3-M Adhesive Strip Stuck Behind My Board... How Do I Get It Off?

use a small piece of wood or cloth as a pry-point with a scrapper to slowly pull the board away. if you can get to the strip, use a flat razor to carefully remove it from the door. repeat for each 3-M strip, but after a few corners you should be able to jump to the razor.

1. My recruiter told me a "trick" to shed a few inches before MEPS physical. Will it work?

Very dangerous actually, unless you are only doing it for a few minutes at a time. The plastic will interfere with your body's ability to regulate its body temperature. You can overheat before you know it. It's not healthy to be done all the time, but more healthy than your plastic wrap method, head over to the spa and have a body wrap done there. They use cloth and special solutions. And remember either way it's not going to be fat loss. It's not making you thinner, just more dehydrated. (mostly putting this here for the people who will read this and let their mind wander about lose weight quick schemes).

2. has anyone thought about using cloth diapers instead of disposable or both?

i exclusively use cloth (dsq prefolds and flat folds) i used disposables in the hospital and a few days after i got home - after that i just used cloth all the time i also use cloth when i am out and about and on trips - all you need is a plastic garbage bag or shopping bag to put the dirty diapers in and everything else is just like disposables i use cloth wipes at home, but when out and about i do use disposable wipes to me, it really is not any harder - for the first month though it took me a while to change my baby - but now i can do it just as fast with cloth as i can a disposable - it takes a bit to learn how to fold the diaper really fast - but i love cloth and actually enjoy using them - not to mention they are cheaper AND better for my baby, imo

3. Best cloth diapers for our family?

For a newborn do NOT waste your money on all in ones or pockets that will fit a newborn. Buy flat folds or prefolds and covers, then buy the fancy styles as your little one gets bigger. On most newborns the fancy styles LEAK and newborns grow so fast that you wo not get much use out of them. Yes at first glance flat folds and prefolds are the most labour intensive, BUT speaking from experience they are the EASIEST to use with a newborn. I would gone out and bought 20 newborn size fitteds before my son was born, after the birth I quickly switched over to the flat folds because even WITH soaking, ironing, folding, fastening with a snappi and applying a separate cover it was still easier than doing a complete change every time my son leaked out the fitteds! Please note- the soaking, and ironing are NOT essential steps, in fact they are NOT recommended! I just had a BAD case of OCD when my son was a newborn! When he was about 2 months old he started fitting nicely into the one size pockets, so I gradually purchased an assortment of different brands and switched over to exclusive pocket and all in one usage- once they've mastered rolling trying to pin them down long enough to get a flat fold on them is a feat that is nothing short of miraculous! I purchased 40 flat folds and six covers which was a MORE than comfortable amount for exclusive cloth usage with a newborn. In my current working stash (I no longer use the flat folds) I have about 20 one size pockets and six all in ones. Many of the online stores actually have tutorials or will send out information bundles when you make a purchase to show you how to use each style. You will have information overload right up until you've been using them for a couple of days when everything suddenly makes sense!

4. Are cloth diapers better for baby?

noo u have to wash it every single day but diapers its too much work for cloth diapers

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