A 33 Y/o Mom with Hot Short Pants???? What Do You Think?

Age does not matter. If you look good in those then by all means wear it. Your husband will like it too. (:

1. Are Muslim women allowed to wear short sleeves and short pants in the steaming hot summer?

Anyone who believes Muslim women get used being all wrap up in solid black in the steaming hot summer has to be a Muslim man who believes he can meet the needs of his wives to be loved and appreciated while he is out playing around with all his temporary wives and sex slaves. After all, what Muslim would would want her all of her husband's attention when he could share it with thousands like the harems in the Ottoman empire? And what Muslim woman would not want the privledge of beating Muslim men senseless for not lowering their gaze as the Quran commands. Sure, Muslim men have been commanded by Allah to set the example of modesty but why would you demand something from another Muslim man who could also make the same demands out of you when you can blame all your failures on Muslim women knowing if they ever said something, you could kill them for destroying something imaginary, his honor...he would have honor before she could take it away and how weak does he have to be to have her take it away against his will. As it is the Muslim man's duty before Allah to set the example of how to rightly live before Allah, HE MUST lower his gaze. Muslim women should beat Muslim men till they are dead for failing to obey the Quran as Muslim men beat Muslim women to death or rape them for failing uphold the Quran. Nothing would be more just. If the stronger, more intelligent man can not survive in what women are required to wear, then the intelligence of men need to figure out how they can lead women in what they can not do or lose their leadership status by admitting women are being required to do more than men making the man's leadership useless. Hope this helps

2. a 33 y/o mom with hot short pants???? what do you think?

if you think you would be comfortable wearing them get them..who cares of if anyone else likes it or not you are the important one in this question

3. I wonder what the average age here is? Are those War-Mongers here KIDS in short pants or NEOCON Fools?

Yes, there must be something wrong if everybody does not agree with you. It can not be you! No, that's not possible!

4. 14 year old son doesn't want to wear short pants suit?

if your brother said that your son did not have to wear a suit then do not make your son wear a suit

5. whats the nicest thing u have done for someone?

i try to do something nice for someone once a day.But last Christmas...i got humbled... While at the laundry mat. washing blankets for house guest. I saw this women, wearing holey shoes,ripped flannel, short pants and pretty dirty. She was washing two small blankets. We talked for a while and when i asked where she lives ,she said over by north bridge. I felt compelled, and asked her if I could by her two night at a nearby hotel. She looked stunned and i thought i just did something nice...then she opened her eyes and asked me if i thought she was homeless, afraid to answer but I said yes. ..she started laughing and grabbed mt hand and said....Thank you so much dear, you are a sweetheart, but those blankets are for my two dogs, i dropped them in the mud carrying them outback,to put in the kennel, I was building, in my back yard,because i have guest, and these are my now seven year old gardening clothes.Also, I live by the north bridge in the Hampton. ". .I felt so embarrassed, i wanted to run and hide...so now i do thing very subtle..learned not to try so hard

6. Why isn't there such a thing as "extra short" pants?

you should write them and let them know!

7. Is it okay for men to wear super short pants in public?

The shortest shorts I ever wore in public are pictured above - I think it was about 1990 on the Isle d'Oleron in France. My wife decided they were too short and I sent them to charity. The ones in the photo below are also from 1990. We are shown packing the car ready for our holiday

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