15 Places to Visit in the UK for a Christmas Getaway

Even if you're a total Scrooge, you can't deny that Christmas is a special time of year. Stuffing the turkey, cramming stockings with sweets, and carefullydecorating your home are all part of the magic.Mind you, it can all get a bit stressful at times. That's whena Christmas getaway provides a special treat and some much deserved you time. It needn't cost you your Christmas budget, either. There are some wonderful placeson our doorstep in the UK.With the Trossachs National Park close by, Loch Lomond is one of Scotland's most idyllic holiday destinations, and a prime location for a snug getaway for two. It's also a hot spot for independent whisky distilleries - which may come in handy on a cold winter's night.It's remote, sure, but good access via nearby Stirling means you're unlikely to get snowed in should you venture northward for a long weekend this winter.If levelled flats as far as the eye can see are more your thing, then The Broads in Norfolk and Suffolk are ideal for a riverside foray. Think birds, windmills and boats - the area is renowned for its nature loving excursions and quaint scenery.A walker's dream, the chalky shores of South Downs are picturesque at the best of times, and the area comes alive in winter. Situated in Brighton and Hove, and sharing close quarters with Sussex's Devil's Dyke, its popularity as a tourist destinationis obvious.Head over to South Downs for a royal knees up or family downtime to see the holiday season in.If a Cornish getaway with all the trimmings suits you best, Sennen Cove offers one of the most secluded and beautiful spots in the UK. A stormy night won't scare the locals away, with pubs up and down the Cornish coast battening down the hatches already in anticipation for Christmas events this December.It may seem out of the way, but a brisk walk up and down the beach will soon make those hours spent on the M5 seem worthwhile.Yes, it's famed for its gorgeous cake, but there's more to Bakewell than its name. Situated in the Derbyshire Dales, this market town has all the benefits of a thriving Midlands hub without the industrial setting.Rooted in tradition, you can expect rosy cheeks and Sunday lunches a plenty from a weekend getaway.Another fab Christmas getaway location north of Birmingham and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.Be warned, much of the Lake District's tourism industry shuts down over the Christmas holidays, but that's not to say a few nights in a secluded cottage are out of reach.What Wales lacks in good weather, it makes up for in stunning scenery. The LlÅ·n Peninsula is the first of many Welsh destinations to feature on this list, but it shouldn't be overlooked simply because of the tough competition. Buried in northern countryside and boasting the Irish Sea as a friend, there's medieval history in the area to boot.Whether a fan of history or rolling landscapes, a weekend spent in LlÅ·n will clear your head of Christmas woes, and set you up for the season to be jolly.Preseli is another getaway destination the Welsh can be proud of. Rural to its core and a prime location for agricultural trade, Preseli also providesa gorgeous, isolated spot for friends and family who want toenjoy the UK countryside. Sheep are a definite, and you'll likely see some red kites, too.Those looking for a relaxing spa weekend are better off elsewhere, but anyone willing to chop their own firewood will absolutely love Pembrokeshire.Fresh fish from the Atlantic might seem unusual Christmas dinner fare, but when it's this good, nothing else will do. Appledore has loads of nooks and crannies to explore alongside some excellent and unique restaurants, doing Devon proud on the Christmas getaway map.Best of all, Appledore isspitting distance from Exeter and the nearest motorway doesn't end before you hit the last petrol station.Specific, sure, but anyone who's visited Llanthony Priory will know why this village in the Brecon Beacons is on our list. As charming as it is antique, Llanthony is a snug little folly tucked into one of Wales'National Parks. Its two pubs serve traditional nosh full of Welsh pride, and its local clientele are always warm and friendly.Llanthony is lodged between Hay-on-Wye and Abergavenny, so a train and a taxi ride will get you there no problem.Northern Ireland offers a hearty slap on the back come Christmas time by way of a weekend in Giant's Causeway. This natural spectacle should be on your travel bucket list anyway, but what better time to tick it off than the season of givingUnless you're lucky enough to live in Northern Ireland already, you'll have to boat or flyto this destination - but don't worry, it's well worth the bother.You know that scene in Bridget Jones's Diary, when Renee Zellweger legs it down an impossibly quaint looking London street in nothing but her dressing gown In reality you won't find anything of the sort in the capital. But you will find it inChipping Camden. The Cotswolds are a tourist trap but battling the masses is well worth your while when the gardens look this sweet.Lindisfarne, also known as the Holy Island, is probably booked up for Christmas 2015 - but if you're this far down our list and you're yet to beimpressed, you're clearly looking for something special. Ifonly the best will do, the spectacle that isLindisfarne Castle is right up there with the Christmas fairy.The tidal causeway that leads to Lindisfarne dictates when the island is busy. So, if you stay overnight, you can guarantee some downtime away from the crowds.Swansea's boot may not hold wonder of the world title quite yet - but it comes very close as the first area of outstanding natural beauty in the UK. Its crown is very well deserved. The Gower is, in this humble writer's opinion, a better holiday destination than anywhere abroad. And what's Christmas without a trip down the MumblesB&Bs, cottages and hotels are abound across the entire area, but if you want to combine your trip with some Christmas shopping, Llanelli and Swansea are both within close range.Out of the way, isolated and yet known across the world - Hebden Bridge's association with Sylvia Plath makes this West Yorkshire village a must visit for any poetry fan. At Christmas, its local churches and primary schools pull together to compliment the stunning scenery Hebden calls its own all year round.

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Ellijay, Northern Georgia, a True Appalachia Experience
The former logging village of Ellijay, of Northern Georgia, rests in the foothills of the great Chattahoochee National Forest, which is nestled within the western region of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The communities of Ellijay, and right beside it, East Ellijay exhibit the culture of "Appalachia" at its best.The rich natural beauty of this mountainous area provides numerous opportunities for outdoor adventures. Specifically, the climate is ideal. The area experiences an annual rainfall of over 60 inches a year, keeping the forest and all foliage vibrant. The average summer temperature is in the 80's, while in winter the temperature may dip down into the 30's.The climate and the fertile ground, work together to create luscious apple orchards in the area. Eighteen orchards reside in the region. Late August through December is the time when roadside stands heap over with Red and Golden Delicious apples as well as others. Visitors can also delight in the homemade apple butter, apple pies and old-fashioned cider available.Both of the Ellijay communities reside in Gilmer County, which proudly promotes the honor of Apple Capital of Georgia. The annual Apple Festival takes place yearly in mid October when apples can be hand picked amongst vivid fall colors. In the spring, the apple trees blossom and inspire local festivals that celebrate this season.Ellijay and East Ellijay are located at the point where the Ellijay and Cartecay Rivers come together at the Coosawatte River. The Coosawatte then runs into Carter's Lake. Summer is the time to take the 12-mile trek from town to Carter's Lake. This lake is ideal for boating, fishing, and camping. Canoeing and kayaking are also popular here. Take a wild water-ski ride or just relax by the lake as the sun sets in the west.Fort Mountain State Park can be found 20 miles outside of Ellijay. This diverse park promotes hiking trails from purely scenic to rugged. Mountain biking is also welcome in designated areas. Hikers can witness prehistoric writings on rocks from numerous trails. Many designated wildlife management and forest recreation areas are marked throughout the park.The surrounding forest can be experienced on horseback as well. Trail rides and cookouts provide an intimate glimpse of the gleaming streams and dense forest. To cool off, white water rafting is available. However, the magnificent Amicalola Falls should only be ventured from below. This is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River.When it's time to leave the rustic woods, the charming downtown area of Ellijay, dating back to the early 1800's, can be enjoyed. Shopping opportunities for antiques and popular arts and crafts of Appalachia are abundant. Cheerful and scrumptious restaurants that embrace local cuisine, like barbecued pork and beef, are at hand as well.The small-town atmosphere is enchanting. With a population of around 1,600 in Ellijay itself and 24,000 in Gilmer County, the feeling is lighthearted and tranquil. The velvety-green richness of the surrounding elevated landscape, with all of its offerings, culminates nicely into the easygoing towns of Ellijay and East Ellijay in Georgia.
Happy Earth Day: Here's How to Dress Up More Sustainably ...
We live in a world where "fast fashion" is supreme and retailers are creating clothing at the drop of a dime. But is it time to slow down?Multiple reports suggest that in addition to oil, fashion is the next largest industry to pollute the world. However, that might change as awareness of the issue increases.How can you help? You may already have the answer."I think finding affordable, sustainable fashion always starts with your own closet," said Dominique Drakeford, the chief curator of MelaninASS (Melanin and Sustainable Style), a space to celebrate sustainable fashion, natural beauty, wellness and land justice from the lens of communities of color. "Look at your wardrobe and see what you can mend and repurpose or upcycle before throwing an item away."If you are already inspired to start shopping for more environment-friendly fashion finds, understanding some of the key terms and symbols placed on clothing can put you on the right track.A few tell-tale words that are usually associated with sustainable fashion include:Recycled:This may be the most obvious term, but one of the most important. Pieces that include a recycled stamp have been produced from previously used materials.Certified organic: When an item has the certified organic stamp, this means the clothing was created through an organic farming process and under strict regulations.Naturally dyed This simply means the garments were dyed using only plants, vegetables and minerals, and without the use of animals.Fair trade: If you notice this verbiage, it's safe to say your clothing was fairly traded between companies in developed countries and that those who produced the clothing were paid fair prices.Sustainable fashion isn't a completely new idea, but it is one that has notoriously been associated with a wealthier class-type.DeVonne Jackson is an upcycle style and earth advocate. She's also the founder of Positive Obsession, Inc. which is a platform that sparks sustainable lifestyle conversations through events, education and experiences. She said that the most affordable and ethical place way to be sustainable is to simply check out everything you've already bought in your closet."So, clean out that closet and fall in love again," she said.Jackson also made clear the value in saving for sustainable goods. "We save up for good kitchen pots, a first car or a much-needed crew vacation," she said. "Save for the memories that will last."Sustainable stylist Lauren Engelke has become a master at styling herself and her clients consciously without compromising style."I help my clients figure out what occasions they dress for during the week, and then we brainstorm a handful of outfit options for each," said Engelke. "Usually, we'll realize that they don't need a whole new spring wardrobe, but one pair of spring booties and one new blazer will make everything they have feel fresh again. Then, we shop for just those two things."Engelke also suggested slimming down your wardrobe so that you can identify your own authentic style."By being able to identify the silhouettes and colors that you love, you can lean into and play around with your personal style without buying mountains of new clothing," she said.Yes, sustainable fashion has made lots of progress, but like anything else, it doesn't come without challenges and a dark past."The sustainable market still isn't doing a very good job of dressing plus-size people. I have a bigger body myself," Aja Barber, a London-based stylist and writer, who more recently vowed to dress more sustainably, told "GMA," "But, I do believe more and more designers are waking up every day and pledging to do better in that category.""I find it unacceptable to call yourself ethical but exclude plus-size people from the narrative," said Barber. "Buying from Etsy is wonderful because you can get things tailored to your size no matter what size you are! And that's a beautiful thing!"Drakeford also chimed in, explaining how overcoming systemic oppression ties into the challenge of more sustainable fashion."The infrastructure of the industry was built on slave labor and thrives by way of exploitation, while the environmental crisis disproportionately affects black and brown communities," Drakeford said. "Dismantling a system that's doing exactly what it was intended to do is a constant battle and fashion plays a huge role in all of this. It not just about wearing cute clothes, it's much deeper."With the highs and the lows of sustainable fashion, overall, there is forward movement in the right direction. In addition to advocates and stylists pushing for more of it, there are brands that are doing the necessary work to help consumers shop more consciously.Rent The RunwayRent The Runway is becoming the Uber of sustainable fashion and shopping. You can sign up for a subscription to rent rather than buy outfits for everything from formal events to office attire. The popular subscription service is disrupting how people traditionally shop by allowing consumers to keep up with the latest styles and returning when they are done -- with zero waste!Amour VertAmour Vert means "green love" in French, and the brand is at the forefront of fashion sustainability in everything from their FEC-certified forest fibers to environmental partnerships that help plant trees around North America.This year for Earth Month, there is an initiative where the brand will plant a tree for each purchase of a $1-tree that customers can add to their carts when checking out. This unique offer is in addition to their ongoing, year-round program to plant a tree for every tee purchased ("Buy a tee, plant a tree").thredUPThredUp is one of the world's largest fashion resale websites and actress Olivia Wilde recently teamed up with the brand to launch a secondhand capsule collection to raise awareness for how "choosing used" can end textile waste. The line features more than 4,000 unique items and it is size inclusive, with sizes ranging from XS to 3X.EverlaneOn April 25, the brand is launching a sustainable pair of unisex sneakers under the name "Tread by Everlane." The new footwear line is 94.2% plastic-free and comes with a mission to "make the world's lowest-impact sneakers."Ralph LaurenThe luxury retailer debuted the Earth Polo shirt on April 18. It is made from an average of 12 plastic bottles and dyed with a waterless process. Ralph Lauren has also committed to removing 170 million plastic bottles from landfills and oceans by 2025.
How to Spend a Weekend with Your Church Group in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Weekend trips to Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains are a great retreat choice for any church group. Among the many different wholesome attractions and activities, every member of your group will find something that appeals to their tastes. To plan the perfect youth group or family retreat weekend, check out some of these popular, regional activities.With more than 500,000 acres of forest and 800 miles of trails, every weekend in Gatlinburg demands a Saturday hike in the Great Smoky Mountains. Your group could easily spend an entire Saturday here. Try packing a lunch and enjoying the long trails of varying difficulties for a group with mixed age participants. Don't forget your binoculars, as the Smokies are home to more than 200 species of birds.To keep enjoying the beauty of God's creation, take the group to the Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort and Amusement Park and ride high above the Smokies. The Ober's 120-passenger gondola will give you and your group the lift you need on trip that covers two miles in 10 minutes, and that will take you to the top of the mountain where your group can indoor skate year-round and ski or snowboard in the winter. Summer also offers an alpine slide, black bear habitat, bungee fun, and miniature golf at Ober. Be sure to have lunch up there, too—you'll want to spend as much time catching the mountain air as you can.If outdoor adventures don't appeal to the group, don't worry; plenty of museums and indoor attractions await to keep everyone entertained. How about Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies? Ripley's is one of Gatlinburg's most attended attractions—and when you stop in you will understand exactly why. This fully stocked aquarium has more than eight different exhibits to explore, from Shark Lagoon to their Lethal Weapons exhibit to their new Penguin Playhouse. Get up close and personal with some of the world's most interesting sea creatures in the Discovery Center, where you and your group can touch the oddly fantastic horseshoe crabs. Best of all, Ripley's offers group rates on admission, making it an affordable stop for your group.To take a break or to end your day, check out some of the delicious restaurants in Gatlinburg. The Parkway, Gatlinburg's main street, offers food choices ranging from Tennessee's famous barbeque to seafood to pizza. Your church can go to one of the area's many family-dining establishments to find cuisine that offer enough varieties to please a large group.And don't forget about church on Sunday morning. No matter your church's denomination, a house of worship door's open for your group. There are also revivals every day of the week in Sevier County. Gatlinburg is a great place for group worship, as the natural beauty of the mountains commands a strong spiritual quality.These are just a few of the many options for your group to choose when planning a Great Smoky Mountain vacation. Make sure to ask wherever you plan to visit if they offer group discounts, a huge perk of traveling together. Regardless of what you pick, the family fun that eastern Tennessee offers tourists is custom-made for any church group.
Letters and Comments, March 21
Re:PST cut, deficit-fighting highlight Tory budget (March 7) In the presentation of the provincial budget, Premier Brian Pallister and company made the rather astounding claim that the average Manitoba family would save $500 per year thanks to the one percentage point reduction in the PST.But the simple arithmetic in the equation ($50,000 x 0.01 = $500) clearly shows the family will have to spend $50,000 per year on taxable products to claim that amount of savings. The most recent stats I have seen indicate the average Manitoba family income is just under $60,000 annually. So how much income does one need in order to spend $50,000 on taxable products?First, there are a lot of expenses that are exempt from PST. Things like food for home preparation, automotive fuel, heating fuel, health-care products, educational materials, children's clothing, mortgage payments or rent, property taxes, RRSP contributions. I don't have actual stats, but would $30,000 cover these things? If so, our test family must have take-home pay of $80,000. Many high-income earners tell me that income tax, CPP and other forced payroll deductions take from one-third to half of their paycheque. Even using the lower rate, $80,000 in take-home pay requires earnings of $120,000 per year. This is definitely not an average Manitoba family.By the way, how much is $500 per year? If you give your local pub owner $500, he will sell you two (count 'em, two) beers a week for 11 months. It's really not much to someone earning $120,000 a year.For myself and my wife, pensioners, we will save about $85 per year. But Pallister's reductions in seniors programs have already cost us several times that amount.I have often wondered why Tories are so determined to reduce education costs. Could it be because their chances of re-election are so much better if they can prevent the electorate from understanding arithmetic?Leonard Paramor Arden I have watched the news coverage regarding the death of Tina Fontaine and how there was no help for her when she desperately needed it.How many inquiries, studies and press conferences have we had into the handling of Indigenous people? And how many recommendations have been made and not followed through on? How many more Indigenous children have to disappear and reappear as bodies dragged out of a river or dug out of a shallow grave in a landfill before something is finally done?It's a crying shame that the reports and recommendations have netted little or no benefit to the young people affected. We're working on it, we're told. Is that right? Then, after more than 10 years of inquiries, why are we no further ahead in tackling the problem? It's time the citizens of Manitoba get involved on a large scale. It's time to contact our MLA and demand he or she do something. It's the MLA's job to bring this matter to the attention of the legislature and debate the issues. It's time a motion was made to handle the issue. And please, no more claims "we're working on it." You can say, "My God, that's awful," or "Why are child-care workers so overburdened with caseloads?" or "Who is to blame for this?" You know who is to blame? We are. We don't make noise or contact our MLA. We don't demand that our MLA hold town-hall meetings to tackle this issue. No, we just sit and watch our safe, non-Indigenous children play basketball and then go out for pizza. That's what we do. And I'm just as guilty as anybody.However, I will be contacting my MLA this week and asking him what he plans to do to right this wrong. And I want a concrete answer. I want him to say he will discuss it in his caucus, that he will push for some kind of solution - there are plenty of good solutions, pick one - that he will fight for legislation to stop this bleeding of Indigenous children. This is not a partisan issue. We are talking here about the lives of young children. There should be unanimous action, and quickly.It's time, folks, it's time. To take some time - not too much - to think about this and get some meaningful changes made.Keith Born Swan River Re:Report reveals crude oil shipment amounts (March 18) Given that this article as well as others throughout the years have referred to barrels of crude oil or refined products, your newspaper should provide details in defining the quantity contained in a barrel. Whereas most readers likely assume that a barrel consists of 45 gallons, that is correct when a farmer, fisherman or a person in another occupation may take delivery of bulk products in barrels, which also are often referred to as drums.In the oil industry, however, when the word "barrels" of product is used in the context of specifying the number of barrels of product in storage, or the daily refining capacity of a refinery, or the quantity of product that can be shipped through a pipeline daily, or the quantity of product moved by rail, those barrels consist of 35 gallons. This is piggybacking on a U.S. barrel of oil or refined product, which is 42 U.S. gallons.You owe your reading public this accuracy to ensure they are correctly informed and not inflating each barrel by an additional 10 gallons, which is most likely the case if they are performing an actual conversion calculation from barrels to gallons and/or litres.Elmer Pawliuk Winnipeg Re:Budget cuts will lead to tree loss (March 18) Really, what is happening? In the past, the city had money to maintain our beautiful trees. They were trimmed and maintained regularly. Now our beautiful trees are in real trouble, partly because of lack of care and maintenance.At this time, we should be increasing funds to save trees, but we are cutting funds and letting them die. Do we not realize the important part our trees play on our environment and the natural beauty of our city?Our trees don't appear to be a priority for our city or provincial governments. Shame.Please step up now, before it's too late.Marilyn Weimer Winnipeg It was 75 years ago, on the night and into the early morning of March 24-25, 1944, that 76 Allied air force officers crawled through a narrow tunnel and escaped a Nazi POW camp in Germany.It was the largest mass escape of Allied POWs in the Second World War. Clothed in various styles and carrying forged identification, these men set off in different directions, in groups or pairs or on their own, in the hope of returning to Allied territory or at least forcing the Nazis to use valuable resources of men and material to recapture them.Seventy-three of the officers were recaptured by the Nazis and, in retribution, 50 of the men were executed by the Gestapo, including the following six Canadians: Flying Officer Henry J. Birkland - Spearhill, Man.; Flying Officer Gordon A. Kidder - St. Catharines, Ont.; Flight Lt. Patrick W. Langford - Edmonton; Flight Lt. George E. McGill - Toronto; Flight Lt. James C. Wernham - Winnipeg; and Flight Lt. George W. Wiley - Windsor, Ont.On March 24, 2019, take a moment to remember the sacrifice of these men.Ted Krasowski Victoria
Things to Do in Oakland, California
Oakland is a city in California which offers a lot of activities and enjoyment, and is also a lovely destination for vacationers. It has a wealth of attractions to help you enjoy for a long time.Oakland city has got much to offer in terms of arts, culture, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and dining. It is a major port on the West Coast of the US and is also the 44th biggest city in the country.In addition, it is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the US. Oakland is also fondly referred to as the 'Oak town', or the 'O town'. They say, once you visit this city, you can't go back to your home and Oakland has been successful in living up to this reputation.It is a magnificently built 86,000 square feet facility for all science lovers. It features interesting exhibits, digital screen, and planetariums.It was set up as a public observatory to educate the San Francisco Bay area population under the science education program that began in 1883.The center boasts of one of the largest space telescopes in the United States and a space flight simulator. It is Oakland's own mini version of NASA, with experts regularly visiting the center for talks and science exhibitions.Enter the world of fantasy with a visit to children's most lovable destination in Oakland. The Children's Fairyland is a 10 acre park, filled with a lot of fun and intellectually stimulating activities for youngsters along with colorful displays and craft work.It's the perfect holiday spot for families who want to educate their kids the fun way. Besides these, there is Oakland Zoo, The Leona Canyon Open Space Reserve, Knowland Park, and The Huckleberry Botanical Regional Reserve. The Parkway theater offers the most peculiar choice of films in the entire bay area.It is the place to go for all the weird stuff you would like to see and experience and is popular with the locals. The Jack London Square is a delightful place if you want to listen to some live music, watch the sea-gulls, take a ride in the ferry, or have the best dining and pubbing experience.Lake Merritt is the largest salt water lake in the US and the most famous landmark of Oakland. Its surrounding area is beautified with a 122 acre park, wildlife and gardens all along its edges. It is also the most preferred location for sailing, windsurfing, biking, running, and jogging activities.The Amphitheater would be the easiest place to locate in Oakland. Simply follow the fragrance and you reach the most joyous spot in the city. The 6 acre park is home to over 6000 varieties of roses. It is a great place to lift your spirits with its natural beauty and sweet smelling air.Oakland City Center and Rockridge are the most preferred destinations for shopping and dining, with some of the best facilities for the same. You can experience Asian culture firsthand in Oakland's little China.The place is host to the largest Asian festival of the Bay Area and serves delectable Asian cuisine. The area is abuzz with the most casual and refined eateries along with shops and some street markets.As you near this elegant and majestic setup, anotable heavenly peace descends on you. The area is a lovely and unique set, complete with labyrinthine halls which play host to some of the best musical shows and serene surroundings.The greenery and stone arches lend a peaceful look to the place and make it perfect for a romantic stroll with your loved ones.Oakland is a world of dreams for everyone who visits this magical city. If you are planning to get a long break from your routine, Oakland is a great destination.
Helen Flanagan Splurges on Lingerie As She Goes Shopping with Daughter, Delilah, 10 Months, in Manch
Helen Flanagan looked every inch the doting mum as she went shopping with her daughter Delilah, 10 months, in Manchester on Wednesday.The actress, 28, pushed her youngest daughter in a pram as she hit the shops in style, splurging in lingerie store Agent Provocateur.Helen was casually-clad for the outing in grey tight-fitting leggings and a plain white v-neck top.Donning a pair of oversized shades, Helen completed her outfit with a pair of comfy box white trainers.Slicking her brunette tresses back in a high bun, the I'm A Celebrity star showcased her natural beauty by opting to go make-up free for the shopping spree.Helen certainly had her hands full as she strolled through the city's streets pushing little Delilah along in her pram and chatting to a pal on the phone.Helen is tipped to return to Coronation Street following her maternity leave after a mass exodus which saw seven cast members quit in three months.The reality star has opened about her potential comeback to the street, stating her return is 'not set in stone'.Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, when asked about her return to the cobbles, she said: 'It's not all set in stone.'But I definitely want to return and I just don't know when with working around the girls.' Helen, who moved to the Scottish city for her footballer fiancé Scott's transfer to Celtic, went into detail about working around her girls during an appearance on Lorraine earlier this week.She told the host: 'Matilda's at the age where she's four and she's doing all of her... she needs to be taken to her lessons and what have you.'And obviously with me living in Scotland, it's a four-hour drive. And Delilah's nearly one. But I just love it so much. I've been there since I was nine.' She continued: 'If they can make it child-friendly so that you could actually sort it out, that would be incredible.' Helen and Celtic footballer Scott got engaged at Cinderella's castle in Disneyland Paris after nine years of dating.
Hire a Jeep on Rent and Discover the Untouched Lands of Africa
Are you planning to travel and explore the untouched lands of Africa? Africa is a planet of rich culture and tradition, wildlife, and wild lands. From the tropical rainforest to the tropical coastline of Central Africa, sand dunes of the Namibia desert, jagged mountain peak, beautiful highlands and deep-gash canyons that mark the natural beauty of the big and beautiful continent of Africa. Explore the magical land of Namibia and discover remarkably beautiful landscape by hiring 4x4 rental in Namibia. The captivating surrounding and iconic coastline open this place for tourism. You can rent fully equipped 4x4 Land Rover, Toyota, land cruiser or take a self-drive safari to experience the natural beauty of Namibia. The sheer beauty of the Namib Desert, sand sea and perfect dead-tree valleys of Namibia make your tour memorable. Self-drive safari gives you freedom and flexibility to experience the spectacular sand dunes plunging down to the sea at Sandwich Harbour and the Skeleton Coast. Jeep rental is an economical solution to enjoy the camping experience and explore the popular attractions of Africa. This quick, easy and efficient 4x4 rental in Namibia offers a range of services to its customers; let us take a look at the services: Well-equipped vehicleRefrigerator/freezerSleeping GearTent and ToiletBarbecue equipment and cutleryBasic amenities like chairs and tableGPS unitsSatellite phone4x4 driver training wherever necessary24-hour roadside assistanceSelf-drive safarisGuided tours and safarisComprehensive insurance coverFree/unlimited kilometer optionComprehensive details about the vehicle and equipment People prefer adventuring Namibia and exploring the remote wilderness in the 4x4 rental jeep. It is as an ideal mode of transportation owing to its accessibility on the gravel road and rugged/remote regions. If you love self-driving then there is no need to wait for the driver or public transport, it allows freedom to travel anywhere at any point in time. This safe 4wd vehicle is controlled by a GPRS system. In case, you drive in a wrong direction, the GPRS system will direct you and bring you back to the right path. You will never feel lonely in the remote areas of Africa. Camping in the remote regions of Africa would not have been possible without a 4x4 rental jeep. The thrill, excitement, and the innate beauty of the landscape is worth cherishing. If you are exploring the amazing wildlife, landscape, green vegetation of Africa for the first time, then you should definitely enjoy camping amid the dry shrubs of the untamed 4x4 trails and experience the thrill that you wanted in your life.
Retailers Flock to Indie Beauty Expo in L.A.
The indiebeautyexplosion isn't fading anytime soon. Buyers fromUlta Beauty,HSN,Sephora, Costco,Amazon,Urban OutfittersInc. and PeninsulaBeauty, whose chief beauty officer Lori Silverstein revealed during a panel she's culling products from major conglomerates to make way for smaller players on the California specialty chain's shelves, wouldn't have descended upon the second edition of Indie Beauty Expo in Los Angeles if there wasn't supercharged consumer demand for cosmetics upstarts. Along with more than 1,000 attendees, they were among the nearly 310 buyers scouring 102 budding brands at the trade show trying to decipher which ones might become the next GlamGlow, Anastasia Beverly Hills or It Cosmetics."They all want to find the next hot indie brand," proclaimed Nader Naeymi-Rad, cofounder of IBE, speaking to WWD last month from the expo's penthouse venue at the California Market Center. "Indie brands hold about 5 percent of the market, but they're growing at 20 percent, and the overall market is growing at 2 to 3 percent. So, they're capturing the growth dollars. I was talking to a large online retailer with more than$100 million in turnover that was here, and he told me that roughly 40 percent of their business is now coming from new brands. He said our page with new brands is where the bulk of our traffic is going because that's what people want."Indie brands have captured the imaginations of Millennial beauty shoppers. Whether due to their digital prowess, healthy positioning or passionate founders, they're pushing across mass and prestige beauty segments to reach those shoppers. Color cosmetics are clearly at the forefront of the indie beauty movement, but thefragranceand skin-care categories are certainly on board, too. At IBE, products from all categories were on display and even some unusual categories jumping into beauty, such as oral care, were present.A favorite exhibitor of IBE cofounder Jillian Wright's was Lebon, a toothpaste specialist selling fresh mint, cinnamon-mint and licorice-mint options for $16 without synthetic fragrances, parabens, triclosan, fluorine, colorings or saccharin. The French brand has broken into around 20 retail doors in the U.S., including New London Pharmacy, beautyhabit.com and luckyscent.com. "The scent is like opening up a bottle of perfume," swooned Wright. "It's just the most gorgeous toothpaste and, if you see their Instagram, it's really beautiful and it evokes emotion."Korean brands seem to be conquering beauty aisles everywhere these days, and they were a force at IBE as well. Cle Cosmetics punched up lip products with its vibrant Melting Lip Powder for $20 that transforms from a powder to a lasting tint with a matte finish. It comes in five colors, and the bestseller is Barbie Pink. Speaking of Cle, Sarah Chung, chief executive officer of Landing International, a marketplace connecting retailers with emerging beauty brands, said, "They are one of the first K-Beauty brands developed for the U.S. market." She added that Cle Cosmetics has a wider shade variety than most Korean beauty brands. Its$49 Essence Air Cushion foundation is available in four tones, and its $31 CCC Cream, a combination of BB and CC creams, is in five: light, medium light, medium, medium deep and deep.Natural beauty salesare on the rise, and the indie field offering them is increasingly crowded. But there remain niches within the natural beauty sector that have unrealized potential, according to brands and buyers.Fragranceis a key example. "For the longest time there was nothing [in natural perfume]. I hope to see more," said Romain Gaillard, founder and ceo of Detox Market. The clean-beauty retail and e-commerce concept carries the scent brands Honoré des Prés, Strange Invisible Perfumes and Lurk. Los Feliz Botanicals, a fragrance line inspired by California landscapes containing $8 eau de parfums and $24 perfume balms, and Thorn & Bloom, an immaculately packaged brand with nine eau de parfums priced at $12, were standout IBE scent brands. Although not at the L.A. version of IBE, Thorn & Bloom's Bird of Paradise eau de parfum, which has notes of jasmine sambac and pink champaca at its heart, was feted with a best in show award for fragrance.Gaillard also believes ingestibles like vitamins, supplements and beverages formulated to improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails are finally taking off. "I remember this discussion [about ingestibles] in the late Nineties where people were like, 'Oh yeah, it's the next big thing.' When we launched The Detox Market [in , we were advocating them as part of our holistic approach, but people didn't care about them, even in Venice," he said, continuing ingestible brands are now resonating with customers, specifically Moon Juice with its collection of dust herbal supplements. Notable brands bringing the message of inside-out beauty to IBE were The Beauty Chef and Hum Nutrition.While the ingestible category is very nascent within natural beauty and beauty generally in the U.S., natural color cosmetics is a maturing category with established brands that have evolved to better respond to consumers. Au Naturale, for instance, is upgrading its packaging and has expanded its shade range. In March, it's moving to matte charcoal componentry that feels weightier than its previous componentry. On the shade range front, it's boostedthe number of foundation shades to 13 from eight at its founding six years ago. "African-Americans are really underserved in green beauty," explained Au Naturale founder Ashley Prange. Prange's distribution strategy for her brand is to go after Jane Iredale in spas, salons and hotels -and she's finding a receptive audience. She said, "People who I never thought would be interested in learning about indie brands are listening to us."ALSOSAG Awards 2017: WWD picks the best hair and makeup looks from the red carpetWhat does that arched eyebrow mean? Benefit Cosmetics' new Brow Translator tries to tell youTiffany & Co. taps Lady Gaga to star in its first Super Bowl commercial
Royal Visit: Mental and Physical Health for Youth and Family Highlight Will and Kate's Final B.C. Da
After a whirlwind seven days packed with some 30 engagements, including a royal tea party, the royal visit came to and end in Victoria on Saturday.On their final day, theDuke and Duchess of Cambridgestarted the dayat the in Victoria, where theywere met with roaring crowds.The centre has a variety of programs to help children, adults, seniors and those who have personal issues - such as domestic violence or brain injuries - that they can overcome to live productive lives.Outside the centre, William and Katewalked down a driveway filled with children, parents and centre staff, stopping to mingle with the crowd. They left with two small Canucks jerseys, a gift to George and Charlotte from Premier Christy Clark.Theythentook a hand at sailing, boarding the 42-metre Pacific Grace tall ship with 18 youth mental health advocates from and crew from the in Victoria.The royal couple jumped into the fray, joining the youth in pulling on heavy lines to raise the ship's 30-metre sails."It was bold of them to be right in there, shoulder to shoulder with these young people, taking the helm of a 180 tonne tall ship to bring it into the dock," said Loren Hagerty, SALTS executive director. "That was very impressive."As they entered Victoria's inner harbour, the couple was offered the chance to takethe ship's wheel. After a brief debate, the Duchess took charge and steeredthe ship into the dock."She did a great job," said Tony Anderson, the ship's captain."William was watching throughout, letting her know she was getting close tothe dock."After disembarking, the couple greeted the crowd lining the streets near the dock. Alison Buick sobbed openly after Williamstopped to take her hand and have a chat. "I come from Goucestershire, the same county in Britain as the royal family," said Buick as she wiped tears away. "I told the prince I had met his father, and he asked me what I wasdoing here in Canada!""I'm never washing my hand again," said Kathy Brigden, who travelled from Brandon, Man. with her husband for a chance to meet with royalty. The couple stood for five and a half hours last Saturday during the tour-openingvisit to the legislature, but the hoped-for meeting didn't happen until today. And it was well worth it, said Brigden, who shook both the Duke and the Duchess's hands.On the final day of the royal visit, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced an official gift of $100,000 to commemorate the royal visit:$50,000 of will go to the and is earmarked for education in indigenous communities and to help preserved indigenous languages. The rest of the money will go to , a charity that helps newcomers to Canada get resettled, with housing, employment and language skills.In a statement, the prime minister said: "I am honoured to mark the visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with a gift that will help both indigenous youth as well as newcomers to Canada realize their dreams."Before departing Victoria by seaplane, the couple shared their gratitude for the visit."Catherine and I are incredibly grateful to the people of Canada for the warmth and hospitality they have extended to our family over the last week. We have loved our time in British Columbia and Yukon and will never forget the beautiful places we have seen and the many people who have been kind enough to come to welcome us in person," Prince William said."We feel very lucky to have been able to introduce George and Charlotte to Canada. This country will play a big part in the lives of our children and we have created such happy memories for our family during this visit."Canada is a country of optimism, generosity and unrivalled natural beauty. I hope we have helped all Canadians celebrate what makes this country great. We will see you again soon."
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