5 Facts About Air Conditioning and Heating?

The more a/c or heating or noxious emissions will make the problem worse over time

1. Does car air conditioning use electricity?

Car AC is primarily powered by a belt driven via a pulley from the engine. Some electrical power from the cars electrical system is used to engage the AC clutch, and run the fans, but even the power for these comes from the engine driving the generator/alternator to make the electrical power. Bottom line is that the gas/diesel is the root source of energy, unless it is an electric car, or hybrid in some cases.

2. Heat pumps air conditioning?

Replacing the lines may not be "required" but why leave a weak link in the chain? A clean sweep of all the old components including the lines is always a better idea.

3. Trouble with 1995 Lincoln Town Car air conditioning and heating.?

The AC clutch pully probably has bad bearings, you will have to replace it

4. When was air conditioning put in homes?

We do not have it in homes in the UK. Not hot enough here except for maybe a few weeks in the summer. Not always even that

5. How to recharge a Window Air Conditioning Unit?

You should be able to find a saddle valve. That valve is clamped around the tubing and when you screw the handle in it will pierce the tubing and you will have a spot to put the freon in at. You can use a low pressure gauge to read the low side and fill it up using the temp reading on the gauge.

6. Does using air conditioning actually affect gas?

Reference the first law of thermodynamics which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The energy to run your air conditioner needs to come from somewhere. It comes from your car's engine, which runs on gasoline. Thus running your air conditioner uses some of your gas thus reducing your mpg. Also in reference to you saying it seems weird to use gas to cool the car, it is indirectly being used to supply power to the condenser, fan, and other things that make up the ac.

7. how do you tell if an air conditioning unit is low on freon?

I hope these people stay out of the business! It is true it is a sealed system but it can still get or have a leak. You could get a instant read thermometer and check the difference between the air entering the furnace and the air leaving the furnace, if it is about 15 to 17 degrees you might be good if not it may need charge or something else like cleaning of coils or fan. The only way to truly check the charge is to make sure it have good air flow, clean coils, clean filter, clean blower wheel, and check the sub cooling or super heat with gages, thermometer and chart. If you check the split it will give you an idea if you need to look into it further

8. Volkswagen rabbit 2009 air conditioning problem?

Air not blowing out the center dash vents very well is usually because the knob on top of the dash is such that air flow is directed to the vent on top of the dash. Or the vent is broken. Rotate the knob and see. Air flow from the console vents in the back seat area is somewhat lacking. It's a design thing. By the way, the owners manual is a great read. Lots of cool stuff in there. It usually lives in the glovebox. Does not get to see the light of day as it should, though.

9. Where can I find an inexpensive Mercedes air conditioning hose?

Best bet is to go to a scrab yard. There are yards down here south of San Diego that will find the piece and install it for pennies on the dollar, maybe 300 bucks. Check it out, its a little know secret!

10. How long a air conditioning last? How many years?

I have seen ac last up to 30 years or more if they are installed correctly and properly maintained...the first ac i ever helped install in 1968 is still working everyday and looks brand new...the electrical parts will have to be replaced as they do wear out and go bad. ...refrigerators just like air conditioners periodically do have problems ...what is wrong with your ac and refrigerator....unless the compressors went bad or they have developed bad freon leaks it is cheaper to repair them than replace them.

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