the phone under a desk fan for 24 or 48 hours. 5. After a few days (usually two or three), the phone should be clean and dry. Reassemble the phone and put the SIM card and battery pack back in. If it does not work, there is a chance your battery has died from water damage. Try an alternative power source. You can get another battery for cheap if your phone still works. GOOD LUCK.
Is It Possible That During the First Part of the Last Ice Age the Arctic Ocean Was Open Water? Ironi
Is it possible that during the first part of the last ice age the Arctic Ocean was open water? Ironically, it seems that an ice free Arctic would be the only way to build a continental ice sheet with u201clake effectu201d snow.While I do not understand the full import of your question, the issues raised may not be very important in the building of a large, thick ice sheet.Again, let's be clear - we are still in an ice age that has lasted millions of years and is characterized by a period of roughly 100,000 years per ice cycle, with about 20,000 warm years followed by 80,000 cold years.If one projects a peak ice thickness of 10,000 feet of ice thickness may be formed, this equates to an ice build-up rate of 1. 5 inches of net new ice per year over the 80,000 year cold period. Whether "lake effect" snow sourcing or not, this is a modes build rate to achieve massive ice thickness over the cycle— — — — — —What did you think of the movie "Open Water"?Hated it! I was shocked! That was just utter stupidity on the part of Hollywood once again. There are so many ways they could have saved themselves. Pointless arguing leaves no chance to self rescue. That movie sickened me because I happen to swim in the company of sharks many times and at night too with no problems. Arrrrrrrr !!!!— — — — — —What can I do to keep my rabbit's water bottles to keep from freezing?Rabbits need fresh water on a daily basis. Rabbits can be without food for a couple days. They can not survive without daily clean fresh water. I use 64 ounce water bottles and they will provide water for the rabbit for day or two depending on how hot it is. The bottles keep the water clean and the rabbits can not eliminate in them like they do in a bowl. Unfortunately in the winter I have to switch to bowls because if the water freezes in the bottle, the bottle will break. I usually have the bowl in their pens from December through March. This requires a morning and an evening check on the rabbitry to be sure that the rabbits have access to open water. Ice does not count as fresh water— — — — — —question for anyone who remembered seeing the movie open water 2,...?I can see your point of view about should not there be a way to get back on but at the same time would not that then pose a security risk where anyone could get aboard? As for what happens, well they did not all decide to go in, one with a fear of water was going to stay aboard but another one not realising her fear picked her up and chucked her over into the sea with their friends following her in. And that is why with the exception of a baby no one was aboard. I wo not say who lives or dies because for anyone else that is a spoiler but from the sounds of what you have mentioned as dislikes you will dislike what happens.— — — — — —Ending of the movie "Open Water 2: Adrift"....... Confusing?This Site Might Help You. RE: Ending of the movie "Open Water 2: Adrift"....... Confusing? Just watched it on Showtime free preview and the ending was confusing as hell! Did Amy and Dan survive? If they did, why didnt the fisherman see them? Why was the baby still crying if Amy was there? Was the entire thing imagined maybe the way the ladder was down when the fisherman found the...— — — — — —Am I the only one in the world with a dog that can open water bottles with its teeth? ?Sorry, but I am skeptical. Are you SURE this story is true? However, my dogs do do some pretty stunning things.so it is quite possible.— — — — — —Is it possible to bind multiple ships together on open water?Would the makeshift platform be doomed as soon as they hit a storm or strong winds, or is there a way that they survive indefinitely (assuming plentiful food)?It would be doomed.Disclaimer: I've based my answer on real ships, not hypothetical pontoon-like vessels.A ship that is not able to steer its bow into the waves will take on a lot of water if a wave hits it sideways, causing it to sink. Also, the force of the waves will make them crash into each other with more force than anything they would have had with them would be able to withstand. Gangways and the like would simply break to pieces. Ropes would present an even bigger problem because a sinking ship would pull its neighbors with them. Afaik even today's ships cannot be serviced by other ships (like tankers) in bad weather, because of above reasons
How Would You Solve the Worlds Biggest Problems Such As People Having No Food and (clean) Water?
How would you solve the worlds biggest problems such as people having no food and (clean) water?Birth control should be part of every country and culture, if estimates prove correct many of those alive today will live in a world with twice as many people in it. Imagine the contest for food, water and resources, the garbage, waste, and wars if we do not grow up and respect our mother Earth home— — — — — —Why don't people without access to clean water drink beer anymore?You have to boil water to maker beer, in Medieval times they did not realize that boiling the water was what killed the pathogens and made the water safer to drink. So today, boiling the water is cheaper than making beer. Developing countries water is in more danger of chemical contaminates, which boiling will do nothing.— — — — — —I keep getting white, cloudy aquarium water.?just a pinch of flakes or about 3-4 pellets per fish. think of it this way. Feed them once a day. The cloudy water is bacteria bloom which is good. You do not do any thing as this is your tank cycling. Once a week routinely change 25 percent of the water rinse out the filter pads in the water you take out. In a few days//maybe a week or more.the bloom will clear away. Make sure to add dechlorinator to the 25 percent of clean water. Routinely do water changes every 7 days, always adding dechlorinator to the fresh water you add.— — — — — —Is water recycable?water is recyclable generally talking about sea water because all the water everybody uses goes to the sea one time or the other but it is commercially expensive to do so distillation is the method but large scale is not what the government tends to do when you have clean water from the lakes or rivers at your disposal— — — — — —What is the best way to clean a water pump when flooded?1.Disconnect pipelines from water pump.2.Dry the unit thoroughly.3.Disconnect impeller section from electrical motor.4.Disassemble Impeller ,clean , remove all dirt and soil,dry it apply oil or Grease on rotating member.if possible paint with red oxide to prevent rust. 5 disassemble electrical motor ,clean and dry it for 48hours.6 . Inspect windings for damage or moisture trap.Apply thoroughly insulating varnish.7. 8. apply Grease on motor bearings ,check for smooth rotation by hand. Now water pump is ready for your operation.What is the best way to clean a water pump when flooded?— — — — — —What happened to the millions given in charity to Haiti, that these poor folks didn't even get clean water?There is always a certain amount of fraud, waste or abuse of funding in these charitable efforts. But the majority of the money does in fact help the intended people. The money was used in a lot of ways, but the damage to the tiny island nation was extreme. They are going to have severe problems for years to come. It's going to be up to them as a people to overcome it, and that may well be their greatest Challenge. Do not stop helping....— — — — — —Will Oboma be a friend to the Jews and improve their economic wealth,clean water & make world a happy place?no. obama will TAX the hell out of us. We are going to need oil for the next 30 years. There are no cheap alternatives to oil but they are working on them. I think batteries will take over from oil. Only alternative i know for oil is my bike. every day obama talks about a new goverment program that our taxes will pay for.— — — — — —When I run my dishwasher, hot water flows out a little thingy next to the faucet in the kitchen sink. Why?That's a tube connected to the dishwasher. The dishwasher will fill up with hot water and then it will empty said water to fill up with new water which will be cleaner. The pipe tube thing is letting all the dirty water (which essentially rinses the plates etc. ) out so soap and clean water can come in— — — — — —How do you measure how clean water is? Could I possibly use ph strips? Or something else? Please help! Thanks?All water has impurities. It's not called the universal solvent for nothing. Typically turbidity, pH, hardness, chlorine, chromium, iron, etc are measured. Sometimes organics, amines, chloramines, and other nasties are also measured. My suggestion (1) google and read up about drinking water standards. That will give you a list of things you could or should be thinking about measuring (2) hike on over to your local home depot and get some of their water testing kits. OR. you can get a sample tube, take a sample of your water, send it to their lab free of charge (water purification companies market through home depot so they provide free testing to get you to buy their water softeners or RO's) (3) perhaps call a local culligan rep and ask him or her if you can send him a sample of water for free analysis. good luck
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